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Report 60. Day 60. Thu, July 3. Lions and Tigers, Oh My. And a Bearcat.

It's 9:07 and we’re taking off. We have breakfast, button the trailer up for travel, pull around and the house, and wait for Randy. He's going to go ahead of us, on the mostly-one-lane narrow road westward, along the river, to allow any traffic to clear, so we don't run into another RV, for example. He will wait at the bridge that crosses the river to get to the highway, then call us to tell us the coast is clear. But wait. We're not yet interested in the coast. I hope he doesn't mess this up. Heh.

The odometer is 15893, and when we get the call, we say goodbye to Sherry and the dogs and off we go on the next adventure. I got a kick out of the eyechart taped to a telephone pole down by the road. {If Bob hasn't already told this story, Randy asked us to guess why he has an eye chart on his telephone pole. When we make some wrong guesses, Randy tells us he uses it to focus on, to test his photography lenses.}


We arrive at Randy's car, and the two of us have a couple of laughs, as usual, and then we cross the bridge to the highway, then head west on the highway. We can't resist a couple of tunnel shots.


Bikes and Guitars go together like, like uh, like THIS. Oh and throw in skateboards.


About an hour later, we refuel. I say 'we', but in Oregon, a service attendant must do the filling. Except the previous place we filled, there was no attendant so I did it. Hmmm.

Do you know the word 'denuded'? Here is the Google Image of that word. Not really, but it could be. We come up to a great steel bridge. Sharon loves to photograph bridges and she's good at it. {LOve the green color of this bridge. I guess the people here like it as much as we love the orange of the Golden Gate Bridge}


There are reminders everywhere that this is lumber country.


We finally make our destination, officially named West Coast Game Park Safari, in Bandon, Oregon, and one of the first animals we see is a binturang - a SE Asian animal, like maybe in Vietnam. Its nickname is bearcat, and I can see that it looks a little like a bear and a little like a cat. And a little like a sloth, in the face.

They start bringing out the baby animals. We the people line up, and they bring us to the little critters one family at a time, giving us time to take photos and video, while we pet them. A little spooky for me because they are not the cute cuddly little babies I was expecting, but they look like they could take a bite out of you, given a chance. A handler keeps them occupied so their business end is away from us. This little tiger cub really tugs at his leash.


I was able to look away from the tiger for about 0.05 of a second for fear he would spin around and grab on, teethlike. As soon as Sharon clicked this photo, my hand sprung back to my body instantly, all by itself.


He looks like he could take a chomp out of Sharon's stick.


The lion cub is much more docile. He's fun to pet.


I poke my camera lens through the diamond fence, outside the baby petting building, to get a great shot of this Lynx's elegant face.


Tamer animals are free to walk around with we the people, and sometimes they are a little pesty. A peacock puts on a great show for us.


At right, below, is an awake binturang. Very furry, don't you think.


And here is another beaurocrat, I mean bearcat, but without the cat. It's a black bear. At right is a cute little ferret. {They have a breeding program and take in orphaned animals. These are passed around for everybody to hold. So Cute}


And this little guy (girl?) is an albino, descented skunk. He is getting a little tired of us.


Sharon is delighted to hold this possum, but in a protective towel. The young fox is a big hit.


Very handsome, don't you think - the fox? The tiger could care less.


Another Fabulous Day, unplanned in the beginning of our trip, but Sharon knows a lady who comes here every chance she gets to pet the little ones. She pushed to do this, and what a great result!

Originally, I had us driving all the way back inland to Interstate 5, but we're tired, it's late, so we make a phone call to check availability, then drive back up to Bandon, and check into Bandon By The Sea RV Park, where I luxuriate in the fact that I'm done driving for the day. Aaaaaaahhh.

Bob and Sharon


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