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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 44. Sunday, September 6, 2015. Maryland to Virginia, Including Montpelier, Monticello.

Our planned path today is shown below in blue. Montpelier is James Madison's home, in Orange and Monticello is Thomas Jefferson's home.


We are up and out of the Cherry Hill RV Park a couple of minutes before 8 am. We have been camped next to a youth group, comprised of kids from other countries. {It's like the trip our granddaughter, Samantha, made a couple of years ago with her school. She visited France and England and learned historical facts visiting famous sites. These kids are from different European countries and a young woman told us they were going from New York to California. I tell her of our trip and we enjoy each others' adventures. Hers is just starting. } We begin to see signs to famous name places.


About 9 am, we carefully check a couple of maps simultaneously for verification, as we drive through Washington DC itself, which is in the general shape of a diamond. The Capitol building is wrapped in scaffolding. At right is RFK Stadium, where the Washington Redskins play football.

The Washington Monument stands tall enough to appear over big buildings. Ah, a welcome Welcome to Maryland sign. We can use that.


If you blow up this picture, you can see the White House to the right of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial to the left of it. At last, WE could see that when we enlarged the picture.}

And we are welcome in Virginia. Below right is another impressively designed memorial building. {The Marine Corps Museum.}

We stop for breakfast at a Virginia Rest Stop, near Fredericksburg, and the ladies hit the brochure rack, coming back with a plan to stop at two famous places on our way to tonight's RV park. The divided highways are well-covered with trees and greenery.

Our first stop will be at the home of James Madison, known as the father of the Constitution, in Orange County. There are signs at every turn announcing a battlefield or location from the Civil War.

In a few blinks of the eye, we are in Orange, and we locate James Madison's home - Montpelier. Note the retaining of original door signs in this memorial train station. Seems a little strange.

There is an active thororoughbred race horse training track on the grounds.

I wait in the truck while the ladies tour Montpelier. Sharon gets this photo of the horses in a paddock. They also visit the Slave Cemetery.

Here is the main house, as first sighted. There are interesting butterfly-looking inserts on the roof, and we figure they may be for snow and ice buildup during the winter, somehow.

Next, another hour or so away, is Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Very photogenic.

Here's our rig, parked where Thomas Jefferson walked. Do you think he could have a vision of something like this on his property? At right below is a bug light. Light bug. Big bug.

Nancy is always trying to upstage Sharon somehow.

Below is the seven-stove oven complex, where many different food items could be cooked the way each needed, at the same time. {Each of those containers on top are cooking pots. You can see the corresponding fire holes under each one. They could use just one or all of them to cook, like the burners on top of our stoves.}At right, they are refurbishing the stairs going down the back of the main house.

I like the dad's hand patting the baby's tummy. A garden is maintained, similar, I think, to the way it was.

You can see the visual effects of different kinds of glass used in replacement efforts.

Amish, perhaps.

Below is some kind of clock or compass - I still don't know. But I like the results of the picture I took by getting on the ground and shooting up "through" the axis of the ball.

Here's Sharon, standing on a giant cookie. The next three photos are of a slave's house, as I recall. Two slaves peek out through the window. {It was evidently unique that Jefferson built individual houses for his slave families, instead of making them all sleep in communal quarters.}

We take the return bus which goes to the visitor center, but we ask to be dropped off at the cemetery. We'll catch a later bus from here.

Here's what my iPhone's MapQuest showed when we were at the cemetery. Back up at the visitor center, at right is Mr. Jefferson, with his consulting team. Nancy! We're not supposed to touch him.


Finishing up at Monticello, we continue on Constitution Highway.

There are lots of buildings that look like they're in the same community or group. We see an enormous number of identical-length, same-diameter bark-stripped logs. I am wondering what they do with them, when we see trucks loaded with 2x4 lumber. The entire mill is inside the buildings.

As we are cruising down the road, Sharon notices a motel called Stumblinn. Get it? Stumble Inn? Ah, I knew you would.

A little before 1 pm, we are traveling in gently curving, rising and falling highways, when we zoom past a little spotted fawn, maybe eight feet from the road, eating grass. Nancy is very upset for the little deer, that it is in danger of getting run over. "Where is its mama?" she asks.

I go the other way, and say I want to hit him for his valuable hide. Nancy says, as my mom used to when she couldn't immediately tell I was kidding, "Oh, Bob!"

We make it to our RV park, and when I'm checking in, I'm told about the free ice cream social at 8 pm. Hmmm.

We find our spot easily, and set up. After dinner, I go alone to the ice cream social, where, luckily, it is not all you can eat.

And that's about it for tonight, except for the Rummikub, a-course.

Began: Cherry Hill RV Park, College Park, MD
Pass Through: Washington DC, Fredericksburg, VA, Orange, VA and Monticello, VA
End: Americamps RV Resort, Ashland, VA
Miles Today: 218
Miles for Trip: 8959

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