Fishing, the Falls, Around the 48 and NE Canada 2015.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 48. Thursday, September 10, 2015. Coming in to Florida

Below in blue is today's planned travel route. {Will he or DID he explain what the grey line is for?} Google Maps provides alternate paths, in grey, and if you want one of THOSE instead of the blue, suggested one, you just click anywhere on the grey line, and it switches IT to grey.

We have a leisurely morning, and it's 8:30 Central time, and 9:30 Eastern time. But there's a problem, as you can see from the contenances on our faces. We have one more state to get. This is actually one of my favorite selfies. Can't you just see the tears running down my cheeks. It's possible that you can't recognize me because somehow the wind or something has blown all my hair out of the picture. That's me on the left. And look at the concern on Sharon's face. Wow. And Nancy is giving it her best shot, but hey, she ain't even close to Florida. It looks like she's showing a little space between her thumb and finger. Is that to say, "We only have a little tiny bit to go?"

Packed up and ready to head for Pensacola, Sharon gets on a Carolina Wren, a trip bird. A Red-headed or Red-bellied Woodpecker shows up, and I get a clear picture of the red-bellied, so you can ID this one now. A Blue Jay is next, followed by Eastern Bluebird. This is a nice birdy RV park. {It is close to Auburn University and many people here are avid football fans. They leave their RV's here and come down for football weekends so they already have a place to stay. Cool!}

We hit the road, and a half hour later, we make a reservation for tonight at Pensacola Beach RV Park. It looks like it's gonna be spectacular, maybe. We quickly get to this sign. We are headed in the Mobile direction.

Tooling along the highway, a black van comes shooting past us, and there is a painting of a Bald Eagle on the side and back doors. I yell, "WAR EAGLE!" The van says www.eduraptor or something like that. Sharon gets a shot of the van, but it's not very clear.

Earlier, I thought War Eagle was the name of the Auburn football team, but now that I think about it, 'Tigers' sounds right. We look it up and it is definitely Tigers, but War Eagle is a yell or a cheer, with an uncertain origin. There are several theories, but I am too tired to go into them right now. Maybe Sharon will tell you. {I'll tell you 2 of the few that I read about. The oldest story is about a foot ball game between Auburn and a Georgia team. There was a Civil War veterean in the stands and he has an eagle with him. At a goal for Auburn, the eagle takes off and he yells "War Eagle" That cry begins to be what they yell every time their football team makes a good play. (Unfortunately, the story also says that in that game the eagle crashes to the ground and dies!! (Many questions I have. Why would anyone bring an eagle to a foot ball game? How old was that guy as they said this was in 1892'?) Another story takes place in 1914 and a player on the Carlisle Indians playing Auburn was named "Bald Eagle", a big tackle and a every time the quaterback would run against his position he would cry "Bald Eagle" so the team would know where the play was going. The fans thought he was saying "War Eagle" and began yelling that. I don't like that story as much as the first, do you?}

Certain northbound roads are marked with a sign like that below, telling you which direction to go, to get out of Dodge. Or Pensacola.

There is some nice fall coloring starting to happen, even down here.

Sharon is excited because we have run into a boiled peanuts stand. She wants Nancy to try these. They go over, and meet the gentleman who is running this concern.

Somehow the source of these peanuts comes up, and he asks them if they'd like to see some. Yes, of course they would. So he steps out of his office, goes to the green field you see, and pulls up a plant, showing the peanuts, which grow underground, like carrots I guess. {Thanks, Tom}

Sometime during the day, we pause at a small gas station, though I can't remember why. Anyway, two fellows were talking, and one of them casually started digging in his ear with his car keys. Allow me to illustrate.

Don Sutton was a famous Los Angeles Dodger pitcher, long retired now, but his home town is not far from here, in Alabama. Here is a ball park, dedicated and probably sponsored by him. You know how lots of gas stations now have another company's fast food inside? Like McDonald's or Subway. This one is Kangaroo Express inside a Shell station. Must be a local delicacy.

We drive by the sign you see below, and I don't know why they have to put 'Super' in front. I mean, isn't that obvious? We get to Pensacola Bay, and spot this aircraft carrier.

I'm guessing that this is a Great Egret, or some say Great White Egret, perched on the railing. You can see another bridge, far in the distance.

As we approach an island, the causeway rises to allow for ships to pass under. Then we get the Pensacola Beach directional sign.

Then over the last bridge, from which we can see heavy duty fishing going on. I like the 'whip' action on the rod that Sharon caught shooting from shotgun.

I find the RV park easily, check in, and in no time we are set up on our concrete pad, beachfront, with our own volleyball net on the sand.

The ladies can't wait to hit the beach. But it's dinner time, and we have heard from several sources that Pegleg Pete's is the place to go. We're on it. Aargh.

While we're at Pegleg's, I get this display on my Garmin GPS. We are that blue 'paper airplane' at the right end of the purple line.

Filling up on wonderful tastes, we head back home, in time for some night shots.

Began: Auburn RV Park, Auburn, Alabama
Pass Through: Montgomery, Greenville, Alabama
End: Pensacola Beach RV Resort, Pensacola Beach, Florida
Miles Today: 267
Miles for Trip: 10,083

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