Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 43. Day 43. Mon, June 16. Around Anchorage. Ship Creek Salmon Fishing.

While Bob takes another sick day, the others go to video salmon fishing at Ship Creek, and Sharon videos a guy catching a big salmon. {The King Salmon are running now from Cook Inlet up Ship Creek so there are fishers every day.}

{Then we visited the Ulu Knife factory where they make the traditional Ulu knives.}

One more check on the fishermen.

In the afternoon, we go to see a movie called Chef, {Great movie that was highly recommended by Shirley and we really enjoyed it.} then come home, have dinner, and play Rummikub all night long.

If you have never seen Chef, go see it. A wonderful movie. Just go see it, ya know?

Bob and Sharon

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