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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 54. Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Granbury Grandmas and Grandpas.

During the day, the ladies went out to shop and, in Sharon's case, get a haircut. The path below is the one I was on for the day, with either Sharon, Wendell, or all four of us..

It's a little past 7 am, Wednesday the 16th. We're in Jeane and Wendell's private Pecan Plantation RV Park. I'm sure I heard an owl just as I was waking up. There are deer feeding on the grass about 150 yards away, and there are horses in the paddocks past the deer. The horses were running just a minute ago. There's a slight breeze and I can hear a couple of crows. We also heard a raptor flying aroud and calling. What a great day. We can hear a woodpecker pecking too.

There is an exercise path near the river, and we are going to take the golf cart over to the beginning of the path and go birding. That's right. That's what I said.

An early bird is the Northern Cardinal. We also get a nice Carolina Wren, fussing around a log in the greenery. Then a Black-capped Chickadee.

Here's what the path looks like. Very inviting. A turtle gets some morning sun on his favorite rock in the river, which is extremely shallow right now. This is the same river that was several feet deep where we have our trailer parked, in a flood the last year or so.

As we are walking, we meet a couple exercising. They say to watch out for a Copperhead (poisonous snake) about 50 yards ahead of us. They said it had passed over the trail, and was slithering up the hill into the woods. We never see the snake. {How is it that people keep warning us about snakes? Jeane used to talk about the copperhead snakes that lived in the rocks at their last house here in Granbury. I'd be leery to garden.}

A minute later, three deer splash their way across the river, one at a time. Here's the third one.

In Mexico and the southwestern US there are Black Vultures as well as Turkey Vultures. There are several differences, but a big one you can spot by checking for white spots on the undersides of their wings when they are soaring, like these guys this morning. But there are the red-headed Turkey Vultures too, mixed in the bunch.

An Eastern Bluebird is flying in line of sight of our trailer. A Great Egret is hovering in the wind.That would be a good video. He drops down below the greenery, by the river.There are house finches and starlings in a dead tree with lots of branches poking into the sky.

We are almost back to where we left the golf cart, and we hear a horse. Then the horse and rider show up. We warn the girl about the Copperhead that the running couple told us about, on the path, but that we didn't see it when we passed there. She is grateful, and the horse seems to say he's not worried. Then they're off on the trail. {The horses that we see down here are at stables for the people who live here. Sure is nice to be able to board your horses where you live.}

There are doodlebug holes around, and I see an amazing thing. An ant, crawling OUT of a hole. Then, a few feet away, a doodlebug walks steadily over the sandy dirt. {When we were kids visiting here in Texas, we would push a little bit of sand down into the doodlebug's hole to see if he would come out if he thought it was an ant. Guess we didn't have toys to play with.}

We finish our walk, load up the stuff we'll want to use during the day, and hit the road in the golf cart. What a pleasurable thing. I mean to drive a golf cart around, but not have to play golf.

We get to their house, and the ladies pretty quickly take off. Sharon is going to get a haircut, and they are going shopping, so will be gone all day.

I'm in need of some replacement light bulbs for two lights in the trailer, and Wendell says there is a good RV parts store he uses. We take Wendell's pickup there and find the bulbs, and I go up and down a few aisles, then ask about stabilizers. Wendell said that while this store is handy, it is a little more expensive than a Camping World. I verify this by seeing that a pair of stabilizers are about $90, whereas they are about $75 at Camping World, so we'll wait on those.

So we go back to the house. We have lunch and talk about things in and out of the world, watch some TV, have a nap each, and after a bit the ladies return. With a story.

I'll let the pictures tell the story. OK, some words too. Jeane was turning a corner and didn't see the ditch. One wheel went in, and the car tipped down, as you see. A couple of fellows were nearby and pulled the car back out of the ditch, none the worse for wear, except a little dent below the front license plate, unobservable unless you bend down there and feel. {What Bob doesn't say is that we called him and Wendell but neither answered their phones. I also called AAA but the 800 operator kept me on hold for so long I gave up. When she called me back,"Mrs. Lutman, did you hang up?" I told her that I had never been left on hold that long by AAA before. "Oh, that's just Texas", she said. "They are so busy they never answer their phone." This was such a surprise to me to not be helped by AAA . But a man stopped with his truck and another came out of his house and they were sure they could pull us out, which they did after a couple of tries. No one was hurt and the car was OK to drive so we got on with our day.}

Witness the smiles of three happy people, when the men were able to pull the car out with their pickup and the heavy duty strap being exhibited below.

We do some knitting, some reading, some Words with Friends, some talking, watch some TV, and after while, it's time for dinner.

Oh, and Sharon shows off her haircut, as you can see and admire.

Jeane and Wendell take us to Spring Creek Barbecue in Granbury. Sharon orders ribs, and it's chicken for me. There is way too much food, as usual, and Sharon and I pack up half of each of our dinners {Plus a peach cobbler that I take home warm to have with vanilla ice cream at Jeane's house}, take it home and put it in Jeane's fridge, till we go back to our camp.

I notice the shelf arrangement in Jeane's closet, and think something like that would work well in my closet so I take some pictures. She likes Wendell's bathroom closet, so I take some photos there too.

After a pleasant rest of the evening, we pack up one last time, and golf cart our way 'home' after dark. It's about 9 pm.

The audio recorder is nearly full in folder 'C' so I switch to 'D'.

Sharon reads her Stephen King book while I load the day's photos and audio recordings into the laptop.

And after while, we hit the Texas hay for the last time on this trip.

Good night and good sleeping.

Began: Northlake Village RV Park, Roanoke, Texas
Pass Through: Saginaw, Benbrook, Acton Texas
End: Private RV Park, Pecan Plantation, near Granbury, Texas
Miles Today: 0
Miles for Trip: 10,940

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