Fishing, the Falls, Around the 48 and NE Canada 2015.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 49. Friday, September 11, 2015. Coming in to Nawlins. Happy Birthday to Sister Shirley.

Below in blue is today's planned travel route.

We have decided that since a) this is a great beach, and b) it's not that long a drive to New Orleans, that c) we are going to stay well into the morning and enjoy this park.

Out on the beach with binoculars, we get a Laughing Gull. Sharon IDs a Ring-necked Dove also.

We have learned, to our slight embarassment, that the 'beach' we are parked on is really on a bay, not the Gulf of Mexico Coast. But hark, we have rights to walk a path across the road, and down to the real beach. So off we go.

{What a beautiful beach we all take off our shoes and put our feet in the Gulf of Mexico}


We spot a number of dolphins, some in close, some farther out. They are undoubtedly here from Miami. {In this second picture you can see tht it is a mother and baby from the size of the dorsal fins. They travel together and we get great looks at them.}

Some little crab-like creature is at the bottom of this hole, waiting for a pizza delivery.

A little after nine and we are back from the Gulf beach. There is just ONE LITTLE THING WE HAVE TO DO. You know...

And that's it folks. Every state and province in North America. What a great accomplishment. We couldn't and wouldn't have done it without each other. Thank you Sharon and Nancy!!

We get our stuff together and a little before ten we're off. My Garmin says if we make no stops, we'll get to tonight's RV park about 2 pm. But from experience, we know to add two hours' worth of time that we average during the day of non-driving time - breaks, breakfast, lunch, refuel, etc.

We change drivers about 10:30 so I can work on reports and photographs.

About noon, we stop at a Walmart in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

I continue working and/or napping in the back seat, as Sharon weaves our way to New Orleans. I sleep completely through Lake Poncetrain. Luckily, I kept breathing. {We go over the longest bridge I have ever seen going across Lake Ponchartrain. Then we go through bayous looking for alligators all the way.}

About 4:30, Sharon pulls into KOA West. We're at 35691 on the odometer. Way to go Sharon!!! We are actually a half-hour or a little more from the French Quarter, but the RV park has a morning and afternoon shuttle which will drop us off and pick us up, if we want. We want. I sign us up for three people on the morning run into Nawlins.

Then it's dinner and Rummikub.

And good night.

Began: Pensacola Beach RV Resort, Pensacola Beach, Florida
Pass Through: Mobile, Alabama; Gulfport, Mississippi, Slidell, Louisiana
End: KOA West, New Orleans, LA
Miles Today: 227
Miles for Trip: 10,310

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