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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 27. Thursday, August 20, 2015. On to Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Good morning.

Below, in the form of a blue line, is our path for today, ending at Northumberland Provincial Park at Wood Islands, PEI.

We are up early for a big 400+ mile driving day. The dishes are put away, the pop-out is popped in, the light check passes (left signal, right signal, emergency signal, brake) as Sharon gives a thumbs up in the rear view mirror at each event. But just before that, I get this down-on-your-knees shot of a mushroom. Doesn't it look like a giant?

A little later, we are on the road, looking up 'chemin' to see what it means.It turns out that it translates as country road, or lane or track or path. We see chemin on most street signs. Like "chemin Johnson road", with extra space betwen each of the three words, and 'chemin' and 'road' in smaller letters than 'Johnson'.

We are doing everything we can to make a moose appear, trying to attract one, like placing a female moose across the highway.  I say the male moose would be standing tall, on his tiphooves. Sharon and I start singing tip-hoof through the tulips at the same time. Shades of Tiny Tim. Sister Shirley would have been right there with us also, but singing bad harmony. You know my sister. (Just kidding, Sis. They don't know you).

We refuel at a Quickway, at 30385 on the odometer. It's just a little before eight. There are no credit card slots. This is your olde time gas pump. I pump, then go in and pay.

Sharon gives me a driving break about 8:30. I have a nice nap and wake up about 9:30, to learn that we have driven through the French Fry capital of the world, and also Potato World {We saw "Potato World" , "French Fry Capital of the World", Longest Covered Bridge in the World" while I was driving in New Brunswick on the way to Prince Edward Island. Boy, did we want to go off the purple line while Bob was sleeping, but they hadn't given us enough advance notice so we missed the turnoff. We have said they need to be like "Wall Drugs" who starts about 100 miles before the turnoff, saying, "100 miles to Wall Drugs", "50 miles to Wall Drugs"," 20 miles to Wall Drugs" and finally, "you just missed the turnoff to Wall Drugs". The truth is that they built the Trans-Canada Highway as a beautiful road through forests but away from the old road that went through all the small towns. Now the towns have to do something to attract people into them for the tourist money. Hence, the "Largest the World" attractions. In fact, we had a coversation with a gentleman who complained that his town (I forget where) had "dried up" because of the Trans-Canada road.. Funny, because I had a dream about a person who was running Potato World. He had a big head, with a pipe sticking out of the side of his mouth. He had huge shoes, only one hand, with a hat and glasses.

Nancy says, "Dangit!" She's been looking for a moose, but sees only a bear walking along the fence on the other side of the road. {A bear!! good spotting, Nancy}

We come upon a little settlement of a fuel stop, some produce stand and a restaurant, and there are about 20 cars here, whereas we've been seeing only very few on the road. Hmmm. Some kind of closed road ahead everybody's waiting for? We stop and it turns out that it's a truck stop plus a restaurant. Everybody's eating lunch.

We hit the road again and come to this house on the right side of the road, end-on. That is we see the end of the house. It has a door and two windows, almost like it's a face. Of the two windows, one has a shade all the way up, but the other one is halfway down. It looks like the house is winking! Sorry, no photos.

About noon we stop for lunch and take off again about 1:15.

We come to the Prince Edward Island bridge, and Sharon shoots the story of our trip over.

There is a pothole in the middle of the bridge, and its lane is closed, creating a traffic bottleneck. One direction goes for five minutes or so, then is stopped. Then the other direction gets to go. Finally, its our turn.

We get a nice very dark-backed gull, almost certainly a Black-backed Gull, but it might be the Lesser or Greater. It doesn't seem to be very large, so we tag it as Lesser Black-backed Gull. Then it's down the other side of the bridge, onto PEI. {Everybody just says "PEI" instead of Prince Edward Island so we start doing that too.}

There is lots of canola, also called rape seed - fields and fields of it. Wonderful yellow color. {Nancy, says "could it be mustard?" I dont think they grow mustard up this far North so I Google it and discover it IS mustard. Seems they are having a problem with their potato crops which is a big industry here (remember Potato World?) There is a pest called "Wire Worm" that is destroying the potatoes in the field. They discovered that mustard plants somehow kill the worm and restore the ground so they have been plowing up the potato fields and planting lots of mustard to try to eliminate the problem. We also discover this when we are not allowed to take any "root" vegetables out of PEI later in the trip}

We refuel and this tank got 9.2 mpg, not bad when compared with the last tank's 8.5.

Back on the road, Sharon notices and antique store called Mary Pop-ins.

Near some water, we get an Osprey nest, then more greenish-yellow canola fields.


Unbelievably, we get another watch out for moose sign. We stop at this covered bridge store, to see what's the deal. FLASH: We buy some stuff. {We are always on alert for low overhead clearances like this bridge would have been when it was a functional bridge. We can see "Dings" sometimes on the overpasses on the roads and know that those are from tall trucks that didn't quite make it through the underpass. The problem with "not making it" is that our pickup would go through easily and we wouldn't know our trailer was too tall until it would hit some low structure. So we are very aware of the stated heights of things. Plus now we have the satelite antenna up there on the roof too.}

We make it to Wood Island's RV Park, and based on some info I've read, we have requested a site where we can see the ferry come in and go out. {They say in the ad for this camp that we are "close to the lighthouse" but when we get here, we can see that it is miles away, although we CAN see it from here. That tells you about the "fudging" that the RV camps often do in their ads to get you to stay there. "Free WiFi" is one of the big ones. You get there and it's"Well you get it best up here at the office" and you find that you don't get it at all at your site. They used to say "Internet at the office" but I guess they lost customers who want WiFi at their site so they changed the wording in the ad. Oh well, we learn these things as we go along.}

Here is an iPhone map showing our current location. On PEI close to the ferry to Nova Scotia.

We walk down to the beach, and the lighting depends on the direction I shoot. At left is into the sun, at right, away.

Notice how shallow the water is, as evidenced by a man standing up to mid-thigh. The moss growing on the big rocks grabs our attention. {Nancy and I spot a jellyfish up on the sand. It looks fresh so we try to put it back into the water but it just keeps floating back in and doesn't look like it can "swim" away.}

Below right, you can see our line of RVs. We are second from right.

And that's where we'll sleep tonight. So good night all.

PS I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid.  He says he can stop any time.

Began: La Republique Prov. Park, St. Jacques, New Brunswick
Pass Through: Moncton, Fredericton New Brunswick
End: Northumberland Provincial Park, Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Miles Today: 346
Miles for Trip: 5016

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