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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 32. Tuesday, August 25, 2015. Newfoundland Ferry Back to Nova Scotia

Our path today is shown below. We will leave Rocky Harbor REALLY early in order to make it to the ferry boarding area by 9:45am. {We learned our lesson at the last ferry takeoff where we barely had time to get on board with a one hour advance so today we are giving ourselves 2 hours before launch.}

We're covering old ground today, so this report will be short.

We're at 31701 miles in the truck. It's 62 degreees, very comfortable, as we take off from Rocky Harbor, Newfoundland. It's pretty dark.

We drive. And drive.

Here are the more memorable moments of our trip, most pretty yawn-ing:

We change drivers in Deer Lake a little after 5 am.

I wake up about an hour later to some noise and music, and we change drivers back about ten minutes later. {When we change drivers it is like an old-fashioned "chinese fire drill" (don't know why it ever got that name but that is what we called it when I was a teen) Bob goes into the back seat to sleep or work on his computer, Nancy comes up into my passenger seat and I go into the driver's seat. It gives us a great opportunity to talk while I am driving. Anyway, we are continually looking for moose and early morning is ideal. Suddenly, we see a truck approaching us flash his lights a couple of times, signalling us about the danger of a moose on the road. We see a young male just off the road. Here in Canada (and in the States sometimes) they have built high fences to keep the animals off the road for their and our safety. The fences "funnel" them into underground tunnels where they get across the road. But periodically there will be a gate where an animal can get back behind the fence if he has managed to get near the road. That is the situation here and we can see that the moose is a little panicked and trying to get through the gate. He is right there but hasn't yet figured out how to slip through the gate which has flexible bars that swivel inward to allow him entrance. So I drive carefully until we are past in case he bolts onto the road. We are happy to finally see a moose up close but a little concerned whether or not he made it back safely.}

I say, "It felt like a dream, but did you guys see a moose earlier?" They say yes, it was trying to get through the fence from the highway side to the wilderness side. They got a really good look.

Some time later we see a bloated female on our left, beside the road. Somebody hit it and then they or somebody else dragged it over to the side.

A sign says Port Aux Basques 54 kilometers. We change drivers again (Yawwwwwn). We're half an hour from the ferry terminal.

At 8 am, Sharon is looking at a folded map. We had been at the bottom of one page, and the new town was on the top of the next one. Nancy is trying to tell her to flip over to the next page, and she says, "Go south-er", like "Go more south. Rhymes with 'mouth-er' ."

We're coming up to the town of Doyle, the town of our first RV park on this great island we're on.

We decide to finish up at a Tim Hortons ( a donut and breakfast place) since we're early. But we can't find good parking, so we park at a gas station next to it. We stop in to use the rest rooms and come across these wonderful signs.

Then it's on to Tim's.

Sharon has a "delicious" ham and egg sandwich and a cinnamon bear claw. The sandwich is so dry and so bad that she just has the bear claw.

So it comes to pass that we drive to the ferry check-in sation. They ask for our last name, give us our tickets and we come to an inspection station. Someone comes over and says, "How are you?" Nice we say. “I need to inspect the bah bah bah your trailer.” I can’t understand what she says. Something like “I need to inspect insoid your trailer.” Sharon’s smiling at her so that's good." Insoid your trailer." Then I get it - inside your trailer! We pass. {They had avian flu in Newfoundland so we couldn't take any chicken or eggs into Nova Scotia.}

We drive past four guys talking. It's 9:50. One guy is doing hand movements and I think he's aiming them at us, but as we drive past, it's clear they're just talking with each other.

As we're waiting, we watch these yellow half-cab tractors pulling the isolated, solitary trailers onto the boat. There are two or three of them working.

Don't know why I'm amazed, but I am - to see a fully-loaded auto transport ready to drive into the ferry.

And here's a panorama of our waiting-to-load line.

It's a little exciting that after waiting so long, the guy points at us and motions us to go. Woohoo. We're up!

11:10 am and we are on board. Our reserved seats are in the center of the reserved room, as opposed to next to the back left windows going TO Newfoundland.

Here are shots from the boat as we leave.

Below right, Sharon sees something very exciting in the distance and Nancy wants to use Sharon's binocs, but there isn't time for Sharon to take them off. So they decide to have Nancy just insert herself between Sharon and the limited distance the straps allow, to the binocs. As you can see, it works perfectly. Heh. {I spotted an iceberg which Bob will now refute. I notice he didn't put the picture of it in this report. He thought it was just a floating styrofoam chest but I'm claiming iceberg beause they do still get them here although it's late in the season.}[No comment]

I have finished two reports, but I am seasick, taking timeout to lie down on the floor and sleep. I get up, work a little, lie back down till I feel better, then back at it. Nancy brings me a twist soft serve ice cream.

As we approach port, the big ferry does a slow turnabout to back in to the port.

At 6:20 pm, we can see other vehicles ahead of us exiting. We are waiting our turn with less than 1/8 of a tank of fuel, 31914 on the odometer. Then we're out.

We drive straight to Arms of Gold RV Park, where we stayed the night before our trip over TO Newfoundland.

What a great, great feeling. To actually accomplish the dream of going to Newfoundland.

While we were there, I learned how to pronounce the name, from listening to the natives. In this exercise, I'll use uppercase letters to represent an accent on a syllable.

I would have thought it was NEW-fn-ln, but it's not. It's NEW-fn-land. You say 'land' completely, not shortening it. I love learning stuff like that.

Began: Gros Morne RV Park, Rocky Harbor, Newfoundland
Pass Through: Deer Lake, Corner Brook, Stephenville, Ferry ride from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia
End: Arms of Gold RV Park, Little Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia
Miles Today:: 213 (not counting 200 miles on the ferry)
Miles for Trip: 6554 (doesn't count ferry rides)

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