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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 23. Sunday, August 16, 2015. Moving Thru New York, Headed for Montreal.

As we leave our camp, I drive OVER the angled chock on the left side of the trailer. Allow me to illustrate with a photo. Luckily the tires don't seem to be affected. Tough rubber. {So many things to check before we leave. I had taken out the chock on the "door" side of the trailer, but didn't check the other side as we had three people going around. Each of us thought someone of us had taken out this chock. Oh, Well, didn't do any harm thank goodness.}

We're up and out of camp by about 7:30am. We come to the border crossing, and I laugh as i think about last night when we were cracking up over something, and as the guy two cars ahead of us left, the guy in front of me pulls up to the window. I'm supposed to stay behind a line that says to wait until the guy doing business leaves. But I am not paying attention, and I go breezing past the white line, but remember I'm supposed to stop. So I stop about halfway between the white line and the fellow in front of us. The agent comes running out of the booth, looking at me, waiving his palms towards us and yelling, "Stop, stop, Go Back!" But he finally just gives up and goes back into the booth to finish processing that guy.

The guy ahead is finished, so I pull up, expecting a lecture. I apologized for what I did, and he said something like, "All people from Ohio do that." I'm guessing his ex-wife is from Columbus or something.

We head out for the day. It's a little after 8am. The Canadian currency is about 1.25 to 1 vs. American. That is, ignoring fees, a US dollar gets you 1.25 dollars Canadian.

About an hour later I stop for a fill up in Batavia. 29457 miles, 277.8 on the trip, and about 1/8 of a tank of gas.

I don't remember exactly how this went, so I'm going to make up some details so the story make sense:

Nancy asks Sharon if she wanted some of her crackers. Sharon said no thank you. Nancy said, they've got peanut butter, and Sharon said, why didn't you say peanut butter sooner. And I said It's not the Peanut Butter Sooners, it's the Oklahoma Sooners.

We stop for breakfast about 9:30. Our ETA for our target destination is now 4:41pm. We expect that to stretch to six o'clock by the time we get there, and we've made all the stops and breaks we always do. We put on the New York sticker, documented in the following photos. Sharon points out the decal on its dark green sheet. Sharon starts it, then Nancy finishes it, then we yuk it up. Look at all that NE U.S. and Maritime Canadian provinces and states that are empty. We hope to fill each one of them on this trip.


We stop at a Horton's to change drivers abot 10:30, so I can have a nap in the back. A back nap.

Now we know that we're in the vicinity of the Erie Canal. While I'm sleeping, the ladies got tricked into thinking there was a lock here so they turn off and pull into the parking lot and wake me up. Only it becomes clear pretty clear that this is no live, active lock. It's a leftover lock from decades ago, out of service, and not even close to the canal now. They are disappointed, but Sharon finds a bird that we think might be a Snipe. I take a photo, and we blow it up to find that it's a Spotted Sandpiper (after much discussion and review of photographs of several possible candidates) - a trip bird for us. Meaning it's the first time we've seen this species on this trip. {Nancy gets me a piece of the original lock, knowing how I like rocks as souveniers.}

Sharon spots a pair of Bald Eagles which fly high over the road, then back in the direction from which we have come. There are gigantic poles, with freeway lights, and what appears to be a nest up there. The first bird has something in its talons, and first it appears the second bird is trying to steal it, but another possibility is that the first one is taking food to a chick in the nest, and the second one is just following.

We pass an Onandaga Lake turnoff. The area we are in is called Cazanovia or Cazenovia.Hmm. Don't know details.

About 3:30 pm we change drivers at a Rough Road Ahead sign. Odometer is 29667. Continuing on, we come to what I would call a Fine Town, but I would just be guessing (The town's name is Speculator, which we decide to call Spectacular). Sometimes I swing and miss.

About 6 pm, we stop in Peru at a Mobil gas station. We fill up at 29796 odometer miles. 35.73 gallons, exactly $100.00 Canadian, but that includes filling a 7 gallon plastic red gas can.

By 7 pm, we are set up in place at the Plattsburgh RV Park. It seems like a real nice park, and is just a few miles south of the Quebec border. We get unfriendly, neutral French folks to check us in. No small talk. No friendly talk. Odometer 29809.

We try the satellite dish, and get a San Francisco Giants baseball game. Madbum strikes out 14, pitches his second consecutive complete game shut out. Incredible, picking up the Giants game way over here.

So I go to bed happy. Good night, see you tomorrow, or thenabouts.

Began: Campark Lundy Lane, Niagara Falls, Canada
Pass Through: Syracuse, Utica, Albany
End: Plattsburgh RV Park, Plattsburgh, New York.
Miles Today: 409
Miles for Trip: 4211
Ending Odometer : 29809

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