Fishing, the Falls, Around the 48 and NE Canada 2015.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 46. Tuesday, September 8, 2015. Enjoying North Carolina Local Color.

There is no planned path today, but the map below shows the key places we will go: Low Water Bridge, Morrow Mountain State Park, Silo's Smokehouse and our campground.

George and Loretta stop by our campground and 'pick us up', though we are taking two vehicles, so Loretta and George can break off when they need to, to get Loretta to her physical therapy session this afternoon.

First, we head for the low Water Bridge, following George, who is driving their car. We're deep into our trip, and George is trying to find us the bridge. We temporary lose the track. They stop and we pull up beside them. Just like in our truck, George is on the gps, Loretta on the map. It looks like it's down this dirt road. We continue on, slowing for a low dip. George stops, to the right of them there is something on the road - a pile of sticks? No, iit’s two turkeys, no, 6-8 turkeys just as slow as you please crossing the road and heading up into the woods. We make it to the bridge, and somebody has made a lot of channels - like, boys just playing in the stream.

We come across this elegant looking fellow or lady slowly making headway, but the frog has moved into a two-dimensional world.

The water is the lowest they can recall. There have been floods here in the last year, and high water marks are unbelievable, on this peaceful day. Sharon snaps this fine scene. Can you conceive of so many brilliant minds in one shot?.{As we are enjoying the river, a man drives aross the bridge and yells at us "watch out for snakes" Thanks, we sure will.}

I lose track of exactly where this lumbering tree is, but it is outstanding, looking a bit like a dinosaur - a brontosaurus, don't you agree? With its head out of the picture.

Here a tiny vine is attacking the giant tree. It's just a matter of time, except that I pull the vine off, at Loretta's directive. Oops lookie here, the bronto has five legs and two tails! Cool. {I dont remember when Loretta found this tree but she really wanted us to see it and it's pretty impressive.}

Morrow State Park is our next target, on the peak of a mountain. I can't believe we come across an actual working public pay phone. Rarer than that brontosaurus.

Great scenery, looking down the mountain and across flat land. Loretta has the ultimate self-described license possible.

There is a mountain of flint-like rock, and by looking just a few minutes, we find a half-dozen rocks that look like arrowheads. And since this was inhabited by the Uhwarrie Indians, some of them are surely tools discarded by Indians assigned to make tools, because they didn't think they were good enough. Hey, they're good enough for us. George breaks a piece of rock off, and dang if it don't look like an arrowhead. {The signs say that the Indians would quarry here and make arrow heads and spear heads and other tools. They would trade them with other tribes as the flint is rare.}

Colorful leafery. I think this might be persimmon. I like the settlement clearing below us.

A stone building has a picnic area and great lookout, but on the opposite side from this. There are people in the building, and a 'private event' sign up. This might be a mini-persimmon, though I'm making that up.

We finish up, collecting our 'arrowheads' and head for Silo's, in Asheboro on 'Old 49', for dinner. {Actually , not to counter Bob but, George and Loretta go off to their physical therapy Loretta is doing after her shoulder surgery and we go back to the RV camp. Nancy and I go "antiquing" in town and then on the way back we decide to drive down a road that has a sign for "covered bridge" that we would like to see. Trouble is, even though we keep following the signs at every turn, none of the signs say how far the bridge is. We keep driving but all the while we are watching the time as we promised Bob we would be back in time for dinner with George and Loretta. Finally we decide that if we don't turn around now, we WILL be late. Darn, we will never see that bridge and I just feel like it was around the next turn or over the next hill.}

Then it's back to George and Loretta's for our last evening. We are following George closely. On the way up, just before the house, they pull up beside their mail box. George can reach it without getting out of the vehicle, and we watch him pull a big stack of oversized mail through the window of their car. Then we all go up into their breezeway. Sharon says, "Hey do you reckon your package has arrived?" "No," I say. "He would have waved at us if it had been in that packet of mail." I have forgotten all about them, and am sure the girl I talked to on the phone (who had sent me a message that I had left my computer carrying case there, containing a folder with all my passwords on it!) had either thrown them away, or had sent them to our home, in spite of my instructions (including address) to send them to George's. At the time I knew there were nine days or so before we'd arrive. But we asked George when we first got here if they had arrived, and he said no.

Anyway, into the house we go. But first... There is a day's worth of things to look at on their property, but I especially like this butterfly one.

George is a painter, and he did this one - a copy of a Missouri artist by the name of Thomas Hart Benton. I think George likes him because Benton is George's middle name. He (THB) has paintings that hang in the Missouri Capitol building. I know because I saw them as a schoolboy on a field trip there.

As I think I said earlier, Loretta is a butterfly expert, and upon hearing of this, we beg them to show us the slide show. After some computer/flat screen interface problems, George gets it worked out, and we are treated to a most astounding half-hour or 45 minutes imaginable of Loretta finding butterfly eggs, bringing them into her house, feeding the caterpillers, and then watching them spin a christalis and emerge into butterflies. Her pictures were fantastic.. Then we're done. The lights come on, and I say ok, if we forget anything in the house just mail it to us.

That reminds Sharon of my left-behind things, and she says to George, " Bob's package never got here did it?" Then I chuckled to myself, and said, "No!" Then George thought a second and as casual as anything said, "Yes it did!!!" And he retrieved a big envelope from the other room. I opened it up and holy cow, it took like eight days to get from Truro Nova Scotia to here. I guess it had to have a passport to get across the border, and you know how long that can take...

Woohoo! My passwords came! {We gave Nancy credit for thinking about it in the first place and George said "she called it forth." Yea, Bob, George, Sharon, and Nancy!!}

We say good night and goodbye and take off, wishing George good luck on his surgery and Loretta way-to-go on her cancer battle. She is, as I said, remarkable.

I top off the gas tank on the way back to the campground. At the Tank N' Tummy, at 1.749 a gallon. Awesome.

It's late, and I feel great. Good night. See you in the morning.

Began: Holly Bluff Family Campground, Asheboro, NC
Pass Through: Uwharrie National Forest, Morrow State Park
End: Holly Bluff Family Campground, Asheboro, NC
Miles Today: 139
Miles for Trip: 9378

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