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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 16. Sunday, August 9, 2015. Happy Birthday to Daughter Tara!

We have breakfast in the trailer - me, my Basic 4, and I shoot some more birds. Below left - Male and immature Northern Cardinal. Right - female Cardinal. {These are birds that have found my feeder that I put out any chance I get where there are trees. The Male cardinal is feeding that baby and then here comes Momma. Reminds me of the pictures you sent, Maureen, of the baby robins that their Momma was feeding after they flew (or fell) out of the nest at your house.}

New 'trip birds' we see at Terry's, not mentioned yesterday, are a Red-eyed Vireo feeding a baby, Blue Jay, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Ash-throated Flycatcher, American Redstart (Sharon only) and Catbird. {I took a walk around Terry's pond that he built years ago behind his house calling for birds to see what would come (that is, by the way, the house we always stayed at when we visited my Grandmother and Grandfather. As a child, there was no indoor plumbing so I remember taking a bath in a big tub that my Grandmother would fill from a pump at a sink in the kitchen. She would then heat up that water to put into the "bathtub" . I also remember visiting the outhouse (not so much a pleasant memory).}

Below left is American Robin.

Terry wants us to visit the cemetery, a common thing for older people to do. We "younger" people agree to go.

We see this Chipping Sparrow at the cemetery.

We see some Johnson names on tombstones, and Sharon shares a story that (Sharon's Great-) Grandma Louise Johnson would ski into town to check the mail at the post office, and do a little knitting while skiing!

Here are Sharon and Terry, in the cemetery. Just visiting, you understand, like in Monopoly.

We came home and birded some more. On the left, you can see that Terry's driveway is long enough for us to park our trailer and pickup this far apart, and there is room for two more vehicles behind the truck, plus the driveway is two vehicles wide. At right is what our satellite dish looks like on top of the trailer - in travelling mode, hugging the roof. The truck would be at the right, from this angle.


We go back to Terry's, then, have lunch, and take off for Crex Meadows. Terry has given us general instructions for going by small country roads, rather than the main road. There is a bird there we've never seen, and we know that it has been seen in this place in the last 2-3 months. We want information. The odometer reads 28169, about a mile from Terry's.

This morning, Sharon asked Terry if he'd seen the northern lights recently, and he said it had been some time. I set an alarm for 3 am to check it tonight.

While in Crex Meadows, we find Osprey, Great Egrets in a tree, a pair of Belted Kingfishers, Black Tern, Trumpeter Swan, Marsh Wren, Yellow Warbler, a pair of Eastern Kingbirds, American Goldfinch and Sandhill Cranes.

We wind up our Crex Meadows day at the visitor center, which we understand is closed on Sundays, but there is a car there, so we go in to use the rest rooms and ask about our target bird, the Black-billed Cuckoo. The only person here is a volunteer, and doesn't know anything about birds. But she says to come back tomorrow and we can find information.

We head back home - which to me is our trailer, wherever we are, using the main roads, not Terry's slow, go-through-the-boonies route.

When we get back, Sharon visits with Terry while I work on some trip reports. And we also do some birding and get Pileated Woodpecker, House Wren, White-breasted nuthatch and finally a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak for me.

Terry has invited us for dinner tonight, plus I have reviewed my itinerary and find that we arrived here a day early, compared with my original schedule. So we will stay one more night, and go to a dinner party at Terry's nephew Bobby's place in the country, on a lake. We have been there before, at other trips to Webster, and look forward to tomorrow night.

So for dinner, Terry has prepared chicken, beans and a great potato salad. Also biscuits with his homemade strawberry jam. Mmmm, good.

I show the bird pictures on TV, then we go back to the trailer, where, using Terry's WiFi, which reaches our trailer, I get out the first three trip reports. I experimented at home, and learn that Google has a 100-member limit on gmail addressees per gmail. So I divide up the 140 or so I have alphabetically, and will have to send out two duplicate reports each time, rather than one. A pain in the butt, and the reason I left AOL to come to gmail.

We have decided to get up super early tomorrow, and go to Crex Meadows, hoping a birding person is working the visitor center desk.

Began: Webster, Wisconsin
Pass Through: Grantsburg, Siren, back to Webster
End: Webster
Miles Today: 50
Miles for Trip: 2661

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