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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 57. Saturday, September 19, 2015. Gallup, NM to Kingman, Arizona

The target today is Kingman, Arizona. Our planned route is the blue line, as usual.

Good morning. I'm glad to be here. It's Saturday morning in Gallup.

Last night we went to an AA meeting. While parked on the edge of a city street (old Highway 66), a big old motorhome came within inches of the truck itself but knocked out the driver's side rear view mirror. It busted the glass but didn't knock the whole thing off since the design was to allow for manually rotating the assembly, to account for different drivers.

We are going into Amigo Chevrolet this morning, to see if they have one and can install it right quick. You can see that we temporarily duck taped the broken mirror back into its spot, but this is no good for driving the rest of the way to California.

After waiting about an hour and a half, and tallking with a clever, interesting fellow who is the point man to meet customers this morning, we learn that they don't have one in stock. He calls a local parts supply place, though, but they also don't have it in stock. So it's time for Plan B.

Plan B involves going to the local Walmart and seeing if they have a hand mirror big enough that we can duct tape it to our existing assembly, and be our side view mirror. This is of critical importance. Can you imagine driving unfamiliar highways and roads without a side mirror? And remember, when we're pulling the trailer, there is no overhead rear view mirror because all it sees is the front of the trailer.

SUCCESS!! I'll let the pictures tell the story. I bought two mirrors at $4 apiece. That was in case I break the first one trying to fasten it to the remaining side mirror assembly. But the first one works great. I DID learn a good lesson though, so listen up. What you want is DUCT tape, and not DUCK tape, a cheap and misleading competitor. It's like buying 1-ply toilet paper. But that's what we used to do the fastening - DUCK tape. We just used two or three passes instead of the one that would have been fine, if we were using actual DUCT tape. Notice the mirror handle, sticking out to the right, toward the truck.

The next fascinating news is that we drove the ten or so miles from the Walmart to our RV Park with the second, if-needed mirror just resting on top of the hood, back by the windshield wipers. It rode the entire without being fastened down, as if to say, "WHAT ELSE YA GOT?"

So we are delayed, but take off from the USA RV park about five till ten am. We like all the metal figures that greet the new arrival at this park.

After Sharon gets all these figures shot, we take off and this stretch of highway boasts many beautiful rock formations. {You can see the beginnings of future arches that will be here in thousands of years after the erosion.}

and it's about a half-hour later, we come into Arizona. Right at the border there is a huge rock, like a mountain of a rock, with pock holes in it. A pock rock. And there is a substantial Indian I'll-call-it-a shopping center.

A little after 11 we change drivers. It's 10:13 Pacific Time, which we will be going into today. The GPS estimates us getting to tonight's site about 2:30 Pacific time, or 3:30 Mountain time, but we add at least an hour to that for stops during the day.

The petrified forest is great but we've been all over that place before. Not today.

Half past noon, we zip past the turnoff to Meteor Crater, called Meteor Crater Road, if you can imagine that. We have been there several times too.

About 1:30 we decide to stop at a Wendy's. We have a little less than half a tank of gas, so we don't need to fill up here.

We click off the rest of the miles and a little before five Mountain time, we pull into the Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel, outside of Kingman. It's a pleasant little park, up on a flat hill, looking down on a couple of gas stations and the highway. We will fill up tomorrow on the way out.

That's the short story of today. Good Night All.

Began: USA RV Park, Gallup, NM
Pass Through: Holbrook, Winslow, Flagstaff AZ
End: Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel, Kingman, AZ
Miles Today: 350
Miles for Trip: 12,082

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