Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 53. Day 53. Thu, June 26. Fort Nelson to Fort St. John. A Couple More Bears.

OK,we're about to head out. It's 10:43, and Sharon reviewed 7 reports last night, including totally writing one. WTG Sharon!

The day is totally open, and it's beautiful.


10:45 and we stop for refueling. Recalling an event in Ireland where I filled a diesel car with petrol, and had to get my way out of THAT scrape, Sharon points out that here gas is green and diesel is yellow. Never forget it! Odometer is 14307.

Past the Bluebell Motel and RV Park, it's goodbye, Fort Nelson. Goodbye Triple G ripoff RV park, who advertised cable TV and wifi, but had neither. {We begin to wonder if they just say they have cable or WiFi to lure us in. The excuse always seems to be the same "it just went down and we have a guy coming to fix it" Of course we are gone by the next day so what do we know?}

Out of town now, we cross Syd Road -- honest, Syd! Sharon tries to get a photo but misses. Dangit.

Crossing the Muskwa River, I wonder what a muskwa is. It is googlable, but there is no mention of an animal, so it's a geographical area and a river.

Yesterday, when we were on the so-called sealant area of a Watson Lake road repair, a zoomer flipped up a rock that made a big star shaped ding in the windshield, right in front of the driver. I'm thankful for the windshield. {First and only one, thank God. This is the common complaint of driving in Canada, having to replace your windshield}

A little after noon, Sharon picks up Bear #1 for the day, but I'm doing something else and miss it. {Does a bear walk away from you in the woods? Looks like the answer is Yes!}

We stop for lunch a little past 1 pm, having gotten a late start this morning. Back on the road at two.

I am driving and Sharon is on the camera. I suddenly see a mother and a tiny, tiny baby, to our right. I tell Sharon, who is already videoing, but she is too busy to actually see the bears, and thinks she didn't get them. Too bad. But wait! Sometime later, I'm messing with that video, and holy cow, she got them and didn't even know it! I show her and she's a little jazzed, but wishes she could have seen them "live".

We pass Sasquatch Crossing RV Park. Ooooooh. So this is where he lives. {Now that we are home, it reminds me of the "Sasquinach" in the Outlander series.}

A little before 3 pm, and we pass a dead moose on the left side of the road, obviously hit by a vehicle. I wonder what the vehicle looks like, probably a truck.

And to cap off the day, a little after 3 pm, Sharon picks up Bear #5 for the day, hightailing it back into the forest.

Tonight, we're in Fort St. John, and I like the towns that start with 'Fort.' We go past our RV park where we have reservations, into town for refueling, then a Safeway for groceries, then finally back to our RV park.

Here's the walkway to the office. Sharon likes the painted rock markers.

That's it for a pretty simple day. Thought you might need a breather after yesterday's awesome day.

Bob and Sharon

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