Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].

Report 34. Day 34. Sat, June 7. Homer to Sterling

First thing we do this morning is to hit a Safeway for groceries, then it's back to our site where it's overcast and rainy. We rig for travel and take off. As we're going over a bridge, we see five fisherman standing in the Anchor River shallows, fishing for salmon. We watch one fellow wrestle a fish for 3-4 minutes, then he's not fast enough for us, so we take off.

Shirley and Sharon have come up with an old village callled Old Nilnichek they want to visit. There is construction going on, but the flagger lets us go through the work to get to the village. {These are old log houses and churches from the Russian Orthodox communities. They still have small communities here of people in the "old religion" and we see some in the grocery store. They remind me of the Amish with the women in long dresses with their heads covered and the men who "never cut their beards.}

Below right, an immature Bald Eagle seems to be waiting for some food to arrive.

We leave the old village and make our way to the town of Kenai, to visit an old Russian Orthodox church.

Sharon talked with a man in here. {I was so excited to finally meet someone who was an Alaskan native, born and lives here. I had Shirley take our picture and then found out this is "Father Tomas" who is the priest at this church. They were readying the church for a visit from their Bishop in 5 days but were nice enough to tell us the history of the church. I also met a volunteer at the gift shop while I was in there. They had beautiful items from Russia for sale.}

I spot Jerry trying to avoid mosquitoes.

We find a bar and go in to see if California Chrome can win the Belmont Stakes, and thereby the Triple Crown. Exciting lead-in, we order snacks from the bar, but Tonalist wins the race, spoiling CC's triple crown bid..

We make our way to Eric Hansen Scout Park, and look for Belugas. There are some strange looking rollers (waves), and we swear Belugas are in some of them, but finally decide that they aren't. We do get a seal though. Mosquitoes are bugging Jerry and he finds a screened in lookout room. Sharon and I need open air so we stay out.

Continuing on, the ladies have another gift shop situation checked out and direct us to the Horn and Antler {We are now stopping in places (the church for example) that we wanted to stop in on the way to Homer but didn't have time then. So now we get to stop and enjoy.}

This caribou antler was quoted to me at $550. Yikes. {Unbelievable antlers and artifacts from Alaska, many different minerals and rocks. We shop for many unusual items here.}

And that's it for this day, folks.

Good night,
Bob and Sharon

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