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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 7. Friday, July 31, 2015. International Falls, MN to Emo, Ontario, Canada. Look at My Shiny New Passport!

We wake up at Arnold’s RV Park. After a bit Jerry and Tane show up. Jerry is super knowledgable about things mechanical, and he has some suggestions, but I tell him we'll call our man Kevin in Iowa about 8 am. Sharon has left him a message to call us. So Jerry and Tane take Shirley to breakfast while we wait for the phone call.

Three minutes after 8 and I can't stand it, so I call him but not on his direct line. I want to ask the answering person if Kevin will be in today (cross fingers and squeeze). She says yes, he's here now in fact, and would I like to talk with him. Well my goodness, yes, I have a mild interest in talking to him. She puts me through. He has listened to Sharon's message and is ready to advise. I ask him if photos would help and he says yes, so I email about four pictures. to him.

He gets a good handle on our problem, what caused it, and how to get out of it. Everybody is in on it. Me, Jerry, Sharon, the fellow from a nearby site, that fellow's wife - everybody really, but sister Shirley, who is keeping her thoughts to herself. {Yes, everybody has an opinion but Kevin is so patient with us, listens to everyone and walks us through each step of getting the hitch and trailer straight. It is clear that the instructions that the truck (where the slliding hitch is) and the trailer have to be nearly dead straight with each other or we can't hitch OR unhitch. They say in the instructions that you can be 10-16% at an angle but now we will be extra sure that we are straight before we try to hook-up or unhook.}

Step by step, we get our way out of the problem, and back to normal, during which I get a new level of understanding of a key part of the hitch I didn't quite understand. That non-understanding is what got me into this pickle to begin with, so now I feel more confident going forward. Episode #3 problem is resolved. {I thank Kevin and tell him to find someone where he is to give him a BIG hug from me. He says there is a girl in reception who will fill that bill.} The girls have gone shopping, and we wait for them to return. Jerry calls Shirley or Tane, tells them the status, and they return. {After the hitch problem got solved we all feel better and Shirley, Tane, and I go antique shopping. We get some fun things. Yea!}

We high five and head off to the Shorelunch Restaurant - familiar to Jerry, Shirley and Tane. {Great little restaurant with a fishing theme and great food. It looks like a family affair with Mother and daughter waiting on us and son, who looks about 11 bussing tables happily. Great family endeavor.}

After lunch, we head back, hitch up, and we're off for the border. We get out of the line of cars Canada-bound for Sharon to get a good photo of a Minnesota welcoming sign, and even if it's for people coming from Canada, it's still a good sign for us. {If you remember, we had missed getting a "welcome to Minnesota" sign when we came into the state so are glad to get it now. Until I hear that Shirley twisted her ankle walking back to the cars and is now limping. What? Oh hope she can feel better soon. Darn Minnesota (sigh).}

Sharon likes the flags on each side of the border.

Here we are going across the bridge into Canada, so right in middle of river is border.  Right now we’re into Canada. Looks different, ay?

We have crossed border, in line of official crossing. In Canada at 3:05pm.. The name of the town on this side of the border is Fort Frances. We can hear a train

263.9 trip and 27640 odometer.

We did a little shopping at Border Bob's, and Jerry bought three or four bottles of Crown Royal. We take two of them, because I think the limit's two per car. We pay for them at Border Bob's and get a receipt. Then we cross the bridge, stop at the Duty-Free supply house, show the fella our receipt and he brings the Crown Royal. This is all to prevent Americans from buying at Border Bob's duty-free, then turning around and going home. I'm going to make up some numbers, as best as I can recall. A bottle in the US is $40 and in the duty free it's $19. So you can see the incentive.And to prevent you from buying low, driving across the bridge and returning with it, there is a bridge-crossing free hefty enough to cancel out the savings. So there ya go.

I forget the exact order and purpose of the two stops we make before continuing on to tonight's stop, but one is to buy fishing licenses for Sharon and me, and another is to pick up the two pounds of leeches (bait!). We do those things plus make a few more purchases, and go on in to Jerry's friend Ed Carlson's place - a farm actually, where we also stayed in 2006 when we did this same thing.

As we set up the trailer on Ed's farm, and disconnect the truck, the trip odometer says 5.3 miles from our Emo fillup. It's 7:12 in the evening.

It's a little gorgeous here, so I make a few photos, including wood for the winter, and a long distance shot showing our truck still hitched, and Jerry's van, on the farm..

Cousin Mel will enjoy seeing this bank barn, and I get a Barn Swallow stopped in flight with my new camera. {Ed and Diane drive up as we are getting unhooked (Yea, the hitch worked perfectly!) Diane says Ed had not told her we were coming to stay on their property so she was saying "Who's on our property?" as they drove up. We tell them of our trip plans after the fishing week and she tells us she was born in Newfoundland but pointed to Nova Scotia on the map. Now we wonder which it was. I realize I, too, have been saying it wrong when I say "we are going to Newfoundland and taking a ferry out to Nova Scotia" It is the opposite now I see. Oops. Never did know the Canadian Provinces}

Here Jerry is looking at the wood burner whose heat goes through pipes underground and into the house for efficient, self-supplied winter heat. I like looking down the line of white fencing.

They built this house, as I recall, or expanded greatly what they bought. {They tell us now that they have bought an island on nearby (20 miles away) Clear Lake and are busy fixing up the cabin and other buildings on that property. We will try to see it when we cross that lake on the way to Pipestone} Enjoy this panorama looking out the back, with the big clouds and the hayrolls.

Here's a ground's eye view of our rig, and the geometry of the a piece of the half-round storage building with the late afternoon sun on it.

As you can see, we are in the clear, so we set up the satellite dish, and What Ho? Cried Daniel, I'm getting the Giants and the Astros baseball game. The score is 6 to 2, Astros, and I move on to fishing trip preparations.

We turn in, with me remembering how it feels when you first hook a big one and the pole bends hard and fast. Ahhhh.

Began: International Falls, MN
Pass Through: Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
End: Farm Near Emo, Ontario, Canada
Miles Today: 30
Miles for Trip: 2109
We stay at Jerry's friend Ed Carlson's farm, about 5 miles outside Emo.
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