Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 26. Day 26. Fri, May 30. Tolsona Wilderness Campground, Glennallen to Anchorage. Very Short Report.

Sharon has been feeding the wild birds, and here we have a nice Gray Jay, snapping up the peanuts. {There were 2 parents with a baby fluttering his wings to be fed. Great. We also saw 2 Kingfishers chasing each other down the stream.}. At right, rigged and ready for travel.

I have calculated that we have enough fuel to get us to the next stop. A surprise opportunity pops up, and I pull in to top up, but I'm put off by the unusualness of the site. I reject it a) on the basis of its weirdness, and b) because of the $5 a gallon price. Sharon very badly wants me to buy at least some, but I am fairly comfortable with the truck's computer estimate of the number of miles left in this tank, and where I figure MUST appear a fuel stop.

Luckily, or per my estimate in my own thinking, we come to a fuel station. I put in 34.8 gallons (it's a 36 gallon tank). I admit that I cut that too close, and we resolve that whenever the fuel gets to half full, we will fill up, in the future. {Famous last words as Bob relies on the on board computer and the estimate of the next town and I am leery of the next gas station being closed or out of service.} There is a nice glacier visible from this Tesoro station.

There is an "airport" behind the Tesoro station. The owner of the station has this cool little runabout.

Sharon reads about Gunsight Pass in the Alaska Highway's Milepost publication.

Changing drivers at the Tesoro, we descend past the Matanuska Glacier Valley soon after, carved out by the Matanuska Glacier.

The Chickaloon town turnoff passes by. A river bears that name also. We pass Wolf Country USA, then the Noisy Goose Cafe.

We come upon a moose next to the high speed highway and pull off. A guy passes, honking his horn, upset that we are slowing down traffic. {We always try to pull way off the road but I am sure the regular drivers get tired of the tourists stopping to get pictures of the animals.}

We pass Eagle River, and Sharon reads that they have the 300 Yard Fun Run every year. It's because after you run 300 yards, it's not fun any more.

At 2:42 we pull into the Golden Nugget RV Park, at 10889 on the odometer in Anchorage.

Two hours later, we're set up and the laundry is in. We head out for some shopping at a Walmart. It's 52 degrees, overcast, and it feels great to be in camp. The location the GPS had for the Walmart leads us to an abandoned building, and I know that means they moved to another, bigger location, and expanded to a Supercenter.

That's it for the day. Great to be in. We arrived a day earlier, having one cushion day remaining from the trip up, and we chose to keep it for Anchorage. Jerry and Shirley will fly in day after tomorrow.

See Yall,
Bob and Sharon

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