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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 55. Thursday, September 17, 2015. Granbury, TX to Clovis, NM

Target today Clovis NM, 360 miles or so. Our route today is shown as the blue line in the map below. {The dreaded grey line.}

Big travel day. Go, go, go.

Good morning. It's Thursday the 17th. We're all rigged for travel. Jeane and Wendell will be here in 25 minutes to drive the golf cart back to their house. It's ten till 7.

Just saw three deer run off the flat green woods up the hill and out of sight, acting like something was chasing them.

Jeane and Wendell come to say goodbye. We swap good wishes, Wendell takes the car, and Jeane the golf cart. Then they're gone, and then so are we.

The route the GPS has chosen sends us through Granbury. Another route probably would have been faster. The Garmin doesn't seem to be seriously listening when it asks if you want to use the shortest distance or shortest time route. I always say shortest time, but it keeps routing us through towns rather than around them.

Passing through the little town of Acton.

It's fun to see the Granbury buildings again, like the court house.

About 7:30 I pull over, really excited. I just saw four birds flying with really long tails - had to be Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Looking around, I see a long parking structure with a tin roof, tin sides and one long side covered also. The other long side is open, because that's how Wendell parks his trailer. I said that's really good thinking to put on a roof, to keep the hot sun from baking the roof. He said, it's for the hail storms. Without it, the hail would break every hatch cover on top of an RV. More good thinking. He tells of such a storm once, when they were in a different house, and his trailer was parked in his side yard. He said a storm just demolished every hatch cover.

We zip by a place too fast to get a shot of sculptures of bugs - all kinds - granddaddy longlegs, grasshopper, roly polies (also known as sow bugs). Wait. A roly poly sculpture? Maybe I saw it wrong. {This neighbor of Jeane and Wendell's makes these huge metal sculptures of insects. Pretty cool.}

Sharon says, "Roly poly is the technical name. Its common name is Sigalopagus Doferoptus." And we both crack up.

I stop to refuel, again at a tick under $2.00 a gallon. Odometer is 36331. On slow days, did you notice that I give odometer readings?

Wow, we just drove past a field full of Cattle Egrets - maybe 30 or 40. They are in a field on the opposite side of the highway from a herd of cattle. Why don't you guys get together?

We drive through a little place called Lipan on our way to Interstate 20. A building on the corner says "Lipan Cowboy Church." Would like to know more about that. Google says that it is a normal church, and I add that that's a pretty unusual name. Cool. Cowboy Church.

We listen to an interview of Carol Burnette by Howard Stern. She is hawking a 22-DVD set of never-before-seen-episodes of her early shows. I think I'd like that.

About 8:45 we scare about 8-10 vultures off the road. I figure they are all Turkeys, but they look like they are all Blacks. Sharon reports there's at least one Turkey. Others have white on their underwing tips.

A little before 9 we stop for breakfast at the intersection of Highway 4 and Interstate 20. Odometer 36369. ENOUGH WITH THE ODOMETER!!!

Now on Interstate 20, we catch a glimpse of the top of what looks like a castle near the town of Thurber, about 40 miles out of Granbury. Turns out to be Greycastle Sporting Club.

At 11:37, Sharon is still driving. We pass Stink Creek Road. She announces that we just passed a turnoff to Belly Acres. Did I hear that right?

A little before noon, we take the first turnoff to Sweetwater, looking for a Walmart. We should have waited for the next one because we have to drive through the town. Every cloud has a silver lining though, because we just see the name of the water supply company: Bitter Creek Water Supply. Get it? Sweetwater? {My Grandmother used to say "You take a bath in Sweetwater and dress in Plainview"}

We pick up our things at the Walmart and move on.

After lunch, about 2 pm, we must have just passed the 1000th wind turbine on our right. This is surely the windy spot of the universe.

About 4 pm we refuel, and at the lowest price of our trip - 1.749 per gallon. Holy moly.

After a long drive, we are welcomed, as you see below.

We make our way to the Clovis RV Park, which it says is on the Quiet side of town.

As we're setting up the trailer in the spot our reservationist told us to use over the phone earlier today, Sharon notices about a hundred vultures in the air. It's quite a spectacle. There is a big grove of tall trees just past the quiet end of the RV park, and they seem to be settling into their roost in that grove.

We try the satellite antenna, but a big tree is blocking access, so we move to the second choice he gave us. Which should have been his first, because this one works. Here's what we look like in this open field kind of arrangement. You can see many vultures are still in the air. {With the new satellite, we have traded tree shaded sites for open ones to let the antenna find the satellites it needs to get channels. I miss my trees.}

We get perfect reception, and are tickled about that. {The trade-off, especially if there is a football game Bob wants to watch}

Long day, well-deserved rest, see you tomorrow.


Began: Private RV Park, Pecan Plantation, near Granbury, Texas
Pass Through: Abilene, Sweetwater, Lubbock Texas
End: Clovis RV Park, Clovis, NM
Miles Today: 420
Miles for Trip: 11,360

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