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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 8. Saturday, August 1, 2015. Emo, Ontario, Canada to Pipestone Lake Lodge. Sharon Snags a Monster.

The alarm is off early. All five of us slept in the trailer, with Jerry in the lower bunk, Shirley on the couch and Tane on the made-down dinette -> bed.

We collect all our gear we will need for one week, and Sharon and I follow Jerry, Shirley and Tane the twenty or so miles to Sportsman's Landing. It's 8:11 am.

The pickup boat is already here, and lodge staff member and boat driver Chris helps us load. Actually he is responsible for balancing the boat, and we give him our stuff, on the dock, then he loads it in, with Jerry and Tane's help.

We take off, crossing the first lake, arriving at the "portage" twenty minutes later or so. We see the carrier on its way down to us.

There is a railroad track that runs from underwater on our end of the ridge, and down into Pipestone Lake ( ten or so feet higher than this lake) on the other side. A boat carrier is on railroad wheels, and is powered by an automobile engine mounted in a shack on top of the ridge. A fellow smoking a cigarette works the controls after Chris positions the boat on the carrier,while it's underwater in the arrival lake.

The carrier is then pulled up to the top of the ridge, then let down into Pipestone Lake, where Chris drives it off the carrier. We have all gotten out because it is believed that all of us are too heavy, and besides, we all want to walk along beside the carrier, and take pictures and video. {The man sees me walking up with my cane and says "you could have stayed in the boat" I say "I'm all right" and walk down to the other side. I love the way you get into this lake, quite clever.}

Here we are back in the boat, looking back at the tracks that descend into Pipestone Lake.

Soon we are spritzing across Pipestone Lake on the way to the lodge, which you see below. It's about 30-40 minutes for the entire trip. Not from California -- no, no, that's not what I mean.

Upon our arrival there, Chris, Tane and Jerry unload all our gear, and we proceed to take all our stuff up to Cabin 3, the best cabin according to Jerry, who helped build and upgrade the cabins over the last ten or so years. And he should know. It has two bedrooms, with a double bed and a bunk bed in each one. There is a bathroom with a flush toilet, and a shower in a separate room.. There is a living room, with a great view of the lake. The living room has a couch, an easy chair {which we only use to store all the fishing and rainy weather gear Jerry has brought}, a kitchen table and four chairs, a refrigerator, sink, lots of storage, a microwave, and we are living high.

We set up living conditions in the cabin while Jerry prepares all the fishing gear, a several hour process for him. Without Jerry none of the rest of us would even be here. He is the champion of this resort.

At four o'clock exactly we go out fishing to two or three spots. The wind kicks up, and fishing is not very good, though Jerry catches one bass. As we are changing fishing spots, we go by a closed in boathouse, with the words CABANADA painted on it. Clever.

We are all up on the deck relaxing when Chris rings the dinner bell. In we go, and we enjoy a "shore lunch" dinner, meaning in Pipestone's parlance, a large amount of fish and potatoes kind of cubed and fried in a huge, oversized frying pan over a fire in the outdoor fire pit. Yum. I have for pieces of fish, and I can tell you,it is delicious.

We go back to the cabins and see wonderful sunset colors.

Jerry, Shirley and Sharon do a little fishing from the dock, and Sharon "hooks" a little guy, but by the stomach, not by the mouth. She's mildly excited. {"Mildly, Ha, Ha. I am jazzed. I have never caught a Muskie and Jerry tells me that is what this is. A baby Muskie, but a muskie never the less. I'll claim it, however small. Of course, we release it back to its mother.}

and by 6:30 we are playing Rummikub, which I will sooner or later abbreviate RMK. Shirley plays a 6, 7, and 8, and I congratulate her saying that was a good play, and she says, "No, The Iceman Cometh was a good play." That Shirley.

An hour or so later, Shirley asks Jerry, "Have you played?" and he says, "I'm about to," and Shirley says "You're older than that." Sharon giggles.

I change my Olumpus Audio Recorder to show Central Time where we are, and make sure all the cameras are synchronized. Then it's time for bed.

Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

Began: Farm Near Emo, Ontario, Canada
Pass Through: countryside
End: Pipestone Lake Lodge
Miles Today: 30
Miles for Trip: 2109
Stay at Jerry's friend Ed Carlson's farm, about 5 miles outside Emo,
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