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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 22. Saturday, August 15, 2015. Niagara Falls/American Side.

Good morning. It's a quarter to nine. We had a little rain, a little lightening, a little thunder but I slept through all but some rain.

The guy beside us in the RV park is getting ready to leave. His satellite dish is still up. I have a theory that the wife told the husband to leave the antenna up and to go do everything about getting ready to leave, and she'll watch TV. What we want to tell him is that his antenna is up. Sharon says what she wants to tell him is, "Voolyvoo Antennzione Attenzione!" {Because we heard them speaking French. We hear that a lot in Canada, by the way. Really does feel like we are in a foreign country.}

We head out for the day about 10:30am, and we pass a bar named Mick and Angelo's. Sharon says she immediately gets "Michelangelo." Very clever of them, and of Sharon to get it.{We actually pass this several times in and out of our camp and until the last time, Bob just says, "Oh, Yes, Mick and Angelo's" and then he suddenly (suddenly?) gets the joke.}

We pass by the Flying Saucer Restaurant, with two saucers on top. The workers are dressed in little green men uniforms. We also pass a winery with the name "Organized Crime Winery." Wow, they just come right out and say it?

I can't find my spare memory chip so I pull into a crowded parking lot, where we find it pretty quick. I'm sitting there plotting my careful path out of the lot, onto the road when Sharon says, "Bob, we're not pulling the trailer!" And I say, "I know." Heh heh.

As we are crossing the bridge to the U.S., we get a great shot of the observation tower over the American side of the Falls and of boats from both the U.S. and Canada heading up the river to the falls. We pass through the US Border stuff, and holy cow, we're back in New York.

We drive to the big parking lot which is at the center of things on the American side, and decide to walk along the path by the river, moving upstream by the river. Here's some of what we see. {We are on our way to three islands that sit in the river just upstream of the Falls. Families used to own these and live here. Bet they didn't swim in the water though.}

We get a great shot of the Canadian Hornblower, the Canadian equivalent of the Maid of the Mists, and of a sightseeing helicopter flyover.

I get a nice shot of the bridge we took this morning, and of the American Falls.

We are going on the Maid of the Mist, seen in the photo below. At right is our view looking up to the cantilevered tower platform. Man, it is WAAAAAY up there.

At right is a dramatic look up at the American Falls, from the Maid of the Mist.

The shot below left is of a feature with a 3-hour in-line wait called "Cave of the Winds." It is very popular, but we don't want to spend our time waiting in a line. Both of the shots below are of the riverbank, as we head towards the base of the Falls on the boat. {In the picture on the right here you can see a split in the water. You can walk out to that piece of land past the small stream of water and we plan to go out there ourselves.}

Below left is a beautiful cumulus cloud formation overhead, and at right is a shot across the river to the Canadian side.

Below left are the American Falls. And here are Sharon and Nancy, kind of soaking wet, after getting back off of the Maid.

Here I plan to walk up the stepsfrom where you get off the boat as high as they go so Nancy can get a picture of that. This is just before I left.

At right, I get a shot of them climbing to an intermediate level platform. I will go a bit higher than that.

We return to the height of the land where the American Falls descend from and I get a shot of a corner of an observation place. A great place to be. {This is that place I talked about where we are at the top of the Falls with water falling to the left and right of us. You really get an idea of the power of the Falls from here as you look straight down on them and also watch the water as it approaches and then falls.}

We look down on the Cave of the Wind area. At right is a shot of the American Falls pounding down onto the boulders below. Of all the successful trips over the Niagara Falls, all of them were over the Canadian Falls. Everyone who went over the American Falls didn't make it alive.

I don't remember exactly where the left photo was taken, but I like the juxtaposition of the calm, quiet area where the visitors are relaxing vs. the sudden drop in the river water. At right is a wonderful shot of the setting sun, taken on our way back to the RV park.

What a great day. Night all.

Began: Campark Lundy Lane, Niagara Falls, Canada
Pass Through: n/a
End: Campark Lundy Lane, Niagara Falls, Canada
Miles Today: 20
Miles for Trip: 3802

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