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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 51. Sunday, September 13, 2015. New Orleans to Shreveport.

Below in blue is today's planned travel route. {Are any of you as tired as I am by these grey lines.? If we didn't go that way, who cares if we COULD have gone that way? That Bob with his GPS mode of showing all the possible routes.} I don't ask for them. Google Maps just gives them, and I don't know how to erase them. And I don't wanna hear any 'What about Photoshop?' questions.


Photos were taken between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, then none till almost to Shreveport. A Photo Map (first time I've used this) for the New Orleans-to-Baton Rouge area is shown below. If only one photo was taken, a yellow empty box is shown, pointing to the GPS location of the shot. If several photos were taken at a location, the yellow box shows that number, and points to the location or area. As you can see, most of the photos were taken from the highway. And lots were taken with Lake Ponchartrain on the right.

Good morning. We're 15 minutes or so from leaving the KOA West/New Orleans. Our tank is a bit above empty, and the cab driver last night said his last fill was at 1.799 or was it 1.749. I am thrilled with the gas prices. The photo at left shows the sidewalk, which we have been requested to keep clear. Here we are, at right, parked on our pad.

It's 7:40 am Central Time. It's a sparkling clear day, blue sky, no clouds, sun coming up, nice and cool, 67 degrees, and I have a new New Orleans shirt on (If I am permitted to say Nu-Nu). We need gas.

As we leave the immediate vicinity, we go through main streets of local towns.

As we're driving along, on our left is a 20 foot high berm. On the other side is the mighty Mississippi River. Race Trac is a well-known brand of fuel here. I like a store called, "The Ultimate Meat." And a sign in the window says, "Daily Meat." Man, how can we buy our meat anyplace else?

A 1.939-per-gallon station shows itself, and we pull in and fill up. $63.21 for a full tank. Unbelievable, from a California guy's perspective.

We move out. A half hour later a sign says, "Welcome to Ponchatoula." I like all the 'Poncha's' around here. {Many ideas about "Poncha." One says it is Indian for tobacco, or Spanish for "mild" or an Indian term meaning "footpath or trail." Take your pick.}There is water everywhere, in channels and lakes.

The nest, at right, is almost certainly an Osprey nest, with all the water and fish around. A Bald Eagle Nest would be higher and bigger, I think.

From the truck, Sharon has been seeing Cattle Egrets, and a possible Loggerhead Shrike. A check of our bird app shows that it would be a Loggerhead Shrike, not a Northern. They would be North-er.

More Water. The gulls like to land on posts sticking out of the water.

9:45 am and we're in Baton Rouge.

10:25 and construction is knocking us down from four lanes to 2, or on our side of the median, from 2 lanes to 1. We are waiting to merge.

Just before noon, Sharon says, '"We've seen a lot of wilddead today." Nancy says, "You're horrible Sharon. You mean skooshed." We are claiming a dead armadillo. Get it? Wilddead? I just love to say Atchafalaya.

Amazingly, this was a lake at a retirement home.

Baton Rouge has its turn. Red Stick.

That's the Mississippi River below, and the bridge crossing it at right.

Approaching Shreveport now. {First mention of Dallas. We will hate to drop off Nancy as we are having so much fun with her.}

By 3:45 pm, we are in place in Bossier (say BO-zher). There is a clear path for the satellite dish, and our fuel gauge is a little below empty. That will wait till tomorrow.

Wishing you the best.

Began: KOA West, New Orleans, LA
Pass Through:
End: Shreveport/Bossier KOA, Bossier, Louisiana
Miles Today: 337
Miles for Trip: 10,647

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