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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 43. Saturday, September 5, 2015. Escape from New York.

Our planned path today is shown below in blue. We're shooting for near Baltimore, and will earn some map stickers today.

{Pay close attention to the dotted line just under "Philadelphia" that shows the border of Delaware. It will play a big part later in this day.} Not the blue river, which narrows to look like a line.

It's a little before 7. We're in Eric's driveway, but not hooked up. Odometer is 33825, and we're looking for a place to stay tonight. It's a holiday weekend, so this is likely a peak time for RV parks to be full. We might have a small problem. Eric and Cindy's house is gorgeous from the outside and full of hidden wonders on the inside.

We negotiate our way to the western end of Long Island, and Oh My Oh My, it's a crystal clear day, especially compared with yesterday, so enjoy this series of photos as we make our Escape From New York. Sharon was awed by the cemetery in the second shot below. {It was huge, and went on forever.}

The tallest building in the photo below left is the $94 million penthouse building I talked about in the last report. We were in the the Empire State Building, below right.

It's fun to know we were in the Brooklyn area. {I am shooting these pictures out the passenger window as Bob drives. We can't believe the beautiful sky. It's probably because it is Saturday and not that many cars in te city.}

The Brooklyn Bridge, in both photos below, has always been a New York icon for me.

The big New York skyscrapers always look more appealing to me when there's some greenery in the foreground.

The scenery does nothing to impress this dog. I think that's the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge at right. Beautiful bridge.

We get farther and farther from New York, but I'm still pleased every time the skyline turns up again. We still got it.

We say goodbye to the New York area by entering New Jersey and the New Jersey Turnpike.

I am surprised that we cleared Long Island and the New York area by 10 am. Nice. We stop at the second service area on the NJ Turnpike to reconnoiter. Baltimore is about three hours away. We need to find our likely RV park for tonight.

A couple of hours later we pull into another service area to refuel. The price here is $2.299 a gallon.

I have "carefully" planned our trip today to pick up all the states in the mid-Atlantic area, around the Chesapeake Bay. I announce that we just picked up Pennsylvania, but Nancy has maps in the back seat that would seem to indicate that our road today actually missed it. I pull over at the first opportunity, and after reviewing all the maps and my assumptions, I agree with Nancy and Sharon. We missed PA!!. {Remember that dotted line? The part of Pennsylvania that Bob thought "stuck into" Delaware actually does not. What's up with that? How did Delaware get that border? Bob hates it that Nancy and I keep looking at maps after he has set our path and says "just follow the purple line" of the GPS.}

We do a U-turn, and wind up picking up a small road, and driving straight north to pick up Pennsylvania and on the way, we go past the beautiful campus of the University of Delaware, around Newark.

We zip past the sign, half buried in the leaves of a bush, so I do a careful U-turn when the road is big enough and traffic allows, come back, and park. Nancy and I both go down to get the picture. There aren't any good walking paths on either side of the narrow, two-lane, winding highway, but we get the shot lined up. Nancy says, "I'll hold the leaves back so you can get a good shot," but I want it just like we saw it - largely hidden. The only reason Nancy came down this dangerous road was to do me the service of holding back the tree.

See my method is to act first, then explain. Some find it hard to plan when I use that system. Huh, Nancy?

While Nancy and I are off on our dangerous mission, Sharon picks up a Blue Grosbeak.

It's 1:30 and we pull off the highway to find a place to park, winding up in a Home Depot parking lot just short of Interstate 95, near Newark. Lunch is on.

Back on the road, about 3 pm, I tell everybody to keep an eye out for the Maryland sign, but reviewing events carefully, Sharon points out that we've been in Maryland a half hour or so already. {The place earlier where Bob parked after his U-turn and he and Nancy walk back to get the picture is actually where the three states, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland come together. So we get all three in one fell swoop.}

We have identified Cherry Hill RV Park near College Park, Maryland as our stop for the night and we reach it and are set up by about 5:30.

When I checked in, I learned that they have a shuttle that takes you to a bus that takes you to a subway that takes you to another subway that drops you off near the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., something I've wanted to see since its creation. But it's too much trouble and would take too much time, so I let it go.

Below left is our rig at the check-in point, and at right is a wonderfully planned waterfall they've built.

We get to add new stickers for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware today, plus Washington D.C., which I carefully made sure we drove through.

Below left shows the four states before their stickers are applied. Below right shows them filled in.

And here is what our big map looks like now.

And here is what we look like, trying to get a good selfie. We keep covering up one of the states, or pointing wrong, but we finally get it. You see, it's a laughing matter. The secret, it turned out, was for me to take off my cap.

And that's it for today, folks. All the best.

Began: (Sister Shirley's son) Eric and wife Cindy and son Sam's home, Huntington, NY
Pass Through:
End: Cherry Hill RV Park, College Park, MD
Miles Today: 297
Miles for Trip: Remains at 8741

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