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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 36. Saturday, August 29, 2015. Scouring Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor

This is a very long report, mostly photos with explanatory comments. Hope you enjoy.

Our play area is shown below. Acadia National Park is in dark green. The park Loop Road is the extra dark road within the national park. Bass Harbor Lighthouse is at the furthest south point on the island.

We wake up in Hadley Point Campground RV Park on Mt. Desert Island. Last night we had a great dinner at Stewman's Lobster Pound, right on the water.

Nancy has come up with a fabulous map of the island, which she got at the visitor center. We start off on the Loop Road, and we choose to visit Sieur de Monts Spring first. There is a handmade wooden bridge we cross to visit the bark hut. Sharon is demonstrating the seemingly-backward rolled tree bark. I would think that the white outside bark would be the convex curve, but it is clearly not. Hmmm. I let it go.

The ladies try out the dwelling at left, while Sharon looks like she's walking the plank into the springs pool. {In the 1800's when Acadia was the "Hamptons" vacation place of the wealthy, they would visit this spring for the health of the waters.}

When we finish, we drop into the museum, use the rest room, chat with the rangers, and I get my camera straight over the wolf, who is arranged to be howling with his nose pointed straight up. Cool. And I love this end-on shot of a rail fence.

We learn that a frog Sharon found in her shoe the other mornng is a wood frog, by checking the frog display.

Next on the loop, we visit Sand Beach about 10:30 am.. The unusual thing about this is that the sand is not ground up rock. It is ground up seashells as I verified by picking up a handfull, below.


I THINK the big rectangular backpacks carried by these two fellows are sleeping gear for mountain climbers. I think. There are mountains around us.

From Sand Beach, our next stop is at Thunder Hole. This name comes from the 'crump' sound that's made when a big wave comes down this chute and suddenly compresses a pocket of air at the end of the chute. But today, it is just sort of a glug. Cool rock formations though. {The sound depends on the high tide and we are not here at the ideal time.}


We continue on around the bottom of the Loop Road, stopping at a spot where we can walk along a dirt path paralleling the water, that then goes up into the woods to the car park. This is Otter Point.

I am walking beside Nancy when she suddenly stops, gets a look of such fear on her face I have never seen, and says, "Dead bear on the path!" I look and look and start walking toward it. "No!" she yells, but I keep going. I step over the 'bear' and turn around and get this shot of a massive tree root spreading across the path, back at Nancy and Sharon. I think she's still recovering.

I love this super bright yellow in the sunlight, with the grass and surrounding dirt in the shadow.

It's great fun watching all kinds of boats chugging back and forth near the shore.

I finally come to a wonderful stone staircase going up to the road. End of the trail.

Just before I clear the stairs, several couples of motorcycles rumble by. Butterflies always remind me of my super-talented sister-in-law Loretta, who is a world class expert.

We load up into the truck again and rejoin the Loop Road. These overpasses sometimes are simply part of the road system, but are sometimes paths for the horse and wagon teams that you can hire and ride. {Rockerfeller, who owned great properties of the island, loved to drive carriages and dictated (and paid for) these carriage roads to be included when he donated the land to the National Park system. You can hire a carriage, hike or ride bikes on these roads, but no automobiles.}

We next come to Jordan Pond, where we are going to have lunch, then explore the lake, or pond, as they say here. I let the ladies off, and go to overflow parking because the regular parking lot is 100% full. What I don't see is Sharon and Nancy jumping up and down and waving and yelling for me to come back because a couple of spots have opened up. But I don't see or hear them. No big.

What we have come for are the popovers. They are spectacular. {Do you see that glass of lemonade? They said when I ordered it that it wasn't sweetened but "I'll bring you sugar water to add to it" He does, it is very sour, I add the sugar water. No difference. I add sugar from a packet. No difference. I think I add 5-6 more sugar packets but never got it palatable. Oh, well. Live and learn.}

After lunch, we drift down to the pond, where I find great things to photograph.

A couple come by with a handsome young man. We head back up to the main building, to use the rest rooms, and come face to face with this beautiful lady.

From here, we decide to go up Cadillac Mountain. It is a curvy road, but it's a pretty easy drive. We join all the others up here, most out on the several trails around the rocky top of the mountain. Great scenery

I am drowsy, so I take a fifteen minute nap as Nancy and Sharon take off on a circular trail. You can see the revealed rocky connector between Bar Harbor and the island nearby. {It is only connected at low tide but this sand bar and "Bar Island" give Bar Harbor its name. Last time we were here with Jerry and Shirley we walked over to the island.}

Sharon, of course, tries to make off with a rock for the back yard.

Nancy has expressed great interest in visiting as many lighthouses as possible, and a good one is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. So we head that way, stopping to refuel, and it seems very weird not to have to convert Canadian to American cents and liters to gallons. I take on 31.9 gallons at $2.399 per gallon for a total of $76.56 at a Shell station and convenience store, near Bass Harbor.

We continue on, and it quickly becomes clear that we are at low tide. {There's his boats resting on the sea bed that Bob wanted to see.}

We continue on, to the lighthouse. We park, someone uses the rest room, then we hike the woodsy trail to the stairs, which go down to the rocky shore. If you continue on around, you see the lighthouse. But I'm jumping ahead a little. First, at the beginning of the woodsy trail, we get a great look at the light part of the lighthouse.

Sharon gets this shot as I return from taking the shot at right, above.

We meet some guys who are firefighters, I think, and they ask if we would like them to get a couple of shots of us. We do.

We head back to the truck, and retrace our route back, stopping at the bay where we shot the low tide condition. But now, the tide has begun coming back in.

A huge day winds down, as we make it back to camp. Ahhh. Dinner, Rummikub and Bed. Great stuff.

Began: Hadley Point Campground RV Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Pass Through:
End: Hadley Point Campground RV Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Miles Today:: 68
Miles for Trip: 7427

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