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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 35. Friday, August 28, 2015. Into the U. S. S. A! Maine-ly.

Our path today is shown below in blue. The gray lines are proposed alternatives (and their estimated times and distances) suggested by Google Maps.

I unload the items from my yellow pants onto the dinette table, to transfer into my black pants pockets. {No, not the computer or that black thing by the wall! You can see why his pants sometmes sag and how he can never find most of these items as they never seem to go in the same pocket as before.}

Ready to go just after 7 am. Odometer 32297, 7/8 tank of gas. We take off and I would honk my horn, but I'm afraid I'd wake the people with the dog who barked all night. {We liked this campground though. Lots of beautiful trees.}

I miss a turn, and as it seems almost every time that happens, we see something remarkable on our recovery path - in this case three deer.

We have seen the name Glooscap a lot, and we finally nail down that it is the name of an indigineous tribe as well as the name of a trail.

Another great name appears - Waughcatamagauche. I'm guessing wah-CAT-uh-muh-goshe, where 'goshe' rhymes with 'post' but without the 't' in 'post'. Follow that?

11 am and we do what we usually do once a day - refuel. 96 liters, 103.7 Canadian cents/liter. Irving brand, 257.9 trip

There are lots of wind turbines.

We cross from Nova Scotia into New Brunswick, as you can see here. {This has started a running task, skill, event, where the person in the passenger front seat has to get the camera ready, the driver and back seat person look for the border for a new Province or State and yell it out so the camera person can take the picture. A couple of times we have to uturn or get the "welcome" sign on the way OUT of the Province/State. We are so silly and this event usually triggers lots of laughs.}

Another lifetime ago I was in St. John and observed a high tide, and a reversal. That is, a log was coming in with the tide, it slowed, slowed, finally stopped for a few minutes, then began returning to the place that it had come from. It was cool. Anyway, I want to check out the tide here. {He remembered also boats sitting on the dry bottom and would like to see that again.}

On the way in, we see this cool church building.

The name of the city is in big letters on a hill, sort of like the Hollywood sign. At right is the Bay of Fundy, obviously at high tide, but we don't have time to wait around. Although we can stop for lunch. Which we do, in a big parking lot with only a few cars in it.

Before we can set up, 'Steve' drives up in an official car, and tells us that it's illegal to park here, then recommends a park 'just down the road'. He seems like a good guy, the big jerk. We don't understand exactly - something like Heckwell Park?

We drive around for about fifteen minutes, finally stopping near a park up on a hill, a LONG way from the Bay of Fundy.

We have lunch, then Sharon finds a girl feeding baby squirrels who were apparently born in a 'squirrel house', that you see here. Well, mayeb not IN the house, but nearby.

Time to go, we leave the little squirrel to please some more people.

3:00 and we cross into the USA. {Oops, as you can see, we almost miss this sign.}

The trip is 114.2, odometer 32601.

The time zone switches from Atlantic to Eastern, as the clock seems to go back one hour. From 3:57 to 2:57. A check of our iPhones say 2:58 so that agrees. The truck still says 3:57 and must always be manually changed.

Nancy sees a sign that says 'Wicked Good Berries' so I pull in. They're blueberries. And they're in a blue shack. {These are wild bluberries and the woman tells Nancy and me the whole process from her husband picking them, separating the leaves out, and washing them, to selling them to us. They are tiny compared to the ones we buy in the stores but have a different flavor tht I remember from my trips to Wisconsin as a child.}

Continung on, we arrive at Bar Harbor and stop in the information center. We collect all sorts of information regarding things to do in Baa Haa Baa, as the locals say.

Driving further in, we see a giant American flag, but it's not blowing in the wind. It looks sort of like a streamer. I call it the Stars and Strips.

A little before 8pm, we are all set up, on city water. Our neighbors have fire in their fire pit.

We are off, looking for the Lobster Pound, where Nancy wants a lobster. The ladies have found this on the internet, as I recall.

We find parking on the same street as the restaurant and head for the lobsters.

We locate the restaurant, and get right in, seated close to the water. A kayaking class is just finishing up.

Sharon orders this crab roll, and Nancy this lobster. Nancy tried to order a 1 1/2 pounder, but the waiter said that was not going to be enough and recommended the 2 1/2. Nancy agrees.

A lady at the next table keeps looking over at Nancy's lobster. It's my opinion that she wishes she had ordered a lobster. {Wonderful food here. My crab roll is packed with fresh crab and delicious. Nancy works her way through this huge lobster. Yea, Bar Harbor}

{As we are leaving, the lobster man lets me hold this giant lobster!!}

By the time we finish our dinner, night has fallen. Klunk.

We head for the tourist stores a couple of blocks away.


I find the tee shirt stores.

And that's it for a very full day. Sleep tight.

Began: Scotia Pine Campground, Truro, Nova Scotia
Pass Through:
End: Hadley Point Campground RV Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Miles Today:: 418
Miles for Trip: 7359

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