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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 58. Sunday, September 20, 2015. Kingman to Bakersfield, and I do mean 'Bake'

The path today is shown in the blue line below.

Here we are, preparing to set up for travel. The satellite dish is already in the 'stowed' position.

We are rigged for travel, and just as we take off, Sharon asks, pointing up the hill from our camp, "Do you think there are rattlesnakes up there?" Sharon shoots the park sign, and then we're on the road again. {Don't know why I asked that questiion except it looked like prime snake country. Horse motel because those people transporting their horses can unload them here in stables and sleep near them in the hotel. Pretty good arangement, I think}

More gorgeous mountain scenery.

We refuel at a more California $2.599 at a Shell station near our camp, on the way to the freeway. {Look at that clever McGiver mirror fix.}

On the road now, I see a funny situation. Off in the distance I can see a Love's gas station. I can also see that there's a big truck wash next to it. Here's the funny part. We are about to pass over a culvert with a dry stream running through it, called a 'wash.' And that wash, like a stream or river, has a name. And that name is "Frees Wash". So can't you just see a tired trucker starting to slow down for the truck stop? He sees 'Frees Wash', sees the truck wash and thinks, Ha ha, they can't even spell 'Free Wash' right. Then he pulls into the truck wash for the free cleaning, and has to listen to the guy there say, for the billionth time I bet, "No, the name of that wash is 'Frees Wash'. It doesn't refer to us."


We change drivers about 9:30, Mountain Time, but that's 8:30 Pacific Time, which we are about to enter if we haven't already.

Sharon is driving when we come to the California border. I'm shooting video, but I click the switch over to CAMERA with plenty of time. I take a far shot, but wait --. The button won't depress to take the picture. WHAT??? I take the battery out and put it back in. Same misbehavior. I click it to video, then back to camera again. Still nothing. We cross the border, pass the Welcome to California sign, and THEN, IT STARTS WORKING. {This is the first time, I think, where Bob has to experience the camera not-clicking-in-time situation that Nancy and I went through a few times. You panic but it doesn't help.}

That white curved structure is a 'bridge' but it carries pipelines and fuel lines and electricity across the river.

Here's the border, at the middle of the river. Do you see that little dotted line?

A perfect summary of our two months of trying to get a photo of every state and province welcome sign. I'll bet we got about half of them. And it's only fitting that I don't get California.

I do get the Pacific Time Zone sign. That should be good enough, shouldn't it? NOOOOOOOO.

We come to the California Inspection Station, and as Sharon rolls down the window to talk to the officer, we can feel the heat. Several questions, doesn't need to look at anything. Sharon says, "We missed the Welcome to California sign. Can we take a picture of the sign on your uniform?" I want to say, 'He laughs', but those guys don't laugh. Without a little smile, he rotates, and I get this shot. {I think he DID smile. At least he was friendly and cooperative with the hapless travelers.}

We continue on and about noon, as we are coming up to a pass, there's stopped traffic on the sides of the road, there's a car down the embankment on the left, and there's a pickup pulling a trailer, and that entire rig is totally upside down. Hope they were wearing seat belts.

About 2:30 we gas up at $3.399 a gallon. Probably only one more fillup between here and San Jose.

Four o'clock rolls around and finds us set up in hot hot Bakersfield in A Country RV Park, actually a little east of Bakersfield. But it's a very nice park. The odometer says 37811. Had to say it.

It's fine to get into your RV Park early, but when it's this hot, the trailer air conditioner can't really keep up. But finally the sun goes down, and it gets reasonable - not cool, but reasonable. {This heat is my experience of Bakersfield. As a girl, Mom and I visited relatives here and the heat, even at night, was unbearable. (Well, it must have been bearable because here I still am) But I never wanted to live in Bakersfield and guess I never will.}

That's another short story, of today. Good Night.

Began: Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel, Kingman, AZ
Pass Through:
End: A Country RV Park, Bakersfield, CA
Miles Today: 348
Miles for Trip: 12,430

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