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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 25. Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Walking the Islands

It is 6:20 am, and we are going after deer and birds, we hope, today. We will drive down the freeway to the first exit, get off, and follow the signs. Here it is on a map, east of Montreal. There are two islands we are going to explore on foot, and it is hoped that it is a nature walk. {We had looked for activities that were out in nature as well as going into the city and had read about this place. What was intruiging was that they said we would see deer. In fact, it said "drive carefully so you don't hit the deer" so we are off. But actually, this map only shows our camp ground "Alouette" but not the Nature Preserve we are going to}

It is 72 degrees and there is sunshine on our faces. we're heading out. I'm wearing my Alaska baseball cap. It was dirty and I did an extreme cleaning on it, more specifically, I took a watered down paper towel and swiped it a few times. I am good to go.

It's 7 am, and we arrive at the entrance. There are double gates and the left is open, to the right is a stop sign. We believe its ok for us to go in. I’m hoping to see a deer, if they ask. We go in, and see signs of a golf course.

We mount up and continue driving in when Voila! (Wah-lah in English) A small group of deer greet us.{One doe had triplets and you can see them hopping down the road.}

We find a parking spot, and begin exploring. Sharon gets a calling Catbird, and she tries to draw the bird in with our iBird Pro app. No, or in French, NO!!!

It's 7:30 and we get a nice cheeky, chunky ground hog.

Quebec in the middle of Canada, speaking French is just so odd. Like taking three states, say Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho and they speak French - a pocket in middle of English speaking states. But what a great incentive to learn French!

7:58 am. A ladies' rest room is being urgently requested, and we find one. Nancy checks, but they are not yet open. But wait, what light at yonder window... Scuse me. A ranger comes and opens the rest room doors. I can hear a definite, "Ahhhhhh" coming from that direction, directly. The bathroom situation has been relieved. The ranger also said don’t forget your parking pass 8.50, we went in to buy, and Sharon had Nancy ask if handicap is discounted, and they said, Free. Nice.

A strange piece of artwork attracts my eye, as does this little black squirrel. French speaking, no doubt.

I have a chuckle at the fire hydrant sign above a fire hydrant until I realize that it is for when the actual hydrant is covered with snow.

Other things we encounter are a number of Mallards, a number of crows who Sharon thinks may be trying to scare away a perched raptor or owl. I can follow our blue dot on my iPhone Mapquest app. Pretty cool.

9:00 am, and we see a Cooper’s Hawk fly from one tree into another. Sharon says the other birds we are seeing are American goldfinches. The rounded tail on the hawk says Cooper's, not Sharp-shinned.

A few minutes later we get a couple of Cedar Waxwings flying into a bare tree.

Continuing on our path, paralleling the edge of the island, we see some rowing practices going on. {Oh, yeah, the coach gets the power motor and the team has to row!}

We continue on. Something is going on regarding either smoothing of the dirt/gravel trail or what I can't imagine. The passenger has some sort of blowing device and it is pointed out the side of the golf cart. A tractor follows pulling some sort of dragging apparatus.

Near the end of the island, we can see across the river of the rowers, and there are towers and spires over there. Nice. We see a small cupped plant that looks like a hummingbird's nest, but is not.

We have been aware that there is a "cable ferry" ahead, and we come to a clearing and see the operation and take a ride across and then back.

Somehow, a Sumo wrestler has comandeered a motorboat and is coming down the river. At right the operator drops the ramp.

The golf course spans this little waterway, and they have their own boat which ferries them and their golf carts across the river.

We chat with a hiker a little and he tells us that we can have breakfast or lunch at the golf course, so we take the ferry across and we have brunch there. Very relaxing, with lots of golfers. We finish up, walk back almost to the truck, but Sharon sits in the shade, out of the hot sun, and makes a request for me to bring the truck, which I gladly do.

I locate a grocery store on the GPS 11 minutes from here. We drive there, and it's where we saw the spires across the river from our morning island. We load up at a Maxie's store. Very French. I like it, it's fascinating comparing the printing in French with what I know things to be. {Even weeks later, we are still reading the cereal box in English and French.}

It's a little after noon. As we drive up, we see a nice American Goldfinch on Sharon's makeshift feeder. {No trees close here so I took a chance and hung it from the hitch. The goldfinch didn't care.}

We unload our stuff, I have a nap, and Sharon says she wants to take the truck and go get her nails done. After several failed attempts, she gets a name and an appointment. The ladies take the truck, and later report that after encountering lots of funny things, they find it. {The GPS is taking us there but it is confusing with the street names in French. We finally drive to the opposite side of the street where we see 2 teen girls. I figure they will know where you can get your nails done. They giggle a lot struggling with their English but direct us to the mall where the shop is.} Going into the mall Sharon, tears off some of a nail {The nail on the finger that I broke and where the surgery was done. It hasn't been growig well anyway but a door into the mall tore it off.} But through her pain, she flashes her nails, which are painted a light pink, and says, "French nails. Get it?" Reminding me of a time Shani showed us her French nails. Life is wonderful. Only not if you just ripped a nail piece off.

We put on our Quebec sticker, and it's a big one.

While they were gone, I made reservation for tomorrow (Wednesday) at Edmunston, New Brunswick, and the day after that (Thursday), at Wood Islands PEI (Prince Edward Island). Also for the ferry ride from Wood Islands to Nova Scotia. I love planning.

After a food discussion, dinner is Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Corn. Mmmm. Fresh corn. Then it's Rummikub. We get the Giants' game on satellite. It's 1-0 Giants, top of the sixth, and Bumgarner is batting. What could be better?

That's it for today and tonight. Asta Lambago.

PS I'm reading this book about anti-gravity. I can't put it down.

Began: Alouette RV Park outside Montreal, Quebec
Pass Through: n/a
End: Alouette RV Park outside Montreal, Quebec
Miles Today: 30
Miles for Trip: 4241

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