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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 40. Wednesday, September 2, 2015. To Long Island

The general path I have planned for today is shown below in blue. I had to program the GPS to go through New Paltz, NY and Mahwah, NJ to keep us off the parkways, so we wouldn't crash the top of our trailer into a low overpass. Note that we pass through New Jersey. Woohoo, another sticker.

Today will be a pretty short report, with photos from out the truck windows.

Sharon usually has taken her bird feeders down by now in preparation to leaving, but we're watching a female Downy Woodpecker doing her thing. First she reaches for a black-oil sunflower seed from Sharon's feeder. When she has it, she pulls her head back.

Then she bounces around, using her claws to hold on between bounces, to where she wants to hide it. She places it at the location where she wants to put it...

... then she inserts it with her needle-like bill. A cardinal shows up to add some color.

A little (the only size) female Ruby-throated Hummingbird is fun to watch.

It's a little after 8 am, and we're headed for sister Shirley's son Eric's home in Huntington, Long Island, New York, together with his wife Cindy and son Sam. That's Samson Galaxy to report his true name, but we call him Sam, whereas he reports that lots of his friends call him Samson. Maybe because he's grown and growing into a big fella. And that long, long hair he sports.

About 9 am, and I'm taken with the word Kill around here. Kill turns out to be a small bit of water, with further specifics, but think of a small inlet, creek or lake. Then there's the wonderful word Catskill, which I always took as Cat Skill, but in reality must be Cats Kill. Cool stuff to learn. Thanks to Sharon who is all over it with google. Sharon likes to say, "I'll look it up on the Google." I just wanna hug her when she talks like that.

We head across the Hudson, which we have to do to access Interstate 87. We see how the bridge maintenance guys access the side and underside of the bridge.

When you are on a bridge with fencing, you are lucky to get what's through it, in focus. And when you do, it's so rewarding, until you see that you've really just taken a kind of boring picture. Oh well. Still, it's a feeling of accomplishment. Until you remember that you took 7 pictures to get 2.

Wow, we're actually closing in on NYC.

The interstate is beautiful. We come to the famous Tappan Zee Bridge. Left lanes for New York City, right lanes for New Jersey. We choose Joisey.

Wow, a new bridge is going up, and there are more giant cranes in one spot than maybe I've ever seen my whole life. It's like a convention.

Cool. Sleepy Hollow exit to the right. Scaredy Cats, stay left.

Now it's NYC (and Long Island) to the right, but stay off the Parkway, Bob. I thought that maybe we'd see some gorgeous leaves changing color, but they are only about 1% "in". Not this time, for us.

Another sign of the NYC area. Yonkers.

We're close to JFK Airport. The Verazanno-Narrows Bridge is gorgeous. {Suddenly, we say to Bob, "This is Queens. If you don't get us off this road, we will be driving this truck and trailer into New York City itself"! So Bob finally finds the way onto Long Island!}

Sharon notices this Jewish cemetery. And finally we come to the last bridge - the Throgs Neck Bridge. Not Frogs Neck? No, no, no. What's a Throg? Sharon, look this up on the Google if you please. {The "Neck" part is easy. The Throg's Neck is the peninsula where the East Rver empties into Long Island Sound. For the rest, in 1642 the Rev. John Throggmorton and 35 Dutch families lived on this peninsula and called it Throggmorton's Neck. Unfortunately, in 1643 most were killed by the native Indians (although Jonas Bronck escaped, giving the Name "Bronx" to this area) Over the years the name was shortened to Throg's Neck. There. See what you can learn on the Google?}

Bridges, bridges, bridges. Let's see, there's Lloyd. And Jeff. And Beau. Wait.

A little after 2 pm, and we are parked in Eric's driveway. {After driving through beautiful neighborhood but noticing that the house numbers go down, then up, and then back down again. We find a house that appears to have the right address but we've never been here before and just hope as we back up the long driveway (which is how Eric had described it) that we are at the right place.} Sam gets home from schood and confirms that this is, indeed, the right house. We wll be here for a couple of days.

Sharon has made great friends with their dog Fang (just kidding. I don't remember it). {Laila, their newest dog, a real sweetie. Say "LIE-luh".}


A couple of hours later, Eric arrives first, then Cindy. We have (with their permission, arranged already) blocked them from their normal parking spots, inside their garage.

We go out to dinner at Mesito, an upscale Mexican restaurant that is excellent. {Sorry, Eric, Sam, and Cindy, these are terrible pictures. I guess because it was a very dark restaurant. And if you can believe it, these are the only pictures we took of them. How can that be? For us, the multiple-picture-taking people? We had great food and the waiter gave us all "worry dolls" to take home with us. Cool!}

I'm ecstatic to have gotten out of going into NYC, but slightly, slightly sad that I have given up birding Central Park. Maybe 1%, so it's nothing really, though it was a top objective at the beginning stages of this trip.

Began: Interlake RV Park & Sales, Rhinebeck, NY
Pass Through: Kingston and Harriman and on the edge of Queens, NY
End: Nephew (Sister Shirley's son) Eric and wife Cindy and son Sam's home, Huntington, NY
Miles Today:: 140
Miles for Trip: 8240

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