Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].

Report 30. Day 30. Mon, June 3. Seward Boat Trip to Aialik (Eye-AH-lick) Glacier.

A breakfast tripod photo shows that we are in great anticipation of the day.

It's 7:30 am, a beaiutiful sunshiny day, cool because its early in the morning. Jerry installed our new scissor stabilization jacks on the rear corners of the trailer last night. We have a plan to get up at 4 am tomorrow morning, to try and scare up bears and moose. The plural of moose is moose, I understand, though I think I like mooses. Or meese.

It's ten after 9, and departure time is 9:30am for our glacier trip. I put on my scopalamine patch behind my ear about midnight last night, so I'm armed against seasickness. Hopefully.

I experiment with some bird songs in my iBird Pro app. When I bring it up, I see that it has been updated to the next version. I set it up to do that without requiring me to ok it in the future. Anyway, I play the song of the Orange-crowned Warblr, and BOOM, our RV park bird flies right at me, then swoops overhead and perches in a tree nearby. Definitely our bird. {We have seen chickadees at my feeder but heard this warbler all day.}

We load up and drive downtown, using a credit card to rack up the $10 charge for all-day parking. Then it's over to our boat. Here are photos taken during the time we are waiting to leavel. {See Shirley and I getting down to some serious gift buying.}

We pass the fascinating restaurant below, called Red's Burgers. After we park the girls give a hint of where we can find them till the boat leaves..

Here are some photos of the yacht harbor we will be leaving from.

These guys are doing some maintenance waaaay up on top of a nearby tall boat. I like Alaska's flag.

Getting ready to rumbbbbbblllle. I do NOT remember anybody sticking that flagpole in my head. {Look how happy he looks with the scopalamine protecting him from "Mal de mer"}

A few sea otters greet us as we exit the harbor. Sharon likes the way the day is shaping up.


It's great weather, and in a few hours, we are at Aialik Glacier.

I get a quick sequence of photos as a chunk of ice calves into the water, just to the left of a big black rock formation. {Look at my hair in the picture and you get an idea how hard the wind was blowing off the glacier. It was soooo cold!}

As we leave, we cross the interface between the fresh (blue-green) water from the ocean, and the silver water from the glaacier. We're amazed that they don't seem to mix.

A perfectly timed puffy white cloud is added to the view behind the boat as we zoom away from the glacier.

I zip off a panorama from the protected rear of the boat, facing backwards.

Somehow, somewhere, the crew snagged a huge chunk of glacier ice. It's perfectly clear and thousands of years old.

Sharon wants some ice for her thermos {Another bit of glacier ice/water for Matt.}

On the return trip, we click off a few more photos.

Though it's very hard (like impossible) to make anything out of this photo, it's a Fin Whale, the second largest whale in the world, behind the Blue. Love the flag, as we head for home.

A raft of Common Murres wave their tiny wings as we pass them by. At right is where they nest, on almost vertical cliffs.

Everybody loves the puffins, hard to make out here. Then come the stellar sea-lions, who have apparently had a hard day.

Here we just catch the blow of a humpback whale.

The naturalist has marked the exact path we have taken today. A waterfall, just past the waterfront, is easily seen from our boat. We want to find that with our truck when we dock.

Art is alive and well in Seward. The piece on the left has seabirds, porpoises, puffins, and baby fur seal faces. I think that's what they are. {There are murals all over Seward and it bills itself as "the Mural Capitol of Alaska" I love the way these whales seem to be floating.}

I forgot to take my voice recorder (actually I had it all the time but didn't realize it. Dangit. Anyway, I made an entry on my iPhone whenever we saw something new. Here's that list:

Far mountain goats
Bear Glacier split (split into and East and a West part)
Dall porposes
Bald eagle fishing
Pigeon guillemots
Horned puffins
Harbor seals
Humpback whales
Parakeet auklets
Black-legged kittiwakes
Many tiny icebergs
Actual glacier ice
Humpbook fluke
Fin whale

7:00 pm and we just got back from the boat. We had a great trip, and are heading out to find the waterfall we saw just out of town. As we drive through Seward, we see a restaurant named Once in a Blue Moose. Good one.We get some shots and then go to the shop Shirley has directed us to -- Sew and Bee Cozy. {Closed but we will hit it tomorrow. We try to hit the quilt shops when we find them.} After that we hit the waterfall, then an ice cream shop, then it's home again home again.

Bob and Sharon

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