Fishing, the Falls, Around the 48 and NE Canada 2015.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 41. Thursday, September 3, 2015. Touring Long Island

Happy Birthday Brother George, in North Carolina.

We are leaving for Montauk in about ten minutes. We invited our friend Aldo to go, but he says he's been there many times, and doesn't care for the ride out and back again. So it's just us. {Aldo is a friend of 30-35 years and we have kept in touch for all these years.}

But Wait! Order now, and get double the order... Excuse me. Aldo calls and asks if we're going to have lunch out there. Sharon says yes, and in that case, he says, he would like to go. Bellport where he lives is on the way, so that's an easy jaunt to pick him up.

We drive to Montauk, arriving about noon. First, bathrooms. Then to the handicapped parking lot, nearest the famous lighthouse.

So here are the photos we took while at the Point, which was the point. Sharon! Aldo! WE can't see the lighthouse!

Sharon and I get in line to climb the circular, ,stone, two-way staircase and finally it's our turn. But we have to pause at the level just below the lamp because only six people at a time are allowed up there. It's humid and hot, and the workers here have a fan on high that is wonderful. I'd say it increases the comfort level (i.e. decreases the discomfort level) by 4%. I hope these workers are getting combat pay.

Back down on the ground level, we see the huge original glass that was used. Below right is the rack of speakers that produce the 'foghorn'. Very powerful, and in fact there is a rope that blocks people from going past a certain line, back away from the horns when it's foggy and the foghorns are blowing. Lucky for us, the fog recedes enough to turn off the horns while we are here, and we are free to explore out to the fenced edge of the grass.

I am curious about the fruit on the tree next to the ticket booth building. They look like yellow cherry-size tomatoes, but can't be. I ask the elderly lady selling tickets what they are. She's hard of hearing, but finally says she doesn't know, she's never been up there, people come to HER, she doesn't come out to the people. She's funny. A sign says 'No Drones' or some other stuff.

Eric has told us about a famous and fabulous place for lunch near the end of Long Island. It's name, in huge letters on top of the restaurant is "LUNCH".

Where you going for lunch? Lunch. Yes, lunch, where are you going to eat lunch? Lunch... Dinner's on third. Breakfast is on first.

Man, Aldo looks great for 85. Heck, he looks good for 75.

Their specialty is lobster rolls. We have, between us all, lobster rolls, clam chowder, fried shrimp, fish (cod) and chips, and puffers and chips. See what puffers look like further below.

We finish up about 3 pm and head back.

At Sharon's request, Aldo directs us to a return paththat's off the freeway, so we can get a look at the huge houses we have heard about and see on the TV in "The Hamptons" {We discover that there are many "Hamptons - South Hampton, East Hampton, etc. So maybe we have been in "the Hamptons" all along.} We see lots of large lawns, and medium-nice houses, but nothing I would call a mansion. Hmmm. {We figure the houses of the wealthy and famous are not visible from the road.}

We deliver Aldo back to his Bellport home, then continue on, coming to my favorite restaurant advertising ever: "Warm Beer, Tasteless Conversation, Lousy Food" - Our Place Cafe.

We come to another town with my sister's name, and even see the sleep shop named after her - "Shirley Sleep Shoppe." Surely, Shirley - Shoppe?


Then it's back to Eric and Cindy's.

Today a miracle happened. We call it "The Universe wants us to ...", and in this case it's go into NYC!!! What?

We have been hearing a commuter train going nearby seemingly like every half hour, and Sharon casually asks where the train goes. The answer is New York City. Sharon comes to me and says," let's spend a banked day, stay one more night, and take a train into New York" {Cindy and Eric tell us that they do it easily and that we can walk to the train station from their house. We won't even need to park at the station which relieves Bob's mind about that part of it. They make it sound easy and we are "on it".}. It's only about an hour, and cost something like $15 each, one way.

Oooooh, I revive my plans for birding Central Park. We talk it over, and suddenly it's like heaven to be 'given' an extra day. We spend the rest of the evening not thinking of getting up early in the morning to leave, but rather to get up, wait for the busier commuter trains to finish, then head out about 10 am.

Do you believe it? New York, New York, that Toddlin' Town. Wait, I know. I'm just sayin'. I love the song, "I Love New York" with its driving hard beat.

Sharon finds this song on YouTube or a similar website and plays it while we sing the parts we're familiar with. Scream it out:


Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Began: (Sister Shirley's son) Eric and wife Cindy and son Sam's home, Huntington, NY
Pass Through: Bellport, The Hamptons, Montauk Point (eastern tip of Long Island)
End: Back in Eric's Driveway (Left the trailer there all day)
Miles Today:: 204
Miles for Trip: 8444

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