AmeriCanada 2015

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 19. Wednesday, August 12, 2015. Into Canada.

We are up and on the road early, leaving Butchie's place. thanks guys for the great time, because we have a long drive today, much of it over slower roads.

Sharon spots a turkey by the road a little after 7.

We stop for breakfast in Merrill, then switch drivers a little before 9.

I talked a long time last night with an AT&T representative, and signed up for a new plan that gives us 800 units of data per month. That should cover whatever we do. They will notify us if we get to 80% of that and again at 100% of that, if we ever get there, which I seriously doubt we will do. {I can never figure out what is "data" that is getting used up. I text, send pictures to "What's App" so people can follow us but I think it uses data. I also have a "Hot Spot" on my phone that seems at times to be the only connection to the internet that people can use. Is that using up data?}

We stop to refuel in Elton, Wisconsin, and find a lady chipping ice out of their ice container. She's very friendly and speaks to us like she's known us all her life. Wait. Where'd she go? She must have slipped on those ice bits on the ground and fallen in. Maybe she can't get up! {What a great store this was. They had lots of jars of things they had canned, like pickled brussel sprouts, pickled mushrooms, and a big jar of cherry pie filling. You can tell what I bought.}

Back on the road, we go by a propane supply company called Ferrell's Gas. There are, I estimate, 100-200 what I'd call "backyard" tanks. Like neighbor Paul White's big propane tank in their back yard. Nancy says their name should be "Tanks a Lot."

We come to Michigan, and can get only partial views of welcome signs. {If Bob is driving when we come into a new state, it is my and Nancy's job to get a picture of the welcome sign. As you can see, it is not always an easy job. If you can believe it, we actually at times take a picture of the sign as we are LEAVING the state!.}

We stop to have a picnic on Lake Michigan. There are gulls here, and I think they're Ring Bills because it looks like it has a black ring around the bill, back a little from the tip. {We see people swimming here or just lying in the sun. Pretty beach here.}

We pass a souvenir shop about four o'clock, looking pretty ratty and run down, with the name "Honest Injun Tourist Trap."

About five o'clock, a black bird hits our windshield and everybody ducks. Later I veer over when a crow in the road won't move. Sharon says, "You've already killed one bird today, don't make it two." And I say maybe I didn't kill the first one, maybe I only winged it.

We hit the Canada border, and wait our turn in line.

After making a successful pass through immigration, we are into Canada and head for our RV Park. In no time at all, we check into our camp, which is the Sault Sainte Marie KOA. Very plain but in some nice woods. {We learned that the "Sault" of Sault Sainte Marie means a rapids in the river so St Marie rapids.}

And that's it for today. Cheers.

Began: Gilman, Wisconsin
Pass Through: Escanaba, next to Green Bay (the bay, not the town)
End: Sault Sainte Marie KOA, Ontario
Miles Today: 397
Miles for Trip: 3280

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