Fishing, the Falls, Around the 48 and NE Canada 2015.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 45. Monday, September 7, 2015. Virginia to North Carolina and Brother George's.

Our planned path today is shown below in blue.

Good morning. It's 7:30, a clear day with light clouds, going to be warm.

I walk over to the rest room and use the facilities there, then walk back. As I'm coming to the door of the trailer, a man and woman walk by, walking three dogs. I say, "They look like they're doing good." She looks over at our map and says, "Wow have you been a lotta places. I never saw anyone with so many places." And I say, "Yes, and they've all been fun too."

A little after 8 and the tail light check is good. We hit the road. Jack.

Around nine am, I notice a Chic-fil-A advertisement. It is a familiar sign with a chicken on the left, and a cow on the right standing on a trash can. Only the trash can and the cow are in real life, 3D, outside the sign, but attached to it. A new idea. Pretty clever.

A flock of Canada Geese fly over. We are near the University of Virginia. There is a big medical center, VCU, with two power plant exhausts vaping.

Near James River, Sharon spots two big eagles or Osprey nests high - and I mean HIGH - up on an electrical tower of some kind.

As we're driving down the road, there is a Hyundai on our left. Next to him is a Honda dealer, and across the road is a Honeywell building. Reminds me of a spot in my past in Versailles, when I could stand in line at the Royal movie Theater, and from that place, I could see "General Hardware" above a door, "Sargeant Paint" painted on the window, and "Private Keep Out" on a door leading up stairs to an office or storage room above the hardware store. {Nancy and I always crack up when Bob tells one of these stories. It's like a window into his brain and we see what goes on in there while he's driving.}

We pass Southpark Road, which both Sharon and I notice. I muffle my hand over my mouth and say, but so you can't understand it - just the form of it, "Mphs MphMph Mph," the way Kenny, on the TV show Southpark would say it, muffled in his hoodie, drawstrings so tight you can only see his eyes. Sharon cracks up because she saw the name of the road and knows what I "mph-d" - 'There's Southpark Road.' {Sometimes it's scarey how our brains work in unison but mostly, it's fun}

There follows a long conversation about movie stars who age a bit, and elect to have facelift surgery. Some don't turn out so good, and Renee Zelwigger's name keeps coming up. {I can't remember her name and at first keep making facial movements to describe her face. Finally Nancy gets it and we all crack up at my charade attempts. Sorry Renee.} I keep trying to say a lot of them wind up looking like lizards, but I get no agreement or acknowledgement.

Ten o'clock and time for a nap. We change drivers, or 'rotate.' Counter-clockwise. Nancy to shotgun, Sharon to driver, Me to backseat.

We have our road breakfast, in the trailer. We are parked in with the big rigs, and one is a diesel rattling to provide air conditioning to the driver, who is also taking a break. Sharon gets something from our truck and when she comes back, she says, "That truck is going 'bubble bubble bubble blahhh." Like the diesel rattle we do not.

About noon, back on the road for a while now, Nancy says... - Time out, first, for the original joke, by Yogi Berra:

Yogi is giving his lifelong friend Joe Garagiola directions to his new house, up on a hillside, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it," said Yogi.

- OK, back to today. We have just seen a sign with Tom Brady eating a biscuit, so Nancy says, "If you see a fork in the road, use it to eat biscuits and gravy."

Then immediately she reports a Japanese restaurant named "Wok This Way."

I am up to audio recording number 100 on this folder. There are four folders named A-D, and I have been recording on 'B'. You can only do 100 recordings on each folder, so I change from 'B' to 'C'.

Sharon and Nancy see a sign for a restaurant called 'Biscuitville'. Oohs and Aahs follow, and we decide we must try that restaurant chain soon. Like today.

Later we are stopped, and can hear a motorcycle rumble. Someone says, "Can you hear the cicadas?" And this reminds me of Brother-in-law Jerry's ear problem, where he hears a high-pitched whistle-like sound all the time.Tinnitus.

Sharon and I have it too, but mild cases I think. In my case, I have it all the time, but unless I consciously think about it, I'm unaware of it. If I think about it, I find it, auditorially speaking. Like cicadas.

A little after 1 pm, and we are talk with daughter Shani and grandson Tommy, outside of Denver. It's Tommy's birthday. Happy Birthday Tommy.

A little before 2 pm and it's time to hit a Flying J. We refuel. I take on 25.7 gallons for a cost of $54.87. Gas prices are like a nice dream. Hoo Boy!

3:22 pm and we are in place at Holly Bluff RV Park. We level and unhitch, take what we want to have with us, and head over to brother George's house, and his accomplished wife Loretta. Well, George is accomplished too.

I loved the people sitting under the entry roof just talking. Like this:

"Did you see that movie with Claude Van Damme?" "No." "You can watch it on DVD, right in your home, whenever you want. Do you have a DVD player?" "No" "You GOTTA get one.They're cheap. You can watch movies any time you want to." And so on. Wonderful.

4:00 pm and we're at George's now. That's Loretta and Nancy at their front window, looking over the hilltop greenery that is their yard. George is scheduled for back surgery in a week or so, and that's his temporary cane resting on the chair seat.

We move to the pleasant back yard, and Holy Cow! In flies a Pileated Woodpecker, which I get a nice shot of. {A bit of camoflage in this picture. The red is his "top knot" and the woodpecker is hanging a little upside down with his face black and white striped.}Below right, George is talking with Sharon.

... who is talking with George. Under their outdoor, backyard picnic structure.

Loretta calls out the name of a butterfly we see - a 'Red-spotted Purple.' She says, "That's the one I wrote my book about."

"The Ugly Caterpillar: A True Story: Loretta Lutman" - You can find it on Amazon! It's for children, but any non-butterfly person will get a great education by reading it. Below right, They have a little stream that flows among rocks into a little pool, that is recirculated to the top to go round again. {The first time I saw their stream, I also saw a Black-Throated Green Warbler (first time!) Immediately I told Bob "we have to have a stream at our house" and he built one when we got home.}

Sharon is telling everyone about her driving, I presume. She is solid as can be. That's why I can sleep in total peace in the back seat during about a third of the time. Well I'm sitting back there about a third of the time - not all of that third is sleeping. A good chunk of it is 'working' on these reports. Which I love to do. {On past trips, I only drove while Bob slept but this time he often starts working on these reports in the back seat while Nanacy and I chat in the front seat. It relieves him from having to work on them late into the night when we stop for the night.}

There are three mosquito lanterns on the floor as we talk. The evening sunset gets started. {I love this gazebo they built. You can enjoy views into many areas of their yard from here.}

The three or four holes you see here are doodlebug holes. These bugs wait down in the holes for an ant or other creature to fall in Then - Dinner! {It makes me thinkof a part in Star Wars where if you fall into the sandy hole, a big sand monster comes up to grab you. As a child, we used to sprinkle tiny bits of sand into these holes to watch the doodle bug come out thinking it was prey.}

A plant is growing on this old bed headstand, which you see in more detail in the two following photos.

Loretta told me the name of these - 'Love in a Puff.' You can't quite see, but the two green balls each have a light yellow patch, and when you angle the cut-open puff just right, the two patches together look like a heart.

Here is the family cat, who, when she senses dinner time, jumps up and pulls down on the door handle, opening the door. She used to do it every time, but she's older now and doesn't get it the first try sometimes. It's cool to have a cat that can open your front door.

We have dinner in the backyard, visit some more, then head back to the camp about ten.

And that's it for today, folks.

Began: Americamps RV Resort, Ashland, VA
Pass Through: Washington DC, Fredericksburg, VA, Orange, VA and Monticello, VA
End: Holly Bluff Family Campground, Asheboro, NC
Miles Today: 280
Miles for Trip: 9239

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