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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 9. Sunday, August 2, 2015. First Full Day Fishing Pipestone Lake. Let the Fishing Begin.

We are up about 7:15. The others are also up, and we tinker around with getting our fishing gear ready {This entails Jerry showing us the two basic "rigs" we will be using, one we use most of the time with a set-up where we hook a leech and thentroll, and another where we use a rod and reel with a "plug" that you cast and reel back. 2 different rods and reels that work differently. I'm confused but sure I will figure it out with time.}using the WiFi, taking pictures and enjoying the morning. Just before 8:00, we walk to the dining room for breakfast. On the way, we see Chris, heading across the lake to a big, flat rock, where he will dump the scraps (Uneaten food - no paper or plastic or that sort of thing) for the gulls and bald eagles to eat. I've been enjoying a raft of gulls just off the boat dock, but when Chris takes off, they follow, like a puppy dog would follow you to his food dish.

Breakfast is French toast, sausage links, grape juice and coffee or tea. {This begins the saga of wonderful food all the time that is so hard to resist and then I feel too full. I'll let you know as we go along how I deal with this (wonderful) dilemma.}

Last night, we gave our orders for sandwiches for lunch today, as the dining room doesn't serve a sit down lunch. We pick up the sandwiches, which are all tuna except for the ham that I ordered. {They also include home-baked cookies and we bring string cheese and our own drinks.}

Jerry did a huge prep for us, drying off the dew from the boat seats, from the overnight rain. Each of the two boats has a 30 HP motor on the back and an electric trolling motor on the front, which rotates down into the water for moving, or back out and fastened, for high speed big motor driving.

Tane is driving their boat, and I'm driving ours. Jerry gives Tane directions, and I follow in their wake. Sharon gets this shot just before I hit the throttle.

First, we stop at an active eagle's nest, but the young one has fledged, and Sharon has seen then across the lake from the lodge. The nest is huge.

At top speed, we are really flying, and they lose a hat, then another hat and we slow down, while they circle back. We stop at one place, and Jerry has the clever habit of stopping at one of his many favorite spots, fishing for about five minutes, and if no bites, he moves us off to another.

Nothing at the first one. The wind has come up, and it is hard to keep the boat on a course, having to change the angle of attack and the speed, depending on what the wind is doing, but I am trying. Jerry catches a Bass and a Northern Pike at the second one, but we (meaning Jerry, of course) decide to go back in to the lodge, play some Rummikub, have dinner, and go back out then.

Here is what's on the front of our cabin. A tribute to the NFC North Football Division, containing the Minnesota Vikings (on top), then in order from the top, the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. Each a little triangular birdhouse. {Which we see has hornets going in and out as their nest. We worry because Tane is deathly allergic to hornets so I spray bug killer into each hole to discourage them from continuing to set up house here.}

We play the first game of Rummikub (aka RMK) to 100, but then decide to just keep track of each person's individual running score for the whole week, and crown the champion after the last game on the last day. But really, its to see who's the big loser, dontcha know. {SPOILER ALERT!! This does not turn out well for me.}

I have a nap, then we do more RMK, and then dinner, which is Italian, with a salad and thick soft toasted bread and lemonade. Jerry, who's a vegetarian with fish as an exception, is served the Northern Pike, which he caught earlier. Jerry talks with Art and Jenny, Jerry and Shirley's friends and owners of the lodge. Tomorrow's lunch will be turkey sandwiches, and a tuna salad sandwich for Jerry.Then we try to finish the last round we were on in RMK, but it is taking too long, so we decide to fish, then come back and finish it.

Here are some shots of the next couple of hours. We love this Northern Loon pair with its two brown chicks. They are teaching them to stick their faces in the water and look for food, and to dive. {The chicks are too young to fly so all they can do to get away from us is dive which they are already good at.}

We resume fishing, and I catch a 16 inch bass that fights valiantly, and a 23 inch walleye.  The bigger walleye is not as strong a fighter as the smaller bass. Boy that bass was great fun landing. Or boating, I guess. Netting maybe. Here's the walleye. Sharon catches a real nice bass too. But really, you can see that my walleye's bigger.

But Sharon catches a nice Northern Pike. Rule #1: DO NOT PUT YOUR UNGLOVED HAND OR FINGER OR THUMB INTO THE MOUTH OF A NORTHERN PIKE. YOU'LL BE SORRY. {Jerry tries to teach us how to put our fingers into the northern or walleye's (who also has big teeth) gill space where they can't bite. But sometimes they flip around and we are inexperienced so we sometimes injure them. We don't want to do this as we often release them and don't want them to die. We are learning but not too fast.}

Then, when it begins getting dark, Jerry signals us to go back to the lodge. Here we are, coming in for a landing, or a decking. You can see we have squeezed all the fishing we can out of the daylight.

Jerry puts all our fish into the "live well", a metal box at the end of the dock Jerry made and hauled up here many years ago, as he was and is an expert metal worker. The procedure is normally for one of the guys working here to take the fish to the cleaning house, clean them and put them in the freezer, marked by person and type of fish, and maybe how big. {Jerry had thought up a cool way to identify our fish from anyone else's by threading colored zip ties into their lips so that the guys cleaning them would know which were ours. There is some objection to this after the first day so it doesn't get used. Too bad as it was clever.}

Then it's showers and RMK till we drop. Ah, vacation. I LOVE PIPESTONE!!!


Began: Pipestone Lake Lodge, Ontario, Canada
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End: Pipestone Lake Lodge
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Miles for Trip: 2109
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