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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 52. Monday, September 14, 2015. Shreveport to Nancy's Home in Keller, Texas

This is a pretty short report.

Below in blue is today's planned travel route. We'll be dropping our travelling partner off at her home in Keller, and we will continue a little further to our RV park in Roanoke. Then Nancy will come to the park. She will transfer all her travel things to her car, then we three will take the truck to Babe's, a fried chicken restaurant Sharon and Nancy went to the last time Sharon was here for a visit. Nancy's daughter Dana, and Dana's kids Clara and Carlo will meet us there also. After we eat, we three travelers will come back to the trailer, visit one last little bit, then Nancy will leave us, and Sharon and I will finish the trip just the two of us. {Whew! Quite an explanation.} I can't even follow me.

Good morning, it's Monday September 14th. We are in place at the Bossier/Shreveport KOA.

A hummingbird comes to Sharon's hummer feeder, with a gorgeous gorget - bright metallic looking pink in the morning sunlight, a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Nice.

While I'm finishing off getting the trailer ready to go, Sharon and Nancy take a walk around the grounds, and, unbelievably, Nancy is attacked by this 'gator.

They say more will be revealed. So be it.

Pretty clever.

I find a refuel station at Walmart - a Murphy's. $1.889 credit price. We take on about 36 gallons - getting pretty close to the 38 gallon capacity.

Not many notes or photos today. We have lunch, then later change drivers about 1:30.

I wake up about 2:30, and Sharon is excited to tell me she saw one of those 'zipper' vehicles, zipping lane change barriers on a bridge. We saw that they got one of those for the Golden Gate Bridge, and they had a photo in the newspaper, but wow, Sharon actually saw one. Cool. {You have to see it to believe it. As the vehicle moves along, the lane barrier goes in the front, slides over one lane inside the vehicle and comes out the back one lane over. Well, I guess you have to see it to believe it. Google a video of the ''zipper" car and you'll see.}

We make it to Keller and drop Nancy off, then continue on. {We can't take our full rig into her apartment complex so we just pull over and push her out...I mean drop her off.}

By 3:15, we are setting up in the RV Park, and Nancy is already with us.

We make it to Babe's restaurant, and meet Dana and Carlo as they pull up.


We catch up some stuff, then give the waitress our orders. Sharon and I have fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I'm too excited to see what anybody else orders. {Sorry about that terrible shadow on you Dana. Looks like something from a spooky movie.} You're right Sharon. I couldn't show her actual, beautiful face because of all the stalkers it would draw. I know, I know. (From Nancy and Sharon) "How come you're showing OUR faces?" I gotta go now...

Nancy's daughter Clara arrives and is greeted by Nancy. But now for the food. Below is the two orders of fried chicken, after each has been hit once.

And here is your plate when it's ready to be attacked.

We finish what we can finish at this meal, box up the rest, and go back to the trailer, saying goodbye to Dana, Carlo and Clara.

Nancy collects all her stuff and heads back to her place, being gone for about 30 days, she will have to get re-accustomed to having all her own stuff around her without other people (Heh heh) telling her what to do.

The satellite locks in, and we enjoy the teevee till its sleepy time.

Began: Shreveport/Bossier KOA, Bossier, Louisiana
Pass Through: Kilgore, Tyler, Dallas Texas
End: Northlake Village RV Park, Roanoke, Texas
Miles Today: 225
Miles for Trip: 10,872

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