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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. 

Day 37. Sunday, August 30, 2015. On to Rhode Island

Our path today is shown below in blue. The gray line is a proposed alternative (and its estimated time and distance) suggested by Google Maps.

We celebrate and put the Maine sticker on the map. The light check is good and we're off for Rhode Island. We will pass through New Hampshire and Massachusetts to get there. Odometer is 32797.

Regarding the 'light check', Sharon stands behind the connected rig, off to one side so she can see the back of the trailer AND me in the rear view mirror. I start the truck and 1) turn on left signal, 2) turn on right signal, 3) turn on emergency flashers, 4) apply the brakes. After each one, and before the next one, she gives me a thumbs up if everything is ok. If it's not, she walks up and tells me what the problem is, then we investigate.

We have been trying to get a photo of 'Welcome to..." in every new state and province, but we missed Maine. So Nancy turns around and shoots Maine across the road as we approach New Hampshire. {Sneaky way to get it.}

Sharon says she sees Guineas across the way but then changes her mind and says they are Black Ducks.

We hit a Walmart Supercenter for groceries about 8:30.

It's drive, drive, drive today. We stop about 3 pm at a visitor center. There is also a gift store of Maine objects, and one is entitled "Claw and Order."

We cross the border into New Hampshire.

Nice soothing scenes greet us.

In no time at all, we come to Massachusetts, who welcomes us. Our side of the road gets the old bridge, while the opposite flowing traffic gets the new bridge. I like the clean look of the new one.

Some riverside building is underway, and it's not clear exactly what it's going to be. An unloading dock? It can't be a bridge because it's too low to the water. Hmm. Regarding the yellow wheeled, railed lifting device here, I once knew what that dang thang was for but I can't come up with what it is. Anybody? Lumber? Logs?

There are overpasses with wire cages over them to guard against jumpers and dropping objects down onto traffic. There are American flags all over this one. I like it. I also like that 'Sharon' made the same sign as 'Walpole' in Massachusetts. Way to go Sharon.

We drive past the Sharon nursery, selling trees and shrubs etc. And after a bit, we come to our target state, Rhode Island.

We refuel abourt 5 pm at 33122 miles. Price was 2.299 per gallon.

Earlier I called to make a reservation and the person said, "If you get here after 5, don't turn in at the office. There's no RV parkat that entrance there. I will leave your papers with codes pinned to the front door of the office. Then go another half mile or so, the entrance is on the right. One of the things you will get is the gate opening code." I gave her a Mastercard number so we are all paid.

I stop at the office, pick up the papers, continue on,get through the entrance gate but the map she marked doesn't seem to make sense with what we're seeing as we are searching for our spot. I wind down a gravel road which descends to - I'm not sure where, but none of these spots are our number. I stop. A helpful person comes over and says," the lady in the office isn't familiar with the actual campground. Your map is all wrong."

So I have to do about 100 yards of exquisite backing up the narrow, narrow road I came in on, with dirt banks on one side, and close trees on the other. But I do it. I love to back up the trailer, and that's the truth.

At 7 we are set up in our camp at 33146 miles, and are headed for my great college friend Kerry Kohring's home in Providence, to visit him and his wife for an evening. Nancy elects to stay behind and relax - an excellent thing to do.

We visit with Kerry and Sandy, catching up on life. Great, great fun. We invite them to visit us when they do their annual (mostly ) visit to their daughter in southern California.

Then it's back to Holiday Acres. This is a one-nighter, so it's up and at 'em tomorrow, bright and early.

Began: Hadley Point Campground RV Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Pass Through:
End: Holiday Acres Family Campground, North Scituate, Rhode Island
Miles Today:: 383
Miles for Trip: 7810

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