AmeriCanada 2015

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 20. Thursday, August 13, 2015. Halfway to Niagara.

We leave our campsight and I see the first watertower ever devoted to a hotel. Hmmm. What's going on here? The town's water supply, but selling the rights to putting up a sign to a company, like paying $25 million to have a football stadium named after it. Today's water tower, brought to you by the beautiful, downtown Water Tower Inn.

As we're getting out of the car to go into a Walmart, Nancy opens her door to discover a bunch of American pennies dumped on the pavement. I think they counted out to 34. {People don't value pennies anymore, I always pick them up.}

On we go, and about eight o'clock we come to a town with a sign that says, "Welcome to Echo Bay. Worth Repeating."

Remarkably we come across an Indian type dummy with one foot in a canoe, and the other about to step out into the water, having hooked a big ol' fish. Makes me a little uncomfortable and squirmy to look at her. {Why Bob? - Because you can see that he/she is going IN!}

Coming up on lunch, we make a stop at a trading post, and find this wonderful double bear-ed bench, and a fellow telling anyone who will listen about his Harris' Hawk.

I like these two shots together. In the left, the bird is pulled back away, but at right she seems to be approaching Sharon's nose. That Sharon! She's not backing down. {The man said "she likes women and I remember the time Bob called me from a pet sotre to say a man there had a Kestrel he had rescued. I get there and the man lets me stroke the bird's chest and the little bird purrs. Then Bob gives it a try and the bird chomps down on his finger. The man says "She likes women more than men." Bob says "You might have told me that before she bit me" No he didn't but wished he did. Ha Ha.}

Beautiful bird. Interesting Bear Paws.

{As you can see, they had a fantastic fudge, candy store. I buy 2 types and it is delicious. We are so good we still had one bite left almost 3 weeks later. Such control!! We really wanted to make it last.}

Back on the road, we pass Laird, whose sign says they have a population of exactly 1000. I don't have the metric conversions down yet, but wouldn't 1000 Canadian be about 800 American?

Sleep tight.

Began: Sault Sainte Marie KOA, Ontario
Pass Through: Garden River, Iron Bridge, Burwash (all Ontario)
End: Parry Sound KOA, Ontario
Miles Today: 288
Miles for Trip: 3568

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