Alaska 2014. Report List

NOTE: Prior to leaving Denver for Alaska, two different things transpired: 1) Trip from San Jose to Denver (Day 1-4), and 2), nine day visit with Daughter Shani's family (Day 5-13). I will catch you up on these later, or maybe never - we'll see. In the meantime, this is the FIRST REPORT of officially striking out with Alaska as the primary destination. Sharon says our vacation is divided into five parts:

1) San Jose to Denver,
2) Visit in Denver,
3) Drive to Alaska,
4) Two week touring with sister Shirley and husband Jerry Lewis,
5) Drive from Alaska to San Jose.

So we are now beginning Part 3.


NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].

NOTE: As website reports get completed (underlined and in bluish-purple), that day's line below will become a clickable link. Lines not links mean that report is not finished (nor likely started) yet.

Part 1. Preliminary Shakedown Trip to Denver. [to be written later]

Report 1. Day 1. Mon, May 5, 2014, Here We Go, San Jose To Barstow.
Report 2. Day 2. Tue, May 6, 2014. It's Pretty Pretty in Cedar City
Report 3. Day 3. Wed, May 7, 2014. How's the Function in Grand Junction?
Report 4. Day 4. Thu, May 8, 2014. "Murder in the Canyon." Arrival at Daughter Shandra's SW of Denver in mountains near Evergreen, CO.

Nine Days in Colorado, Visiting Daughter Shandra, Husband Jeff, and four grandkids Mikayla, Samantha, Sydney and Tommy.[to be written later]

Report 5. Day 5. Fri, May 9. End of Grandkids' School Year Talent Show
Report 6. Day 6. Sat, May 10. Daughter Samantha's 16th Birthday Party, Volleyball.
Report 7. Day 7. Sun, May 11. Snowing, Elk, Dominoes, Spring HS Dance
Report 8. Day 8. Mon, May 12. Wake up to Elk bedded down in deep snow behind our trailer.
Report 9. Day 9. Tue, May 13. First New Pickup Truck Maintenance. Haircut.
Report 10. Day 10. Wed, May 14. Day Trip to Breckenridge.
Report 11. Day 11. Thu, May 15. Denver Budweiser Brewery Tour plus Denver Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.
Report 12. Day 12. Fri, May 16. Preparation Begins to Head North.
Report 13. Day 13. Sat, May 17. Granddaughter Mikayla's High School Graduation and Party.

Begin Trip To Alaska

Report 14. Day 14. Sun, May 18. Daughter Shandra's near Evergreen, CO to Cheyenne, WY.
Report 15. Day 15. Mon, May 19. Cheyenne, WY to Buffalo, MT.
Report 16. Day 16. Tue, May 20. Buffalo, MT to Great Falls, MT.
Report 17. Day 17. Wed, May 21, Great Falls, MT into Canada, to Calgary, Alberta.
Report 18. Day 18. Thu, May 22, Calgary, Alberta through the Icefields Parkway to Jasper, Alberta.
Report 19. Day 19. Fri, May 23, Jasper, Alberta to Prince George. Spectacular photos.
Report 20. Day 20. Sat, May 24, Prince George to Dawson Creek. The Bear is Black.

Report 21. Day 21. Sun, May 25, Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson.

Report 22. Day 22. Sun, May 26, Fort Nelson to Watson Lake.
Report 23. Day 23. Mon, May 27, Watson Lake to Whitehorse
Report 24. Day 24. Tue, May 28, Whitehorse to Beaver Creek
Report 25. Day 25. Wed, May 29, Beaver Creek to Tolsona Wilderness Campground, Glennallen, Alaska.
Report 26. Day 26. Thu, May 30, Glennallen, Alaska to Anchorage. Very short report.
Report 27. Day 27. Sat, May 31, Free Day in Anchorage. Very short report.
Report 28. Day 28. Sun, June 1, Sister Shirley and husband Jerry Arrive.
Report 29, Day 29. Mon, June 2. We move from Anchorage to Seward.
Report 30, Day 30. Sun, June 3. All day Glacier Boat Trip.
Report 31, Day 31. Mon, June 4. We move from Seward to mid-Kenai Peninsula. No signs of fire.
Report 32. Day 32. Tue, June 5. Two-Hour Float Trip on the Kenai River, then on to Homer.
Report 33. Day 33. Wed, June 6. Halibut Fishing Trip Out of Homer
Report 34. Day 34. Thu, June 7.Homer to Bing's Landing in Sterling
Report 35. Day 35. Fri, June 8. Bing's Landing to Anchorage.
Report 36. Day 36. Sat, June 9. Anchorage to Tolsona Wilderness Campground. Reindeer Farm. Muskox Farm.
Report 37. Day 37. Sun, June 10. Tolsona Wilderness Campground to BLM Tangle Lakes Campground on the Denali Highway
Report 38. Day 38. Mon, June 11. BLM Tangle Lakes Campground to Denali RV Park
Report 39. Day 39. Tue, June 12. Mt. McKinley!
Report 40. Day 40. Wed, June 13. Full Ride All the Way into Denali National Park.
Report 41. Day 41. Thu, June 14. Sled Dog Demonstration.
Report 42. Day 42. Fri, June 15. Denali to Anchorage.
Report 43. Day 43. Sat, June 16. Ship Creek Anchorage Salmon Fishermen, Ulu Factory. To the Movies.
Report 44. Day 44. Sun, June 17. Anchorage Heritage Center. Jerry and Shirley to the Airport for Flights Home
Report 45. Day 45. Mon, June 18. Resting Day. No Activity
Report 46. Day 46. Tue, June 19. Bob to the Hospital ER for Checkup.
Report 47. Day 47. Wed, June 20. Anchorage to Tok. Heading Homeward.
Report 48. Day 48. Thu, June 21. Tok to Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada
Report 49. Day 49. Fri, June 22. Beaver Creek Discovery Camp to Whitehorse/Caribou RV Park
Report 50. Day 50. Sat, June 23. Staying an Extra Night in Whitehorse. Caribou RV Park to High Country RV Park.
Report 51. Day 51. Sun, June 24. Whitehorse to Watson Lake.
Report 52. Day 52. Mon, June 25. Watson Lake to Fort Nelson. BEST DAY OF THE ENTIRE TRIP!!!
Report 53. Day 53. Thu, June 26. Fort Nelson to Fort St. John. A Couple More Bears.
Report 54. Day 54. Fri, June 27. Fort St. John to Prince George. Wood Carvings and a Waterfall.
Report 55. Day 55. Sat, June 28. Second Night in Prince George. Ho Hum, Next Report.
Report 56. Day 56. Sun, June 29. Prince George to Kamloops. Last Full Day in Canada.
Report 57. Day 57. Mon, June 30. Back in the U.S, Back in the U.S, Back in the U.S.A.
Report 58.
Day 58. Tue, July 1. Through Seattle and On to Friend Randy Cox's Home in Oregon
Report 59. Day 59. Wed, July 2. Touring the Coast with Randy. Wonderful Photos and Video.
Report 60. Day 60. Thu, July 3. Lions and Tigers, Oh My. And a Bearcat.
Report 61. Day 61. Fri, July 4. Back Into California.
Report 62. Day 62. Sat, July 5. Home.

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