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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 54. Day 54. Fri, June 27. Fort St. John to Prince George. Wood Carvings and a Waterfall.


The sun's up, there are only a few clouds in the sky, wind is blowing, and it's cool. With my tee shirt, I'm a little cold. {But his cough is getting better. Thank God and leaving Alaska seems to help. Was it allergies?}

Heading out of town, we refuel a little after seven. It's 44 degrees, according to the truck, and Fort St. John is a busy little town.

Sharon likes the display of window washers, extended way up in the air, like an advertisement for The Day The Earth Stood Still, or something.

And furthermore, it's a happening town, because we breeze past a sign that says "Lunch Express Pedicure". All the logging guys must do this...

We pass through the town of Taylor, and I can see the gigantic long hill ending up crossing the Peace River in front of us. To our left, there is a double pipeline, in red and white, with its own bridge. I remember coming down that long hill on our way TO Alaska. I multiply the kilometers by .6 to get an approximate mileage value. 240 miles to PG. {It is fun retracing our path and remembering things we passed on the way up.}

Time passes, and BOOM, we are in Dawson Creek, the beginning and now the end of the Alaska Highway. We took photos on the way up, and don't need any more. We're just passing through here.

8:30 and we just left the Alaska Highway. We are onto BC 97.

Passing Dawson Creek Cemetery, and it seems to me that things look a little dead in there right now. Sharon says, "BOB!!"

There are lots of moose signs, indicating that we should watch out for mooses. Do you promise?

Sharon is driving and wakes me up suddenly. "Mother and baby moose crossing the road," she says. I try to get the camera, and I look to the right. Looking. Looking. Sharon looks at me and says, "No, this side." Dohp! Missed another one.

A little before ten Sharon wakes me again. She got another bear, as an oncoming truck flashed his lights at us. I miss another one, waking up too late. Sharon says I should forget trying to sleep.

A little before ten now, and we enter Chetwynd. We remember this as a chainsaw carving town. Sharon clicks off a bunch of photos as we pass through without stopping. But there's the A&W we had lunch at on the wau up.

Ten o'clock and Sharon points out a deer on the left. Seeing as how I'm driving, I get this one. Cool. That's the first deer we can remember on the trip. Surely we saw one some other time. Hmmm.

Sharon says, "Pair of swans, with five signets between them, on the right." But I missed it.

"Elk on the left," Sharon says, as she picks up the camera. But they are only four rusting barrels which have chosen to discolor in the common elk colors. {Dohp!}

We stop for lunch a little before 11 for about an hour, then its back on the road.

Amazing to watch the world go by, riding in our rig.

An hour or so later, we stop across the road from Bijou Waterfalls Park. We take naps, then walk over to the falls. Pretty impressive roaring falls. {I made Bob climb up the falls to get pictures of him but he hasn't included them here. Bob?}

Back on the road, a couple of bald eagles over the lake, on our right, says Sharon, but I miss them. That's ok. Then another bald eagle overflight. Got this one.

We zoom past some open water on the left, and I get a flash of moose, but there is traffic and we can't pull over. On we go.

About 3 pm, I am aware of a raven or something beside the road, but Sharon says, "Willow Ptarmigan." All right! Love the ptarmigan.

Then it's four pm, and we refuel at a Prince George mini Shell station. A lively full time attendant named Fiona takes care of us. I spook her once by starting up the truck in mid-fill. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" she yells as she abandons the conversation she's having with another motorist. I don't know if she thought we were driving off, or felt danger from fuel igniting, but I'll tell you this: she didn't like it. I turn the truck off, giving up my attempt to get the odometer reading, for which the truck must be running.

I start to wash the windshield, but she comes over and says, ."Do you want ME to do that?" Sure, I say, and she asks me to close the door. She climbs up so she's standing on the tire, and does a pretty fair job, picking up the other side in the same way. Then it's off we go, looking for our RV park. {We LOVED Fiona Great job she's doing. Don't you just love people who do their jobs well and with a pleasant attitude?}

Sharon shoots some Prince George photos.

Sharon has phoned in our reservation for a pull through, and we read that the RV park is ten miles past Prince George, the way we are going. Well it seems like 20 but then, there it is - Bee Lazee RV Park. In we turn.

As I wait my turn to check in, the elderly manager says, "You sure are lucky," eyeballing me like I had done something terrible. She says another vehicle wanted to move, so she gave them our spot, and gave us their spot. I don't know why this is special, but I thank her and say I can use all the good luck she can give us.

That's it for a pretty simple day.

Bob and Sharon

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