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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 11. Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Third Full Day Fishing Pipestone Lake. Loon Haunt


It's Tuesday morning, August 4th, 835am. we've just had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham and a sweet roll.

Today, we go to Loon Haunt. That's the name of an enormous lake that we have to "portage" to. Normally, that would apply to a couple of people with a canoe and a day's supplies, travelling across lake after lake, and a portage would be where they take the canoe out of the water, and carry it over a lttle bit of land, to put back into the next lake. And etceter-so on.

But in our case, we learn, each fishing lodge owner has the fishing rights to certain specific non-Pipeline Lake lakes. A friend of Art (Remember? the Pipestone Lodge owner) runs the next closest fishing lodge and has a) given Art permission to have his guests fish Loon Haunt, and b) also has two boats, with motors (but no trolling motors)waiting there, but we must take our own gas.

And so this will take us to Loon Haunt today. Jerry says it is great for walleyes. There is a little climb, then a rocky climb down the other side of the ridge to the lakeshore and the two boats. It takes two trips from several of us to get all our gear from our Pipestone boats to the Loon Haunt boats, but it gets done. Thanks Jerry and Tane.

Here's Tane out on a rock, tempting fate. And Jerry preparing one of the boats. {It was a bit more elaborate than that. the boats waiting for us are hauled up onto wooden platforms that we have to walk out on balance-beam-sized boards, both to load them up and then to board ourselves. With the help of Bob and a big stick, I manage to board the boat without falling in. Then the men (and Tane) have the fun of pushing the boats off these platforms. With some rocking and shoving we are off!}

Today we have no trolling motors, so will do "back trolling", running the motor in reverse, as slow as possible. This is so the trailing fishing line does not get caught up in the propeller.

Here are some shots of the Shirley-Tane boat, from ours - the Jerry-Bob-Sharon boat.

Luck is with us and several fish bite the dust, er, leech.

We fish in several spots with some luck, then it's lunchtime, and we find a spot to pull the front of the boats onto the shore, and some climb out while others stay in the boats to have our prepared lunch.

During lunch, an immature eagle flies over, with a real squawky call, and we can see hints of a white head. Around 12:30 we polish off our cookies and are ready for more fishing.

An hour or so later, I just miss a Northern Pike in "cabbage", which is Jerry's name for long strands of vegetation coming up from the bottom, ready to grab the hooks of our fishing line. {This cabbage is a constant double-edged sword. The fish really like it here so this where you often get one but just as often you can get snagged on the underwater folliage. Then it is a process of stopping the boat, often times reversing back to where you snagged to get loose and start trolling again.} We are going around an island counter clockwise.

I make a fantastic discovery on my iphone. An app called Mapquest shows our position with a scant few, but important, objects in the area. I can zoom out to all of North American and zoom in to the local water channel we are in. I am proud to be the blue dot on the display. It doesn't use Wi-fi or the telephone [later I "decide" that it needs telephone]. It seems to be gps [it is, but needs phone too]. Hmmm. Anyway, I zoom back, and can see where we've been and where we are and I am SOOO jazzed. It's like I discovered America or Chocolate Chips or something. {It also uses up "data" which we will find out about later with a text from ATT.}

At times, somebody has to go to the ladies' or the men's nature room, and this is one of those. We pull the boats out of the water. Sharon reads while Tane and Shirley find a good spot on the island. Jerry repairs a bit of Tane's fishing lure called a "Lindy Rig". Sharon is reading a book.

Sharon is watching what she thinks is two kestrels. We also see two adult loons and two babies really close together, the parents dipping their heads in the water. Sharon thinks they are teaching the chicks to look for fish before diving.

We get back in the saddle, and as Jerry is about to give up on this location, I land and Jerry nets a 15 inch walleye just as Jerry announces a fifteen minute countdown. I help the walleye say "Ahhh". {That mouth spreader enables you to reach into the fish's mouth to get out the hook and to display him as you see. You really need it for these northerns with their rows of sharp teeth.}At right is all our boat's catch. Or maybe combines both boats'.

See how sometimes I capitalize Walleye and sometimes I don't? What's up with that?

We fish some more, thinking that now the rest of the fish may join the rush, but with not much luck. At last we head back to the boat docking location, park the boatand collect our gear.

Then we undo all the things we did before heading out, next we pack up our gear, and take it back to our Pipestone boats. {See the "gangplank" we have to walk onto and off the boats?}

Jerry, Shirley and Tane call this the" trapper's cabin", where we parked the boats, and here are some shots of that property. The white bird-like thing is made from a one-gallon milk carton. Inventive.


Here's Sharon who is saying "Hurry up with the picture, Bob!" because we have caught a weighty clutch of fish.

Here are some more photos from the day. Bald Eagle at lower left.

This is Jerry, standing up at the front of the boat, with the power motor rotated up out of the water, maneuvering with the trolling motor, to get through a shallow and narrow bit from a smaller piece of the lake, into the main lake.

By a little before 5pm we are back home in Cabin 3, and shortly after it's time for dinner. Roast prime rib, twice-baked potatoes and banana creme pie for dessert. And some kind of interesting salad.

And by 7:03 we are playing RMK. I imitate a small child's type of language and I say to Jerry (whose turn it is), "you turn", and Jerry slowly rotates in his chair.

We pass the evening in a good part of heaven, playing RMK and talking and lying about the fish of the day.

OK, so here's the setup: Part 1: In Rummikub, there are runs of tiles from 1 to 13, of the same color. And there are four colors. And all of that is duplicated. So, for example there are two red twelves. Part 2: Our brother George is father to twin girls - Ingrid and Bridgit. OK, setup over. After drawing our tiles at the beginning of a round, Shirley says, "I have identical tens, you know, like Ingrid and Bridgit."

I told her it wasn't that funny, but she thought it was. You know my sister.

OK, here's one to see if sister Shirley ever reads this stuff. I made a cryptic comment on my audio recorder that says, "Shirley told this one,' the ram said to me, no kidding'." Shirley if you're reading, and can remember, tell me details that will make this hilarious, as I remember that it was.

I have heard that the moon rises about 11:30, so I get some shots, and meet a young fellow named Zack who is a fascinating student at a college in Minnesota. He is shooting "bulb" shots of the Milky Way with his brand new camera, on a tripod, meaning the lens may be open for 30 or 45 seconds. Very cool

Although it's not THAT game, I shoot the moon,

and finally it's time for bed.

Began: Pipestone Lake Lodge, Ontario, Canada
Pass Through: n/a
End: Pipestone Lake Lodge
Miles Today: n/a
Miles for Trip: 2109
Stay at Pipestone Lake Lodge

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