AmeriCanada 2015

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 


Day 3. Monday, July 27, 2015. Elko to Yellowston. The Big Bridge.

We set our morning pattern, which is to wake up early, hit the road for an hour or so, stop for in-trailer breakast, then back on the road.

One of the things we like to do together is work Sunday New York Times crossword puzzles. The shotgun person and backseat person change off reading the clues. Here's Shirley, directing from the front seat.

When we are ready for lunch, we sort of declare it, then look for the next stop. Today we find an unofficial rest area, but with no rest rooms, and pull over, to a view of cool scenery.

Somewhere near Idaho Falls, we stop for gas at 3.09 a gallon - far below what we've been paying in San Jose, at a Flying J, 298 miles into the day's drive. I log the refill statistics into my portable digital audio recorder, and set it on top of the pickup bed, near the gas fillup door. Then, adding to the story of Bob, I drive away leaving it somewhere on the gas station concrete or on a highway. {He had dropped it and it stopped working so I pulled off the battery cover and repositioned the batteries and then I thought I put it on the driver's seat. That's the last any of us could remember. Alas, everyone in the car is OLD! Well, maybe not Shirley who is the baby of the group.}

In the afternoon, we come to Hansen Bridge, which crosses the Snake River. The cool thing is, the river is 350 feet below the bridge. Holy Moly! We cross the bridge, realizing at the last second that there is a parking area to view it. We have to go back. Which we do, do wop do wop. There is a for-safety-fenced-in area to look at the river, but there is a hole in it, and you (well, I) can go outside the protected area, and get good shots that don't have chain link fence pattern in the foreground.

Sharon sees me and gives me the finger waggle, "saying" get back inside the fence. And like I said long ago, "I do."

We see miles and miles of baled hay, in a "new-for-me" form - huge rectangular bales that must take special equipment to handle, "replacing" the giant rolls that it took me decades to really "accept". Actually we see a mixture both types. Gone are the days of a 17-year-old farm hand being able to pick up a bale and toss it above his head onto the wagon stack.

Later, we stop at a Walmart, and they have the new model (VN-7200) of the Olympus audio recorder that I left behind. Out with the old, in with the new. Later, during a driving break, I review the instructions from the back seat, and they seem exactly like the instructions for my old recorder. Nice. {Wait for it---More to come later}

Normally, on our RV trips in the past, we don't call ahead to reserve a spot. But with the tight schedule to get to International Falls, I'm more careful, and each day ask Sharon to call the number and reserve us a spot. I have copied the RV Parks' numbers of all our expected stops, so she doesn't have to look it up in our massive RV Park book. Except that today, 1) I didn't think of it until about an hour before our arrival, and 2) we're going to be at a key entry spot to Yellowstone, which may be full already, and 3) oops.

Sharon makes the call to West Yellowstone, and they say do we have a reservation, and she says no, that's what she's calling for. They say they are booked up, but they do have one 70-foot long spot they reserve for big truckers who arrive late, and no one has claimed it yet. Sharon books it. Whew.

We enter Montana, making a sterling drive-by shooting for entry into a new state.

Arriving in West Yellowstone, we check into the Grizzly RV Park at $66 a night - the most expensive yet, and our spot is wonderful. It is right next to one of the showers and rest rooms of the park, and it starts raining.

We are cozy in our spot, and Sharon fixes us dinner, after which we have some showers, play some Rummikub and fire up the satellite dish. Our movie choice tonight is Kramer vs Kramer.

I establish the pattern for transcribing recorder entries. It looks like this (Non-statistic, non-detail, non-math people ignore the following paragraph):

"17 a549 +2" means record number 17, a = am = morning, time is 5:49, and the "+2" means the recorder thinks we are in the pacific time zone, but we are actually in the central, so you must add '2' to the 'hour' to get the actual time of the record. All this because I don't usually think to change the recorder's time setting when we cross into a new time zone.

Began: Elko, NV
Pass Through: Twin Falls, Pocatello, Idaho Falls
End: West Yellowstone, MT
Miles Today: 407
Miles for Trip: 976
Stay at Grizzly RV Park again? Yes
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