Fishing, the Falls, Around the 48 and NE Canada 2015.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 47. Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Asheboro NC to Auburn, Alabama.

Below is today's planned route, in the form of the blue line. Pretty straight shot, long day. I hope to find an RV park near Atlanta, but can't seem to find a good one. There is a good one all the way in Alabama, but that'd be over 400 miles of driving - a long day. But that's maybe what we'll do, to get a nice park. {What is that darned grey line anyway? Did Bob explain that in a former story. I can't remember. why we have a blue and grey line.} The grey lines are proposed alternatives, by Google Maps.

Good morning, uh, what the heck day is it? Let's see, Wednesday the 9th 7:04 am.

It's a foggy morning, but there is a peaceful feeling, looking around.

As an engineer, I notice a (possible) flaw in the design of the playground swings. At first glance, it looks like the thickness of the log supports the swingers. But a more careful look shows that only the top half of the log is supporting the weight. None of the bottom half of the log is supported by the vertical post. {Nancy and I crack up as Bob (the engineer) tries to explain to us why he is fascinated with these swings, how it isn't really as strong as they think, where all the forces are, etc We just hear blah, blah, blah.}.

We hit the road, and at one point, on the back side of a river are an Osprey on the other, far side, and a great Egret on this side. Cool.

We were in Morrow State Park yesterday. We went to Morrow yesterday, and I say so. A groan emanates from the truck. But it ain't FROM the truck.

We stop in a Walmart Express to load up on groceries a bit after eight am, then we pick up a Welcome to South Carolina sign about one pm. Did you notice how four hours just slipped by?

Because we missed the North Carolina sign coming in, we turn around and shoot it as if we were coming in from the south. I can't quite figure out how this Georgia peach-looking water tower came in South Carolina. {For those of you who watch House of Cards on Netflix, this is the Georgia Peach watertower featured in one of the episodes. I will leave it to your imagination what they thought it looked like that was part of the plotline.}

In no time at all, we've motored across South Carolina, and we come to this.

As a break from lunches in the trailer, we hit a Bojangles for our noon meal.

When we get to the Atlanta area, there is a bit of rain. I like the sun's rays design on the overpass.

And this overpass design a few minutes later. {Nancy and I have looked for things to see in Atlanta if we were to stay here but didn't find anything exciting so we are going on.}

Four o'clock I notice the gas gauge is on E, reminding me of Big E, an Empanada lunch restaurant in San Jose I frequent with my buddies sometimes on Friday. Time to refuel, and here's where we stop.

We've been going all day, and we're still going. It's a little before 6 pm and we are at a truck stop with a dump stop. I ask Sharon to pull into the dump station. Before I dump I have a fond trip to the trailer bathroom, then I execute the dump. After I get out of the bathroom. What were YOU thinking?

The sun is medium low, there are puffy clouds, the temperature is 85 degrees, and we're pointed south. It's humid but confortable. And we're off again, having decided to make it to Auburn Alabama tonight. Ain't it fun to say 'Chatahoochee'? Then we are not welcomed to Alabama, but rather asked to keep Alabama clean. Maybe we missed the Welcome sign.

Ah, there it is. Thanks, Yall.

A little before 'seven pm', and at 35197 on the odometer, it's really six pm here, because Alabama is on central time. The Garmin GPS auto-adjusts and all our iPhones autoadjust, but my audio recorder and the Canon camera have to be manually changed.

So there you have it for a strictly travel day. Pretty boring when you compare it with some of the things we've done in a 'driving' day in the past few weeks. But, Oh Well.

See yall tomorrow.


Began: Holly Bluff Family Campground, Asheboro, NC
Pass Through: Charlotte NC, Sparganburg GA, around Atlanta
End: Auburn RV Park, Auburn, Alabama
Miles Today: 438
Miles for Trip: 9816

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