Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 57. Day 57. Mon, June 30. Into the U.S.A.

I shaved this morning, didn’t want to come into the US looking scruffy, you know, Scruffy the Big Black Bear.

We're up and on the road, leaving our last Canadian RV park of the trip. It's a gorgeous day. On our right are grass, railroad tracks, a river, a valley and mountains, though it's hard to see all that from the first photo.

On Canada Highway 5, headed southwest when Sharon spots a nest. I see a bird in it, she spots a second one.

9:00 am and Sharon spots a golden marmot, but in short order we see three more sitting on top of concrete link to link barriers on our right.  Maybe prairie dogs.  Maybe ground squirrels. {Not quite big enough for marmots.}

Sharon and I both like the yellow mustard, all over the place.

We stop in Merritt for breakfast about 9:30. Unbelievably, we seem to be in the middle of civilization.

As we are eating, it occurs to me that my voice loss and my clobbered taste buds are both coming from the inhalers.  Dangit.  I stop them right now.

Breakfast is over and I take my weak voice and my horrible cough and off we go, noting the continued signs of lumber country.

Back on, and down the road, we change drivers. Interpretation: There's a nap for me. I am thrilled to the bone at the beautiful, smooth, wonderful, spectacular roads, not to mention the fantastic mountain peaks.

Sharon spots a turkey vulture. The first in ages. Later Sharon shows me the map on her iBird Pro app.  That bird is only in the lower BC, not in the Yukon, not in Alaska!! So we haven't seen any since we left the middle of BC heading north. Hmmm. Can't say I missed 'em. {I wonder what takes their place in the cleaning up of dead animals?}

We drive by Camperland RV Resort, with two Paul Bunyan sized Adirondack chairs. A sign is tacked up on a tree that says "Learn to Beat Keno." I laugh, it's like saying, "Learn to throw more elevens rolling dice in craps."

We pass through the wonderfully named town of Chilliwack, then come upon a low long red barn with huge ground-level fans every ten feet or so. Chickens or turkeys.

And at last we come to the sign I've been waiting for: The U.S. border, ahead! A sign tells how many minutes to get through the traffic to the crossing.

We have beautiful blue skies, and a snow covered peak ahead, above all the signs and street wires. {Is that Mt Rainier? Yes}

Inch, inch, inch along. A wonderful neon sign greets us.

We breeze along, now that we've crossed, feeling sorry (like NOT!) for all these folks backed up to go into Canada.

Back in the U.S., gasoline is 4.07, where it was 5.25 or so in Canada, at its BEST.

We go by – really? – we go by a gold prospector that says ship happens. Must be a shipping company

As we enjoy being in Washington, we come to a local fruitstand, where we get some Rainier cherries. Hmmmm.

In Vernon, Washington, we hit the first Walmart we see, to grocery up, then its a stop at Panda Express. Dangit, no Hot and Sour Soup?

Tulalip is home to a big hotel and casino, and I love that name.

At 5:20pm, we are in place at the Lakeside RV Park. Shelley checked us in. 15536 on the odometer.

Our first night back. It is a very, very comforting feeling to be BACK, even as much fun as Canada was, on the way back.


Bob and Sharon


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