Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 56. Day 56. Sun, June 29. Prince George to Kamloops

Having set our alarm for 6:30 am, we are about to take off from the Bee Lazee RV Park at 7:10am. We pass an absolutely enormous lumber drying yard, but only get this welcome sign.

We pass a location known proudly as "Mama Yeh". It doesn't say it's an RV park, and we don't know what it is. Maybe a new Canadian yell.

8:30 and we drive by a yellow submarine, perched in the brush on the right side of the road. Sharon thinks it's a propane tank, but I think it's an ark. {An ark? Wonder what he means by that?}

We trade places and I drop off to sleep right away, only to be awaked by Sharon who asks, "If I just saw a moose, do you want to let it go, or U-turn and try to go back and get it?" I say let's go for it. She does a U-turn after a while, and on the way back, we find a deer, but no moose. Nice deer. I try to take video, which I am judging to be excellent, till the deer runs across the road, narrowly being missed. I try to watch the video back, but it never took it. Dangit. Now I know what Sharon's talking about, when she says sometimes the video doesn't activate. Hmm. All this is just past Quesnel.

A little later, we stop for breakfast at a grocery called AG Foods.

There seem to be lots of lumber concerns, of one type or another. And lots of rivers and bridges. {I will always remember Canada for these beautiful scenes and now for all the water as we are in drought here in Calif.}

Taking off, Sharon drives, but when we pull over to switch back, Sharon gets a nice kingbird.

A potential bald eagle turns into a Red-tailed Hawk overhead.

Sharon clicks of this photo of the Tim-Br Mart. Cool Name. And she likes this little corner church, as we zip by on a Sunday morning.

11 am, and we go through Williams Lake.

We pass a place called Chemo RV. What a great name. RV repair shop?

Later Sharon says that I slept through a Yellow-headed Blackbird, so I start watching for them.

I have a couple of ice cream drumsticks I purchased at a refuel stop this morning, and after I eat one (not too good), I offer the other one to Sharon. After she eats it, she agrees with me that the extra bit of fudgy chocolate they put in the middle of the vanilla ice cream is too much. Too much Monkey Bid-ness. {Ask Bob to explain this phrase to you. He gets a kick out of saying it. (spoiler alert, it's from some song he likes)}

We pass another big field that has what looks like rolled up cables or wires or hoses, out in the middle. What are those thangs? I have the feeling that they involve watering somehow.

We finally make it to Kamloops, and by 4:17pm, we are in place at Kamloops RV Park, at 15232 on the odometer. We were lucky to grab one of the last 2 or 3 spots.


Not too interesting, these days.

Bob and Sharon

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