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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 56. Friday, September 18, 2015. Clipped in Gallup.

Target today is Gallup, New Mexico, just short of the Arizona state line. Our path is shown in blue, below. {I'm not even going to mention the grey line this time.}

It's 7:10 am in the Clovis RV Park. Last night we got the satellite dish operational (i.e. no trees in the way), and I got to watch the Denver-Kansas City football game. I slept through the last two scores and missed that excitement, but got it on review. {You really miss the recording and playback when you don't have it.}

We're all set and take off about 7:30 am. In just a few minutes Sharon sees the Stone Soup Cafe, and since I didn't know the story, she filled me in on the person who had only water, fire and a stone. She got the fire going to heat the water, then put a stone in. A person walked by, asked what she was fixing, and she said stone soup. That person had some mushrooms and volunteered to add them. And so on, till there were a number of people, each of whom had added something, and a good soup was had by all.

She says everybody who goes into that restaurant has to bring in a little food.

About ten miles out of Clovis, I get a kick out of this storage bin, because to me, it looks like a big mechanical Martian bug, walking the countryside.

At first I think I see Alpaca running in the corner of this field, all tan and white, but as we get closer, I see that it's pronghorn antelope running. My brain turned them into a tame animal because they were inside a fence.

We stop about nine for breakfast and driver change. Almost to Fort Sumner, we will soon begin to angle north, towards Santa Rosa, which is on Interstate 40.

I nap, then wake up just as we're coming into Santa Rosa. There are beautiful, decorative overpasses here, and we pass under a beautiful pink one.

A little before noon, I follow all the signs that lead us to this particular gas station, which is the worst run gas station I've ever seen. It's horrible. There are long vehicle waiting lines at each pump. I watch people try to insert a credit card to set up the fuel to pump, but none work, and only one pump has a sign on it that says to go inside to pay. Unsaid, at EVERY OTHER PUMP is the same message. And when you go inside, there are two places to purchase things. And there are millions of things to buy here. And at only one of the counters can you pay for gas. And that guy also sells to whoever wants to pay for their junk. There is a long line just to get the guy to turn on the pump. Like I said...

Plus it's 2.699 advertised price is only 86 octane. The 88 octane is 2.799. It's easy to say, I won't be coming here again.

For miles and miles, there are no advertising signs of any kind, just beautiful nature. But when we get within ten or fifteen miles of a town, we start to get bombarded with big and lots of road signs. Hey, man, wanna buy a serape?

At noon we stop for lunch at a nice rest stop. We relax for about 45 minutes, then it's back on the road.

Time flies when you're having fun. About a quarter till 3, at a casino, we stop, use the rest room, and switch drivers.

A bit after Albuquerque, Sharon likes this hill, which looks like a reclining face. Well, the head, eyes, nose and eyebrows. Do you see it?

A little before four pm, we cross the continental divide. The GPS has us getting to our camp in about 35 minutes. That's exciting news when you've just been driving, driving, driving all day. Well, and sleeping.

Before we get to our RV park, I refuel at a Loves in Gallup at 2.169 a gallon, for 87 octane. Back to a little bit of new normal.

And so we arrive at our RV Park. I like the wrought iron letters on the big entry gate.

At twenty past five, we are in place, set up and unhitched. Sharon is popping out now. You know that means she is pushing the button that makes the popout pop out, right?

We have dinner, then take the truck out to locate the address that's supposed to be an AA meeting. It's on old Highway 66, in downtown Gallup. Should be a cinch to find. I put the address into the Garmin GPS and we're off. It's about six miles to this address, and we're on Highway 66!! How very cool. There are two lanes going in each direction, in town, with a double yellow stripe betwen each pair. There is quite a bit of traffic.

What we see doesn't agree with what the GPS is saying, so I pull over to a parking spot right next to the curb on the right hand side while we think about it. We are discussing it when something catches my eye in the driver's side mirror. A GIANT MOTORHOME HEADING RIGHT AT ME!! Now of course, in reality, he is headed right straight for the mirror, but when you are in a sudden panic, my brain didn't have time to say, "Oh, he's going to hit the mirror, not your face." I remember saying softly, "Oh Shi-."

WHAMMMMMM!!!! His right front corner nailed my side mirror, rotating and slamming it forward into the side of the pickup, and busting the main mirror, sending it skittering across the road, up onto the sidewalk.

Acceptance. That is the answer. But for a few seconds, I was not accepting what had just happened. It reminded me a little of when I fell in the lake in full clothing in Canada, including, but not limited to, a ski parka, my iPhone 6 Plus (ruined), my Olympus VN-7200 Digital Audio Recorder (ruined) and my Casio Wave Ceptor Model 3140 Wristwatch - Water Resistance to 20 BAR, whatever that is (It is good enough).

There was another vehicle right to the left beside the motorhome, going the same speed, and the driver had to thread the needle between me and that car to his left. He is not very good with needles. He keeps on going, doesn't stop, and I would bet that he never knew he hit me. He will have a big surprise, however, when he sees that corner of his motorhome.

We pick up the pieces, and after stumbling around and having some discussion about going back to the trailer, we decide to push on and find our AA meeting. Which we do.

And it is excellent. Just what we needed.

So as we're driving home, way after sunset, we make a plan to call the local Chevy dealer tomorrow - open on Saturday mornings - to see if a) they have the replacement part in stock, and b) they have time to put it on.

And with that, and a little head-shaking, I'm relaxed that we have a plan for tomorrow. If they can't do it, we'll try to buy a medium sized mirror and duct tape it to the mirror support.

Here's what the assembly and the mirror look like. The assembly at left is still firmly attached (but manually rotate-able toward the front and toward the rear - you get out and push or pull the rotating assembly to get it to the correct angle for the driver. The bit on the right is the busted out mirror (photo blown up to a bigger zoom than the assembly in the photo at left), normally attached to the assembly, but without cracks. The cables at left hook the mirror to the assembly so that the driver can fine tune the big mirror up, down, out and in, and I think it has a heater too.

And that's it. For a smashing good time, come to Gallup.

Began: Clovis RV Park, Clovis, NM
Pass Through: Abilene, Sweetwater, Lubbock Texas
End: USA RV Park, Gallup, NM
Miles Today: 372
Miles for Trip: 11,732

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