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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 21. Friday, August 14, 2015. Niagara Falls/Canadian Side.

We wake up in the Parry Sound KOA. It's raining lightly, which it has been doing on and off all night. We got four email messages, the first of which said we were 100 somethings over our data limit. Hmmm. Be aware of this.

The odometer is 29138, and we're a little above empty for fuel. It's Friday morning. It seems to take about an hour from wakeup to hitting the road, and that's about what it is today.

We drive a little, and stop at a gas station in Muskoka a few minutes before 8. They are closed, and a sign says "Open at 8 am." In no time, a native Canadian looking fellow opens, and does the refueling personally. It's an old style gas dispenser, with no credit card slots. They sell all kinds of fireworks {HUGE boxes of fireworks for $99}and fish and chips. We take on 128 liters at 113.9 cents per lite (a little under $4 American by my quick analysis), for a total of $145.47 Canadian.

Sharon is on her binoculars and spots a nice Eastern Bluebird. I get this nice shot of her in red, with a tall tower in the background.

We pass a turnoff by the name of Go Home Lake Road. Nancy sneezes her first sneeze of the trip, and it's wonderful. Sort of oooooOOOOWOOHOOOOOO!! {Nancy says "skratch that out. I don't sound like that!"}

Suddenly Sharon realizes we're driving over a bridge with a view of some locks. Incredible to see, with a small boat in it. Did the locks fill for HIM?

We pass through the town of Barrie, seen from the freeway. There is a warehouse kind of building, Canadian flags all over it, bigger flags around it, it is a company called Flags Unlimited. Cool.

About noon, and we are near Toronto, a huge city of a couple of million as I recall, and the traffic is thick and fast. It's 76 degrees. We are getting close to our destination

We arrive at, and check into the Kampark Niagara Falls about 1:30. Trip is 188 and odometer is 29368. Important stuff to us numbers guys.

We set up, unhitch and head to the Falls - Canadian side. I can't waittttttttttt! But you know how that goes. Ilove it when someone says, "I can't stand it." Uncle Peter used to laugh and say something like, "Ok, sit there and don't stand it." We enjoy the first signs for the Falls.

Nancy pays the $20 Canadian when we get to the car park, we park, and begin walking. We can see the Canadian Falls already. Cool. We need to find the Table Rock Centre, and I saw a building with Table Rock House on it.

There is a dual funicular ferrying people up and down from the big hotels above.

I get a glimpse of the American Falls over some flowers near the entrance to the Table Rock Centre.

We enter the Centre on this side of the road with the logo below, on it. We can see the Canadian Falls on our right as we exit the building.. {Look at my happy face. We are finally at NIAGARA FALLS!!!}

We get tickets to "Journey Behind the Falls", where we take an elevator down near the bottom of the Canadian Falls.

While we're waiting for our turn, we go past a young man giving out rain panchos. Sharon starts talking to him and asks if it's boring. He shrugs. Sharon says, "You can make up things about tourists to chat about when we go by," and he says, "Oh, I don't have to make anything up." Pretty funny.

There are tunnels then that go out just behind the Falls, and we go out to the end of both of them. Here are some shots from them. In the first, we are just standing inside the falls listening to a deafening roar. {Nancy hears later that these two tunnels used to be so that you walked out of one, went along a walkway under the Falls and then back inside in the other tunnel. It was too dangerous so now you just go to the end of each tunnel and look at the water coming down. Somewhat less of a scarey experience but still intense as you hear and see the power of the water.}

Then we move over to the other one, and it actually goes out onto an observation area consisting of three different levels. We can see the American "Maid of the Mist". There is a Canadian equivalent, and the people on those boats wear red or orange ponchos that they give you.


{As you can see, we get plenty wet too at the bottom of the Falls}


Here is a panorama of the view from the steps descending to the main observation area. {I see that you can see me with the pink hood on. I was wearing one of the rain suits that Shirley loaned to us plus a hooded shirt and so don't have on a yellow poncho like the others }

From the lower observation area, I turn around and shoot the upper level, with the first part of the sign.Then from the upper level, I shoot down to the bottom level.

And here Sharon shoots me, smiling because I haven't gotten wet yet.

And here is a pano of the Falls from the Canadian side.

Here is a couple that must have just gotten married. Maybe Amish?

It begins to get dark, as I get one more shot of the Canadian Falls first. Then you can see one of the light combinations on the Canadian Falls {We stayed until dark so we could see the lights they project onto the Falls.We ate dinner at the restaurant that looks out onto the Canadian Falls. We weren't too sure we would like the lights as they are clearly artificial, but the effect is dramatic. The Canadian "Horseshoe" Falls were the prettiest. The American Falls looked like Red,White, And Blue}.


With the Falls in the background, Nancy uses the backlight of her iPhone.

We have dinner at Tim Horton's, watch a video of the area, and wait for dark.

Here is Canada's version of the London Eye.

Both the Canadian Tour Boat "Hornblower" and American "Maid of the Mist" are on the water for the nighttime fireworks and Falls lighting show.

Then the fireworks happen, over the area. This is what we've been waiting for.

We watch the finale and head for home. Great day, and tomorrow will be just as good.

Began: Parry Sound KOA, Ontario
Pass Through: Barrie, Hamilton, Mississauga
End: Campark Lundy Lane, Niagara Falls, Canada
Miles Today: 214
Miles for Trip: 3782

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