AmeriCanada 2015

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 14. Friday, August 7, 2015. Last Day Fishing Pipestone Lake. Down Goes Frazier.

I made these short notes at the end of the day. Parenthetical items are my additions later, as I am writing this report.

Begin Saturday 8/7/201
Woke up 5:15
Out with Jerry
Fished the Hump (where he sank the dogfood last night. No biting)
Fished the island (got a coupla nice ones here)
Headed back for breakfast.

Then this...

[As Jerry is pulling the boat up to the dock, it is at a slight angle, with thexxxx nose touching, but the back of the boat drifting away from the dock. I am standing, and see that if I jump to the dock, I can still grab the rope at the front and tie it off before the boat nose drifts any further away. This turns out to be a miscalculation, and as Howard Cosell once said during a boxing match between Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier, DOWN GOES FRAZIER!! Into the water with rain pants and jacket on, with shoes and overboots on, with parka on, with my vacation cash in my pocket, with my iPhone 6 Plus in its holster and with my audio recorder in my pocket! I got wonderful help, in recovery. Nobody got a video of me pouring water out of each shoe, then out of each overshoe. The thought I had as I fell was this: You should not be going into water, fully clothed. In the end, a good time was had by (almost) everybody] {we, in the cabin, saw the boat coming in and said to each other "there they come". I turn away and I hear Tane say "Bob's down! He's down!!. I at first think he fell on the dock but then hear her say that he fell IN the water. Tane and Shirley run down to the dock. I can see that Bob is standing up and people are helping him out of the water and onto the dock. I grab several towels and walk down. He is in good spirits but totally soaked. As you will see from the photos, we help him get out of those wet clothes and start to try to rescue the contents of his pockets.}

The actual photograph at left was grabbed from a passing satellite. It's hard to see details, like my face, but everything else is crystal clear

Sister Shirley drying out my bills.

Showered (I never felt cold, but Sharon said I should warm up, as I might be in shock. It felt good, I can tell you)
Clean clothes, borrowed Jerry’s tennis shoes
Owner Art’s wife Jenny put all my stuff in her dryer (Thank you Jenny! It almost made it like it didn't happen)

(Amazingly, after drying off, we- incuding me - go out fishing, one last time) {Shirley shares the time she did a similar thing getting out of the boat on a bathroom break onto the shore; one foot on the shore, one foot on the boat and spash. But because they were so far away from the lodge, she just climbed into the boat and continued fishing in her wet clothes. YOW!}
Back out with both boats

(Some giant fish caught) {Poor little baby sunfish. We released him, of course.}

Back in about noon
Continued packing for leaving this afternoon.
Ate sandwiches – me ham
Final packing, taking luggage & gear to boat
Tipped staff member Brock, who did great for us
Brock drove us to the landing, over the railroad portage
I brought pickup down to dock
Loaded our stuff.
Loaded Ed’s farm into GPS
We took off, intending to get to farm first, get on trailer so when Jerry's finished loading and gets to Ed’s, we would be ready to go. but GPS took a long route, Jerry took short. They beat us.
Connected trailer
Drove straight to border,
Crossed, after US customs inspected driftwood
Met Jerry's at Border Bob’s
Got ice cream
Said goodbye, traded hugs
Took off
(By this time, it was clear both my iPhone and audio recorder were toast, though the iPhone did a slow failure, tricking us into thinking maybe it'd be ok. Nuh-uh. So I needed to find an Apple store and get a new one, complements of the extra warranty I bought, in case I dropped it into the water)
Sharon looked in RV Park book
Wanted to get close to Duluth where I figured there’d be an Apple store
But closest is in Minneapolis
Made it to Gilbert, Minnesota to 40 West RV Park, on path to Minneapolis
Camp host is from san diego, rv’er


Sharon put up sunflower seeds, hummer feeder

Rained overnight

Began: Pipestone Lake Lodge, Ontario, Canada
Pass Through: Emo, Ontario; International Falls; Virginia, Minnesota
End: 40 West RV Park
Miles Today: 146
Miles for Trip: 2255

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