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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 12. Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Fourth Full Day Fishing Pipestone Lake. Sunrise, Eagles and Fried Potatoes.

5:15am and Jerry and I are up. We gather our dressed-for-cold gear and head out for some pre-breakfast fishing. In a way this is my favorite fishing because Jerry is doing the high speed motor as well as the trolling motor, and I am totally free just to fish. Well, and net the giants Jerry will catch. Here are the pre-breakfast shots I like.

We go to Line Bay, north of the lodge, but nothing is biting there, so Jerry takes us to a where a guy had told him about. Jerry lands two walleye and I get a "delicious bass" (remember that line at the end of Napoleon Dynamite?). Then we head back for breakfast. {While we, the "girls", enjoy sleeping in, getting up to the cofee that Jerry made before he left and getting ready for the day}

After breakfast, we head out in our normal configuration - Sharon and I in one boat, and Jerry, Shirley and Tane in the other. Tane and I are driving the boats. Jerry is directing Tane, and I am following in their boat's wake. It's a fun, satisfying thing for me to engage in. Today, our plan is to go across the bay to the rock that Pipestone Lodge uses to dump their food scraps for the gulls and eagles to finish off.

Here is Jerry, having dropped Tane and Shirley off for a comfort stop, fishing two-handed. At right, we have "docked" for lunch.

I get a pushoff from Jerry after stopping for lunch. For lunch, I have Shirley’s yesterday’s chicken, Sharon had bologna,Tane had bologana but didn’t eat any of it. Jerry had a fish sandwich. There y'ar.

Speaking of food and something completely different, I don't think I've described the power motor. It's electric start, so there's no lawn-mower pull to do. It has a red, kill-the-motor button to shut it off, and it has an "up" and a "down" button to use when putt-putting at the lowest speed - with the twist throttle in the relaxed-to-minimum position. Clicking the down button slows the motor RPMs a tiny bit, and it will take about 4 of those, then it has no effect after that. And the same in the up direction from "neutral". {A-What?? "I didn't understand a word coming out of your mouth" Thank you Napolean.}

We are aiming for a place called Sand Point today, and we come upon a raft (that's what we use instead of the more scientific term "big bunch") of Loons - maybe 50 or 60. Maybe they are assembling for their fall migration. But as I look away a bit, then back again, most of them are gone, having dived at the same time. Maybe there is a big school of bait fish down there.

We get to Sand Point, where the water depth narrows to about knee deep, and Tane wants to get out and walk on it while we get photos.

We try trout fishing, something Sharon has requested, and the technique here is to have a different setup for the bait. We move to where the depth is about 50 feet or more, let the weight of the rig carry it down to the bottom, then we kind of jerk it up a little, reel that in, then jerk a little more, etc., till the lure is back to the surface. Then repeat. Nobody gets a bite so we abandon that and try our normal leech fishing at other locations.

When our afternoon session is over, we go back to the lodge. I catch up on my sleep with a nap, and Sharon wakes me for dinner a little before six.

Tonight is "Shore Lunch Dinner", which consists of lots of fish and cubed, fried potatoes, done in a big frying pan I may have already told you about. Or maybe not. Here is Art, adding seasoning to the potatoes.

The shore lunch is exquisitely delicious. {You can't see it in this picture, but Art uses an old oar to stoke the fire or move the logs around. As in the scene in Napolean Dynamite (do you sense a theme here?) I say to Bob "Iwant that" as I like the weather-beaten look of it.}

After dinner, Jerry and I go out again, and get three walleye and a small bass, and Jerry executes his experiment. He has brought some cans of dog food and a gunny sack. He opens the cans and puts them in the sack, adds rocks to sink it, ties a buoy to it, and drops it onto a reef where he has caught many fish over the years. The idea is that maybe it will attract fish, and we can catch them. {He says it is to attract the small "bait" fish and the larger fish will then come to get them and concentrate in this area.} He says he's putting down the dog bait, and tomorrow morning we'll see if we can catch any dogs that come.

Speaking of dogs, Who Let the Dogs Out? Who? Who? Who Let the Dogs Out? G'night.

Began: Pipestone Lake Lodge, Ontario, Canada
Pass Through: n/a
End: Pipestone Lake Lodge
Miles Today: n/a
Miles for Trip: 2109
Stay at Pipestone Lake Lodge

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