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Report 59. Day 59. Wed, July 2. Touring the Coast with Randy. Great Photos and Video

So here's the source of my breakfast today. Randy takes requests, but it takes him so long to actually produce the thing because he gets so into his stories, that I go for the fruit, which is a NOW dish. I think maybe Sharon has him fix her something. {An elegant omelet, but the fruit attracts me too}.

After breakfast, we go out on the porch. Sherry feeds the hummingbirds, all of which seem to be Rufous Hummers. I wish I had a faster camera, to 'freeze' his wings, but on the other hand, the blur gives the feeling of movement. So maybe I just want another camera. I am a consumer par excellence, you know. {I always take 2 feeders with me, a seed feeder and a hummingbird feeder. I don't always get birds but when I do it's fun because they are unusual birds for us.}

The last shot is of the hummer on his regular perch.

Sometimes, when cars or pickups go by, the dogs have a great need to chase, but the smaller one got hit by a car once and walks a little crooked, so Sherry holds them back.

I walk around the house shooting, while Sharon and Sherry talk, and while Randy is away at the dentist's. They have a totally wrapped-around porch. Very cool.

Standing in front of our truck, and looking TOWARD the way we backed in, you will notice the long wall, and flowers in the dirt above. Gorgeous.

In the photo at right, I have walked along the wall, and up the hill a short way, turned around and shot this back where I came from. {You can see our trailer on the left with the popout out.}

There is a wonderful old barn being overgrown with greenery. This fellow knows his secret. {Great story about their having this shipped from China after they visited there and (I can't remember how) he got broken so they just "planted" him here and you'd never know he used to have legs.}

At right is Randy's driving-around-the-country doing photography vehicle.

Sherry and Sharon, relaxing. At right, Randy is back from the dentist, and the three of us are set to go. Sherry will stay home, protecting the dogs from traffic.

Sharon is in the back seat, I'm shotgun, and Randy is driving their car. At left is the road we came in on yesterday. Randy is going OUT that road today, on the way to the coast.

We get to the little coastal village of Florence, where we have a nice relaxing lunch. I love the beautiful little Ford doing a U-turn before parking in front of the restaurant.

We have a walk up the street, where we have ice cream and Sharon and I decorate for the party.

This poor dog, sitting in the truck, parked on the road has no idea that that sign is on the door, so he adopts that look of "Oh, come on, just a little snack." At righ, we have driven out to the actual coast, parked, and are looking far below us, down the cliff. Here are some Common Murres. These birds can "fly" under water, and are the northern hemisphere's counterpart to penguins in the southern.

Great little lighthouse and associated buildings are a wonderful eyecatcher. {Beautiful Oregon coast. I don't know if I've ever been here, I don't think so. We'll have to come more often.}

Here are more seabirds, a mixture of murres, cormorants and a gull or two. At right, I watched this lady getting ready to mount up, but letting the bike get over to too strong an angle, and it fell right on her. She was ok, though embarassed, of course.

A sea lion barks his way up onto this rocky point. Two brown pelicans glide along the cliff.

We drive up the coast a little, to the Spouting Horn. Pretty spectacular.

This plume rises when a big surf roller comes in.

An excellent photographer, Randy gets a shot, while Sharon votes FOR this attraction.

A flock of brown pelicans hug the water. That's Randy with his arms up. I'm sure he's saying something like, "Behold!"

There are loads and loads of flowers.

We crossed a picturesque bridge to get to the parking area next to the road. Here, we have climbed down below, on our way to the Spouting Horn.

Randy likes to work up close and personal. This is not the Spouting Horn, but another spout nearer to the bridge.

Randy, illustrating his penchant for striking up conversations with strangers.

I capture a great video of this bee, in addition to these pictures. {Genevieve LOVED this video after we got home. She'd say "bumble bee, Grandpa Bop" and "Buzz, Buzz" when Bob would show her the viedeo}


This is a great little Song Sparrow, who really reacted to a song that we played from our iPhones.

I can't remember if these two horrible shots are from inside the covered bridge, or under another railroad bridge - I think under the railroad.

When we saw this covered bridge, finally, it was clear that its advertised height is very conservative. We could have made it through easily. The photo at right is the road after we pass over the covered bridge. It is 'almost' straight up, on the right. And 'almost' straight down to the river, on the left, neither one being real obvious from this angle.

That's Randy's car at right, a jazzy Ford Focus.

The last photo is a little clearer, as to the rising terrain on the right side of the road.

What a Great Day,
Bob and Sharon


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