Alaska 2014

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 61. Day 61. Fri, July 4. Last Full Day Out. Into California.

It's 7:08am and we're preparing to leave Bandon by the Sea RV Park. Our goal today is just south of Redding. That will be our last night out. The odometer reads 16,008 miles. We see a small group of California Quail near the entrance. I like the decorations hung on the fencing, and the American flag, celebrating Independence Day. {We have different memories but I remember that we washed our truck and trailer in our site here. It feels good to not climb into a dirty truck.}

On the road, we pass a geology store called Jailhouse Rocks. I'm wondering if its close to the town jail.

After taking some small roads, we make it to Highway 42S, which works its way eastward to Interstate 5. We are looking for moose, but get llamas instead.

As we're reliving our best Alaska experiences, Sharon spots four turkeys up on a hill on our right. YOU TURKEYS!

My sister and other relatives will get a kick out of this. We just passed Winnie Lane, where a lady is putting out an all day yard sale sign. Mom was born Winifred, but most people called her Winnie.

We skipped breakfast, so we stop for brunch a little before ten, at a public boat ramp, leading down to a river. As we're binoc-ing, Sharon describes this bird that's hawking for insects, and it turns out to be a Cedar Waxwing. A family is airing out their dog.

After we eat, Sharon takes over driving, for my regular nap, then about noon I wake up and talk Sharon out of the driver's seat. We change at the southbound Manzanita Rest Stop.

In Roseberg, we notice a statue of what looks like a Cheetah. Hmmm. We drive through Grant's Pass, and see a caveman version of Paul Bunyan, only I think his name was Ug, back then.

California, Here We Come, Right Back Where We...

And about 1:30, mileage 16218, we are nearing an inspection station. We're about ten miles into California, near exit 790.

We're both sleepy, so we decide to pull off at the next rest area for a short thirty-minute nap or so, but the Highway Patrol is making everybody get off at this exit. We don't know what's going on, so we decide to follow the detour, head on down the highway a bit, and find another place to stop. As we do this, Sharon sees that the problem is a huge bigrig laying on its side across the interstate, in the other lane.

As we start looking for a rest stop, Sharon sees a coyote on the right side.

About 3:15, we are approaching the town of Weed. A sign says “Weed like to welcome you.’”  And next is the turnoff to Klamath Falls, I wonder if they have a sign that says “Klamath Falls like to welcome you.” {No, No it should say, "Klamath Falls For You.} Do you think? [Excellent one, Sharon]

I love when we come back into California and pass through the Lake Shasta/Mt. Shasta region.

{I notice how all these mountains look like volcanos, Oh I guess it's because they ARE volcanoes.}

Incredible construction of a bridge underway across an arm of Lake Shasta.

We make it to our last stop, and it is extremely hot here, just south of Redding, on the river.

The stupidest thing just happened. For years now, I thought to watch TV using a plain antenna, you had to have a translation box. We've been carrying it around and it's a great pain to use. A few minutes ago, Sharon, unencumbered by my opinion, simply raised the trailer antenna. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe I have to activate the "more power" button at the antenna port. I don't think I've actually ever done that before. I push it, the green light comes on, and BAM, we get 15 or 20 stations, through the air. So what was all that stuff about we wouldn't be able to do this any more? Hmmm. Question Everything!

Tomorrow? Home. Cheers,
Bob and Sharon


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