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Day 18. Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Picking Up Travelmate Nancy

No day recordings made. Just describing the photos.

Uncle Terry makes us a fabulous breakfast before we leave. {An egg bake that I called a fritatta but he said "no, just an egg bake", but delicious, biscuits with his homemade strawberry jam, and homemade cranberry sauce, YUM!}

We drive to Gilman, Wisconsin to pick up Nancy Burlingame, our travelmate for the rest of the trip, till we drop her off in Dallas. Here are three of the four small dogs that are great fun to watch. They tumble over each other and play-bite. {I can't remember their names, but they were so cute. Two were new arrivals, puppies, that play with the two older ones. One was a rescue with one blind eye, but he got around just fine.}

Sharon finds this interesting turtle sculpture, and a small squirrel peeks out from a Wood Duck's nest box.

Sharon and Nancy

Nancy's cousin Butch gives me a tour of the countryside in his runabout.

Butch has an amazing automated maple syrup production facility, and he showed me all of it. Below left is the wood to fuel the burners, and below right are the burners (I think)

Driving a gravel road through the woods produced this Barred Owl and the porcupine at right.

Here Butch demos his bear trap. I think if this thing snapped on a leg, it would cut it in half, but definitely end your thoughts of running a Marathon.

That's it from Wisconsin.

Began: Webster, Wisconsin
Pass Through: Spooner, Rice Lake, Bloomer
End: Gilman, Wisconsin
Miles Today: 172
Miles for Trip: 2883

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