Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 49. Day 49. Sun, June 22. Beaver Creek Discovery Camp to Whitehorse/Caribou RV Park


We want to see animals, so we are up at 4 am in our Beaver Creek RV Park. But I'm dizzy, so we agree to go back to sleep. We finally wake up about 8:30, get ready, and Sharon gets a shot at all the moose antlers on the roof of one of the buildings here. There is a very attractive rock on our way out also. {I can't figure out if that is natural or a native painting. Pretty either way.}

Sharon catches the Tree Swallow in the nest hole again. Gorgeous colors. Soon after we take off, we get nice snowy mountains.

We stop for lunch about 10:30 because of our crazy sleep schedule last night, then it's back on the road.

12:45 pm and we are looking at a grizzly bear. We've got 13499 miles on the odometer, the Kluane River is way over on our left, and we get great photos and even better video. Oh man, this is what we came for, Jack.

I get a couple of shots in the side mirror. {Beautiful bear. Love the color You can see in the mirror shot how the bear is right on the edge of the road. He loves those yellow flowers (I think they are Lupin). But you can also see that we stayed safe in the truck}

Back on the road, we pass the giant gold pan at Burwash Landing. {As I told you before, each small town seems to have some special feature. Here it is "the World's Biggest Goldpan".}

Then we get the most beautiful brown and white horse, with a great video.

In a common event, we refuel at 165 miles to Whitehorse.

2:05 pm and we have another grizzly. But the car behind us has been there for sometime, and he starts his engine, chasing off the bear, and spoiling our sighting. He has the gall to smile and wave at us. The rat fink.

Sharon loves the huge expanse of purple flowers along the way.

Here are the types of flowers that the bears have been eating. {Look like Lupin don't they?}

Four o'clock and we have a near prairie dog miss.

We make it to the High Country RV Park at 6:30 pm, but there are no pullthroughs or backins where we don't have to unhitch. No cable TV, No 30 amps. Sharon calls Pioneer RV park, but the woman is a little snotty, so Sharon calls the Caribou RV Park, about ten miles east. Sharon says the woman sounds nice, and she makes us a reservation. There's no cable TV but that's true everywhere except at High Country.

We drive there, check in, and plan to spend this night here, then move to High Country for the second night.

I experiment with me sleeping on the couch, hoping my coughing at night will not keep Sharon awake like it did last night.

There are mosquitos about, so we stay hunkered down all evening.

Have a great night,
Bob and Sharon

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