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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 10. Monday, August 3, 2015. Second Full Day Fishing Pipestone Lake. Red Sunset

For some reason I can't recall, I don't record any events of the day on my audio recorder.. My baaaaad. So just enjoy these photos.

Breakfast is over, and we are out on the lake. Jerry takes us a circuitous route to some place, and we pull both boats to the shore. Jerry, Tane and I walk up and over this moderately difficult path to check out a separate lake to try, but for one reason or another, we reject it. Maybe stories of mosquitoes, for Sharon's sake. {I remember this is an attempt to evaluate the portage to Dash Lake where Jerry has heard the fishing is good. It is a steep climb so they are seeing if I would be able to do it. Also the "rights" to fish this lake belong to a different lodge so Jerry would have to see if we could obtain permission to go there.}

Here's Jerry on a rock beside the stream that runs between the two lakes.

Then back for breakfast. Or maybe that was after breakfast, and below is lunch. Hmm. At any rate, here is their wonderful lodge cook stove, {I love this stove.}and lodge owner Art demonstrating the proper way to present a loaf of bread.

This is me, probably trying to run the point of a hook through a leech's ring. Anyway, don't I look intense? Photo by Sharon. She likes it because my cap hides my bushy eyebrows. {So the strategy is that the leech has a tough ring around its sucker and if you put the hook in there, the fish can't as easily get the leech off when the fish bites at him. Also the ring and the hook is now in the leech's "butt" (if you can imagine. I thought the sucker was his mouth) so as the leech tries to wriggle away, it is "swimming" away from the hook which looks more inviting to the fish I guess.}

Sharon lands an enormous Walleye, and tries to demonstrate, at left, how to be a ventriloquist, using the unfortunate fish as the dummy The fish is saying, "Arrgh, jest put yer right thumb in there, lady!" . At right, we can see that Sharon is saying "Woohoo!" whereas the Walleye is saying, "Wall I never!" {I was trying to show the sharp teeth of the walleye that I am trying to avoid. Now That's a fish!.}

At left, we can see that a woodpecker uses this tree for storage. At right, Jerry has pulled his boat over for a rare event - his female crew have to find the ladies'. And you can tell by their faces whether they have already gone or not.

Jerry and I go back for dinner, and not much happens, but the sky begins to turn wonderful colors. At right is Jerry, back by the motor and depth finder, reeling in his cast. {Both boats have these depth finders which help you find the "reefs" in the lake where there is fairly shallow water. Sometimes in the lake the depth will be 80-90 feet and I guess you can't catch much there. But the depth finder will show depths of 12-18 feet which was ideal for walleye and bass. It also at times would show fish (or a school of bait fish) swimming by underneath you.}

I take about 95 photos of the most amazing sunset I've ever seen. It's like there's a giant forest fire just over the horizon.

Zipping along in the evening is a might cold.

We get back for some games of RMK, and that's it for the day.

The text will be better tomorrow. Hang in there.

Began: Pipestone Lake Lodge, Ontario, Canada
Pass Through: n/a
End: Pipestone Lake Lodge
Miles Today: n/a
Miles for Trip: 2109
Stay at Pipestone Lake Lodge

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